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He that hath ears to hear, let him hear [Bible, Matthew:11-15]. If you prepare the ears, you will hear.

O, I listen all the time, at the deepest door of my heart. Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate in literature (1913). [Ami Kan Pete, Tagore]


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  1. Some more typical materialist’s responses to personal experiences regarding paranormal.
    “A tale of a personal unverifiable experience is not evidence. Otherwise vampires would exist, and Elvis would be a live, and Bigfoot and UFO abductions, because people said about all of those that they had personal experiences in that regard.”

    “We seem to be able to identify some people as mentally ill by observing various behaviors…reading some of the religious books we can spot some of the patterns of these behaviors…I have enjoyed reading some of these desert books for the supposed morality stories, and I agree with some of them…we can also see that mental illness heavily weigh in the writings, such as seeing visions (hallucinations) or hearing god while seeing visions (schizophrenia) and then changing our behavior to accommodate these visions and hearings…Schizophrenia is a very common illness amongst humans and I would think it was common a few thousand years ago too…with over 330 million gods-of-men to choose from it would be very difficult to get it right.

    None of that actually debunks anything.

    1. For Nesther – “A tale of a personal unverifiable experience is not evidence.” – Both mental and physical experiences can be verifiable, if it is well known or common. For example, if you cut your finger, it will bleed, is a personal but common and verifiable experience. So context is important. In general we should be very careful in disclosing experiences as personal. If the experience is very general then it can be found on the internet or in books. Then the books can be quoted to describe the experience. However, no experience is unique at all levels, eternal recurrence is a law of nature, and is described in this book.

      There is nothing called materialists, because every object has a soul, and therefore that object is conscious, and can talk to you. There are many such material examples given in this soul theory book, and also in the article https://www.academia.edu/38590496/A_COMPARISON_OF_MODERN_SCIENCE_WITH_VEDIC_SCIENCE

      “… with over 330 million gods-of-men to choose from it would be very difficult to get it right.” There are two definitions of God: (1) RD = defined by all religions, God is the creator of the universe. There should be only one such God. (2) BD = defined by books of all religions, like in Bible “God is spirit” and spirit is same as soul.

      It is clear that RD is wrong or false. It is inconsistent with destiny, since RD cannot be predictable by humans. But we see that everything in the universe is clearly predictable, before it happens, by any high level yogi. And many such predictions are well documented on the internet.

      On the other hand BD is very meaningful, and there are proofs of its existence in this book and on the internet. Since every object is created by its own soul, and soul is BD, at one time this was popular in India. It only means every human being is a god, since everybody has a soul. That is also the reason they use Namaskar as a greeting when they meet each other. Namaskar means (Namo – I bow, Sa – Him the God, Akar – who has taken your shape), I pray to the BD who has taken your shape. And at that time India had 330 million populations.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like nowadays anything that doesn’t involve watching football and movies, playing video games, clubbing, partying, drinking, shopping, etc, and if anything has so much as a HINT of spirituality, is automatic “harmful” woo-woo pseudoscience.

    1. 100% correct. Also, if you are a BDSM-loving tree hugging environut drag queen then you are called “progressive”. If you support God-Country-Family you are called “fascist”. These liberal internationalist Anglo-Khazar Sabbatean pseudo-Jews are ruining Europe since the end of WWII and they are spreading their mental pestilence. Subhendu does not dare to say this. He just says “bankers”.

      1. If you decide to research, learn, and/or read about the paranormal or afterlife ( I own a few books ), rather than do any of these things mentioned in my list, you’re “wasting your life”. That’s the response I’ve recieved in the link. My name in the thread is Kesther.


        It’s like an adult version of high-school in there ( assuming they’re adults. Starting to doubt it ). But instead of being called a “weird loser nerd”, you’re a “self-serving delusional, dissociative, and nihilism-fearing person” or “fantasy prone with schizotypy”.

        btw, I’m currently travelling the world, so how in the world ( no pun intended ) is this “wasting my life”.

        1. I doubt that liberal materialists even know what “life” is in order to have a concept about the “afterlife”. That’s why they believe that abortion is ethical because they believe that the unborn child is a “cluster of cells”.

  3. There is a great deception in our times. It is called “New Age”. New Agers seem like good guys and most of them are and they hold moderate and non-extreme views to things. However, this is the deception. Half truths and half lies. New Agers say that there is nothing wrong in the world so we must just make happy thoughts in order to be complete. Dead wrong. The evil is all around there.

    Many New Agers also hold liberal beliefs and they believe that we should abolish borders, that religion should “modernize” and other things like “climate change” and “LGBT rights” and they seem to be kind and polite while on the other hand they are pushing the deception.

    1. “There is a great deception in our times.” – You are very correct. It is not just in our times; it is going on for very long time, many centuries, and many millennia. Mark Twain has said the same thing – “Majority is always in the wrong.” The book Soul Theory also says – only 1% knows the truth.

      But these statements do not mean that you and I know the truths. I have collected all possible truths by searching over the internet. I do not belong to that 1% community, I just collected their discoveries.

      We have discussed many subjects under many headings and always arrived at a few root causes – Destiny, No-freewill, good-bad, RD god – BD god, money – MLE, duality, etc.

      Ayn Rand said essentially the same thing – “Truth is not for all men, it is only for those who seek it.” This seeking process is the most important activity. This is called research or meditation, asking and answering repeatedly the same questions like – WHY. At the end you will always reach at the above same root causes.

      So, why try another time? Instead, we should try to understand the root causes, foundations, or fundamentals.

      1. Do you know why only 1% knows the truth? Because the planet Earth is a prison planet and in a quarantine. You are always talking about money but you cannot say who is behind all this. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, etc … what do they have in common? Ayn Rand was a staunch materialist.

        1. “Ayn Rand was a staunch materialist.” – May be so. But I like the quote that goes by her name. I have never found the original reference of the quote, though. The quote is valid and is independent of her character.

          “You are always talking about money but you cannot say who is behind all this.” – Money originates from the owners of the Central Bank (CB). I think it is a very secret group. But everybody on this planet is the source of money power, which includes our family members, friends, etc.

          “… the planet Earth is a prison planet and in a quarantine.” – Very correct. Money is false, because money is not an object of nature. Since false can never become true, everything on earth must be false, except engineering. This includes religions, racism, immigration, discriminations, national boundaries, etc., because they are all created by money power. If everybody understands this then there will be peace everywhere, and there cannot be any other questions. So, your this statement is the ultimate answer.

          However, this conclusion does not reveal the truth; it only states what are false (or falsehoods).

            1. For Chris:
              “Why are you against national boundaries?” National boundary has been created by money power. Since money is false, because money is not an object of nature, money power must be false also. Therefore national boundaries created by money power must be false too. If you can implement moneyless economy (MLE), which is the natural and real economy, then the national boundaries will vanish automatically. This book talks about it.

              Moreover, in the soul world the entire universe is for you, and is your home. You may take birth anywhere in this vast expanse of these galaxies, stars, and planets. No national boundary is meaningful there. Thus if you really understand the soul theory, then these little distractions should not come in your mind. The German philosopher Lama A Govinda, has a middle name of Anagarika, which means citizen of the world.

              “Also, what’s the ethnic and religious origin of these bankers?” – This book has a chapter on Central Bank and Poverty. It only explains how, money, money power, and CB works. Race and ethnicity are again meaningless and unnecessary here. If you really want to know about them then there are many videos and websites on the internet. Again, I will try to avoid those distracting thoughts from the mind. Removing national boundary without implementing MLE is good only for the rich, and bad or harmful for ordinary people.

              1. In these days, those that want to abolish the borders are the rich gys and the bankers. The middle and working classes want the borders.

                It depends how the national boundaries will break apart. In the Satya Yuga there were no boundaries but there were no theft and no terrorism. If you want to abolish the boundaries at this moment then all criminals will come to you.

                “Citizen of the world” in these days means a sheeple with no mind to think and controlled by the banks and their pimps. And, of course, slave to Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc … These pimps are corrupting the meanings of the words.

                Race and ethnicity IS important. You know in nature every color is a vibration. That’s why we have different races and nations because the soul in order to evolve needs to learn certain lessons. In other worlds, we may incarnate into blue, green, orange, grey, pink bodies in order to learn certain lessons and circumstances.

                Also, several things that exist in your body and in your face denote your character. That’s why these banksters have hooked noses. It is not a coincidence.

                You feel guilty. Guilty not to be called “racist” or “antisemitic” while they go out sacrificing and raping little children and not feel an ounce of guilt. Anyway, they don’t belong in a race but in a religious cult called Sabbateanism. Look at the book by Robert Sepehr called “666 Redemption Through Sin”. Peace.

                1. For Chris:
                  “Race and ethnicity IS important. You know in nature every color is a vibration. That’s why we have different races and nations because the soul in order to evolve needs to learn certain lessons. In other worlds, we may incarnate into blue, green, orange, grey, pink bodies in order to learn certain lessons and circumstances.”

                  This is the correct observation. Once we are evolved we will not feel the need for it and you will overcome them. This is true for all duality patterns, north-south-poles, good-bad-evil, black-white, light-shade, true-false, life-death, happiness-distress, etc. Gita has a verse; I think I pointed that to you at one time, [Gita 2.57] “In the material world, one who is unaffected by whatever good or evil he may obtain, neither praising it nor despising it, is firmly fixed in perfect knowledge.”

                  These discriminations are meaningful in local space-time only. In the global view they are no longer important. Any high level yogi can show you, at any time that the duality can be removed. Light can pass through his body without casting a shadow.

                  But if you can implement MLE now, then from tomorrow you will find all discrimination methods have vanished. Thus it is the false money power that has imposed them on us.

                  1. You are right that duality patters will vanish. I have told multiple times about reductionism. Discrimination is the basis of reductionism. I mean the bad type of discrimination not the good type when you have a critical mind.

                    However, as I have also said before, I use a form of reductionism because I feel that it is necessary.

                    About “good” and “evil”. Good and evil is relative sometimes because the good of someone is the evil of someone. Only in nirvana everything is in perfect reconciliation and there is no pain.

                    Even if we don’t have money, discrimination will still exist because of the evil desires of humans.

                    You have said that socialism is just another system created by the Central Bank. I agree, however, you should see the deceptive nature of the ideology called “socialism”, whether it is communist, liberal or national. Socialism and the idea of “progress”, that we are somehow progressing, is the great deception that the Bible talks about. Almost all of the people this time are believing in communism, liberalism and fascism because it is easy and they think that these systems will solve their problems. Socialism is dualistic while the ancient traditional system (eg the caste system in India) is monistic. Dualism is the basis of hatred and moral relativism and degeneration. The motto of the reductionists is “the end justifies the means”.

                    1. For Chris:
                      (S1) “Even if we don’t have money, discrimination will still exist because of the evil desires of humans.”

                      Many science people say this experiment has been performed successfully many times all over the world, therefore the experiment must be correct and the corresponding theory also must be correct. – But that is completely wrong for the following two reasons: (1) If you do the same thing in the same way then obviously you will get the same result. This does not matter if I do it 1000 times or 1000 people do it. (2) Since all science theories begin with assumptions, then all theories must be assumptions only. For, assumptions can never become true.

                      In the same way if you or I repeat the same statement, then the statement will not become valid. If asked by anybody, then the statement must be proven by logic or by examples. If a statement cannot be proven, then no one, including you and me, should write such a statement.

                      You have repeated (S1) many times; I also asked many questions every time. But I do not remember if you had given a proof for (S1) at any time. Would you please try again this time to prove your statement (S1) or answer my following questions regarding (S1)? My questions are: (a) what is an evil desire under MLE? Can you give an example? (b) How can there be anything evil under MLE? (c) Do you think there will be no government under MLE? (d) Why we cannot run the present system without money? (e) What are your assumptions behind (S1)? Etc.

              2. It doesn’t have to do with Jewish and Israeli people. Look for example, how the globalists of Soros were kicked out from Israel by Jewish patriot Netanyahu. Also, Putin has Jewish roots and Trump also and they fight these global pimps.

  4. I think too many people ( mainly materialists ) have a cartoonish interpretation regarding the paranormal, afterlife, etc, like you see on video games, movies, and TV shows ( like the Supernatural series on TV ). The paranormal has nothing to do with standing in the middle of a big glowing pentagram, or “wanting an ability to cast spells, magic, transparent-looking ghost people, summon angels and demons, fighting spirits, etc”. Or “wanting a real live world of Harry Potter”.

  5. @Matthew: You will find an answer why there is evil in this world. The answer is reductionism.

    @Nesther: Materialists are funded by the global banking cartel. If spirituality and infinity of the soul is proven then the cartel will break down.

    @Subhendu: Personally, I have stated multiple times that I believe in infinity. You have said in the past that Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are real entities. Do you believe that Baal, El, Dagon and Astarte are also real entities?

    1. For Chris:
      “You have said in the past that Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva are real entities.” – No, I do not think I have said that. If I did then that would be an error. Whenever I used these names, I always used the phrase – If they exist. For example – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, if they exist, then they would be placed at level zero, the highest point, in the yogic scale.

      “I have stated multiple times that I believe in infinity.” – Yes, I remember that. But I do not remember what your concept of infinity was. But whatever concept you used for God (RD god), I think that the same concept can be used for soul (BD god) also.

      RD god = the god that is defined by all religions.
      BD god = the god defined by all books of religions, which is soul.

  6. Are any of you familiar with Abhijit Naskar?
    Because I must say, I’m impressed with this guy. Unless this is a typo or something, I’m quite surprised he’s so young and has already written so many books, and has so many sites regarding neuroscience. He was born in 1991.
    While I do appreciate his skepticism and his accomplishments, I wish he applied the same amount of skepticism to the reductionist materialistic view he finds so obviously correct. That “we are but a bunch of neurons. We do have a soul, as long as we’re alive. The soul is physical. It’s the result of electrical chemicals in the brain, not a spirit world. Spiritual people don’t want to accept this. Live this one and only life we actually have”.
    He says nothing new, like drugs, stress, and Cotard Syndrome debunks NDEs. And how people “foolishly believe that death is not the end, but the beginning”.


    Yes, belief in an afterlife does create anti-depressants in the brain. Yes, belief in it does help one cope when life gets too hard, or when suffering becomes unbearable. I’ve known quite a few people who were chronologically, or constantly sick and in pain. With little hope of recovery. And they all said this to me.
    “Believing that there’s more to life than just this physical one, is what’s getting me out of bed in the morning”.
    But as I always say, just because something eliminates fear and lets you sleep at night ( a comforting afterlife ), doesn’t mean it’s false. However, I understand why that must mean so to some, because of the popular saying “too good to be true”.

    1. For Nesther:
      “Yes, belief in an afterlife does create anti-depressants in the brain…” It was probably the greatest disaster for the humanity to remove reincarnation from the Bible. It is well documented that there was a time when Bible had reincarnation and was then systematically removed around 500-600 AD. The reincarnation chapter in this book has about one page on this subject under the heading – Reincarnation in Religions.

      This concept of “belief” should be converted to “proof” of reincarnation by rational investigation. Once people understand that reincarnation is a law of nature then many problems of modern life will be automatically solved. As an example, racism can go away if we knew that I might have lived a life at some time with a different race and in a different country. The idea of a national boundary can also vanish, as in EU, if we understand that reincarnation makes us world citizen. We analyze our life based only on the present life events, which is not correct. Our society should begin to consider past lives also. Technology could be developed, or yogic powers could be acquired, to understand and see past lives. Moneyless economy (MLE) could be implemented to achieve ultimate freedom in research and development in all fields.

        1. For Chris:
          “You are against national boundaries and you talk about world citizens. Are you an internationalist socialist?”
          I am not against anything. Since everything is controlled by destiny, I am just doing my assigned task, and so are you.

          All economics systems, like various forms of capitalisms, communism, socialism, etc., use the same money originating from the same central bank. Therefore these economic systems cannot be any different. There is a statement – “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” Thus we are all controlled by the same money power.

          National boundaries will vanish only when you can implement moneyless economy (MLE) as described in this book.

          1. You support moral relativism, since you are saying that you are not against anything and you oppose national borders. Sorry my friend but you have been deceived by the New Age/New World Order agenda.

  7. Why do so many third eye experiences relate the third eye to the infinite?


    You only see energy, not a number of energy. I have never seen a theory or numbers, as of circles and lines. Sorry, I think it is about time you experienced some of what your theory is about. You are talking about an absolute that you have obviously never experienced yourself. OK, if you have never experienced an infinite experience, I understand why you couldn’t possibly understand, but to be so absolute about something you have never experienced yourself!!

    1. For Mathew Naismith:

      “SORRY, I THINK IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU EXPERIENCED SOME OF WHAT YOUR THEORY IS ABOUT.” – This Soul Theory book is not about my experiences or my theories, and I have written that clearly in many places. The book is about the laws of nature. Bible says-“There is nothing new under the sun”. So I cannot create any new theory. (1) Experiences can be wrong. (2) Experiences may not be demonstrate-able. Moreover, there is nothing called knowledge, experience, etc., because we are guided by destiny, like a robot.

      “YOU ONLY SEE ENERGY, NOT A NUMBER OF ENERGY.” No, we do not see energy. We cannot see light energy, we see light only when it falls on a noun, or we directly look at its source, which is also a noun. Same is true for heat energy.

      “TRY CREATING A SOUL, DUST PARTICLES AND DESTINY OBJECTS OUT OF NOTHING.” – Nature did not create them. They are eternally existent; meaning they are there for all time – past, present, and future. They cannot be created or destroyed. Soul particles do not have energy; it is the only particle that has consciousness. Dust particles have three properties knowledge, ignorance, and energy. Soul and dust join together to create an object, just like the lame and the blind join.

      “EVEN COUNTING THE STARS IS CREATED BY HUMANS.” – Yes, everybody will understand when you write 1+2=3. One orange plus two apples gives you three fruits. But this is not mathematics at all. Mathematics has many rules for these numbers. (1) Only real numbers can be added, not apples and oranges. (2) Addition must produce another single real number, not three fruits. (3) These numbers represent distance on a straight line, and we add these distances, etc. You will find these and many other properties of real numbers on the internet.

      1. Firstly, capital letters represent shouting, you are shouting at me, a lot, (“-“) is sufficient. Rudeness, ill behaviour, is not warranted.

        Of course the soul theory isn’t about experiences, how can you experience something that is simply perceived, perceptions often created by our desires of what is, not what actually is. So this means you can’t experience the laws of nature, and if you do, it’s what, according to you!!

        “No, we do not see energy.”

        So the third eye doesn’t see energy, wow, this says a lot. As you will know, I was referring to the third eye seeing energy. This is unbecoming.

        Eternal – Continuing forever or indefinitely. Having no known beginning and presumably no end.

        A timeless state directly refers to infinitely great in number, which means you have yourself clearly stated that infinitive does indeed exist and is the main stay of all creation. Is a point of no starting or ending point of an uncountable numbers, just simply eternal and not infinite? What the eternal creates is infinite in numbers therefore the eternal in this case is directly referring to the infinite. No matter what, you and I know that you are not going to accept the obvious here?

        “These numbers represent distance on a straight line, and we add these distances, etc.”

        So you can use straight lines, which don’t exist as you stated, but I can’t!! How can you use straight lines to prove your points when they don’t exist, like circles? Where does mathematics and numbers exist in nature, which star, when we count them, is a starting point, therefore is numbered one? It doesn’t exist, so stop using numbers and mathematics to prove your theories and views.

        What you are doing in regards to the bible is discarding anything that doesn’t support your theory here. Most people do this to support their claims, as you are, which in all honesty is highly dishonest.

        In the end, I can produce as much supporting evidence as you can, probably more it would seem, so which one of us is wrong and which one is right over and above the other? As you are obviously talking about absolutes, you would have to be right and me wrong, no matter what. I don’t think as you do, you are not completely wrong but not completely right either.

        By the way, I think you will find that evidence on the net of using capital letters, as you clearly did here, is a form of shouting. It has gotten to the point that you are now shouting at me, which again you will never accept, no matter what supporting evidence clearly states. On top of this, you have to defend an absolute to the bitter end, again, no matter what the evidence clearly states.

        I think stooping to shouting has done it with me in regards to our interactions. Yes, be direct, to the point and honest, but never this disrespectful to people giving you their free time and energy freely. Even in disagreement, I have never been shown this degree of disrespect from Hindus.

        You desire to believe what your desires tell you to believe, I am not here to change this, just simply show that you are not completely being honest to yourself or anyone else. I think I have done that. No matter what truth you talk about, it is wise to be honest with the truth you tell yourself and others, for in the end the honest truth will reveal itself and show how dishonest you have been.

        End of interaction, for good this time……

        What a disappointment.

        1. “Firstly, capital letters represent shouting,…” I do not know if this is correct. Why would there be some intentions for me to insult you? Visitors are considered as God in Vedas.

          I used capitals as a formatting style. This is a text based comment, with no capability of colors, and fonts. To highlight a paragraph heading I used capitals. You can see the linked article below, the entire abstract used capital letters. It also has many other headings in capitals. At one time one person ended an email to me with “Best REGARDS.” I thought it was an honor for me. https://www.academia.edu/38590496/A_COMPARISON_OF_MODERN_SCIENCE_WITH_VEDIC_SCIENCE

          You are very angry for some reasons. I am sure a time will come when you will realize that the “Laws of Nature” are the only truths. These laws are unique, universal, and eternal. They are always demonstrated.

          “I have never been shown this degree of disrespect from Hindus.” – The book does not talk about any religion. I have stated clearly in the book that “religions” and “books of religions” are two different things. All books of religions are same, correct, and represent the laws of nature.

  8. Tell me where there are mathematical formulas, actual numbers, in the universe or nature. As of straight lines and circles, mathematical formulas don’t have to actually exist for us to deduce our environment from; they are simply there to assist a consciousness that deduces by straight lines, circles and numbers in understanding their environment.

    If I can’t use straight lines and circles, don’t you use numbers of any kind!! I can’t see any actual numbers in nature, but I can see an atmosphere encircling the Earth.

    “There are only three things that are constant and eternally existent: soul particles, dust particles, and destiny object.”

    So energy itself doesn’t exist, this is when soul particles, dust particles, and destiny object are unable to exist without energy that is infinite in and by nature!!

    Finite = Bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

    So nothing is eternal, even though it takes energy to beget energy!! Try creating a soul, dust particles and destiny objects out of nothing.

    Don’t ever use theories or views based on numbers in interaction with me again, as they don’t exist in nature. Show me where theories exist in nature. As of lines and circles, they are created by human consciousness, not by nature!! Even counting the stars is created by humans.


    “thers think we should ditch the never-ending story. Some mathematicians are trying to rebuild the foundations of mathematics without the infinite. But if there is a biggest number, what would happen when you add one to it? The solution could be thinking of numbers as a cycle rather than a linear series, some sort of loop where you revert back to the beginning. It’s a little strange, but then so is infinity.”

    You seem to be of an absolute, when science and mathematics are obviously not of an absolute in regards to the infinite. Try counting a heard of wildebeests, which one is one and which one is a hundred? There are no numbers, only forms of energy created by energy.

  9. “Nesther says – “…primarily based on the finite and the desires/bias the finite existences create.”

    I didn’t say any of that.

  10. Chris, everything is preordained (written), this means that the answers often depicts the questions asked by a consciousness conditioned to the finite. By asking so many questions created by the finite, the answers that the infinite can give are either misconstrued, ignored, often deliberately ignored in accordance with desires/bias, or the answers are incoherent or non-existent to a consciousness conditioned to the finite only.

    Often, if the answers are not inline with what is expected or desired, they are dismissed in some way and in anyway possible. Materialist scientists and often atheists make this fundamental mistake, not just by asking too many questions but questions primarily based on the finite and the desires/bias the finite existences create.

    I get the same from new age spiritually aware people. These people often ignore the negatives to be positive, thus allowing the negatives plenty of space to flourish in. Their biases/desires determine what they only become aware of, very simular to materialists and atheists.

    Has the collective consciousness become mentally disorientated or imbalanced? Excessive abuse of energy is a sure sign a consciousness is not mentally balanced. How abusive to energy are mentally ill people? Now, how abusive to energy is a consciousness going to be when asking numerous questions primarily based on the finite? You get what we have today, why? Because the balance of the infinite and the finite is by no questions imbalanced.

    I was brought up as a hardline atheist, I have been aware from my teens, I am now in my fifties, that the perception of God, the infinite, helps give us that balance. How many people today desire to take this balance away? Now, how imbalanced has the collective human consciousness become?

    Today, I will only tolerate obvious bias to a certain extent.

    By the way, just because everything is preordained, doesn’t mean we, as a infinite consciousness, don’t have freewill. Infinite means no limitations, no limitations of not having freewill. To state categorically that we don’t have freewill, is a limitation, a consciousness conditioned to the infinite (God) doesn’t work like this.

    1. Materialist scientists and often atheists make this fundamental mistake, not just by asking too many questions but questions primarily based on the finite and the desires/bias the finite existences create.

      mrmathew, while that is an interesting comment, I don’t think you can really ask ‘too many’ questions.

      1. You can Nesther however this may not seem the case for a consciousness conditioned to time. Time, the finite, separates consciousness into numerous parts, in the process creating many more questions than what is really necessary. Why does a consciousness conditioned to the infinite as well ask fewer questions? Because the infinite is far less of motion, like with people who experience deep meditative states, far less questions need to be asked. In certain cases, even before a question can be formulated, the answer materialises.

        Motion naturally separates energy; now imagine a motionless state of consciousness? Not easy for most people to imagine or comprehend to start with.

        Think of time, finite existences, separated by starting and ending points and everything else in between, for example, birth and death. How many more questions are created by separating energy like this? Now think of a state of the infinite not separated by starting and ending points and everything else between.

        Once you learn to quieten your mind from the intrusions created by time, the fewer questions you ask, but also the more answers you receive. I don’t even have to ask a question in relation to my dream state, my dreams just tell me without asking questions. In saying this, while our environment is predominately influenced by the finite, the separation of energy, certain questions still need to be asked at times.

        I am quite aware, as soon as I am no longer asking questions, is when I have reached a state of infinite consciousness. Most of the times I ask questions on behalf of other people, as they often ask questions primarily related to the finite instead of a balance of finite and infinite consciousness. Balance is truly the key Nesther, in my mind anyway.

        1. Nesther says – “…primarily based on the finite and the desires/bias the finite existences create.”
          Mrmathew says – “… consciousness conditioned to the infinite…”

          Would you please explain what this finite-infinite concept is about? Is there infinity in nature? Finite, infinite are adjectives, i.e., properties, how can they exist without a corresponding noun?

          1. Infinite adjective – Having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude

            Infinite noun – The unlimited expanse in which everything is located

            Finite adjective – Bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

            Finite noun – Finiteness; The quality of being finite

            There is no mistake why I often relate infiniteness to where everything derived from, including awareness/knowledge and wisdom. Simple conformation to what one has, to some extent, experienced. So often awareness/knowledge and wisdom is spoken from what one has only read and studied.

            1. Thank you mrmathew, for very good definitions and comments. I will try to analyze that later, but now I want to bring out a few items of thoughts: (A) Infinite inside finite and (B) Finite inside infinite

              (A) The following idea is borrowed from calculus of Newton. Draw a straight line about two inches long on a paper. Mark one point as 0 and another point as 1 on that straight line. This is clearly a finite length line, because we can see the entire line. Now take a point 1/N, where N is any integer number. First begin with N=2, then we get ½, which is half way near to 0 point. Next take N=3, which gives 1/3, and which is one third away from 0. Notice that we are approaching closer to 0 in every step. When N is 10,000 we are very close to zero, but never to the exact point 0. Now suppose every time we take a value for N, our process takes about one second time. So it will take infinite time to reach 0 point. But still we will not be able to reach 0, in our life time, because we will die long before that, even the universe may die too in that time. Here infinite is for – time, points, integers, etc. Finite is the length of the line or space. We see infinite inside finite.

              Thus this concept of limit, as created by Newton, is meaningless for nature and engineering. And it never works or can work in engineering. Here we can see how we can introduce a false concept of infinite inside a finite length of space. Moreover, note that both real numbers and straight line are not objects of nature, and therefore must be false too.

              (B) So, according to the above theory in (A) there is infinite number of points inside a finite length straight line. Now bring a microscope over that line and expand its magnification. The line will now become a series of dots. Expand more, and you will begin to see molecules of the paper. Expand more, you will find atoms, electrons, along with their inter-atomic spaces, etc. Now you see that there are only a finite number of particles in that space of the line. Infinite – mathematical points inside the line, finite – number of physical objects of nature inside the line. Here we see finite objects inside the infinite space of points on the line.

              So which one is correct? Finite or infinite? In these examples, I would say (B), or finite, is correct. Clearly you can go to the three dimensional space, inside of a 1 inch side cube, and validate both (A) and (B) concepts. Infinite is very crowded, you will not be able to move, there will be somebody around you and touching you, just like the points on the straight line. In mathematics it is called a compact or dense space, which we do not see in nature.

              Now, observe that no matter how big the size of the cube is, you will always find a finite number of soul particles and cosmic dust particles inside that cube of the universe. German Philosopher Nietzsche said total number of dust particles is finite in the universe. I think, Vedas say that the total number of souls is also finite, because the universe is finite, which is so because total number of objects in the universe is finite. The objects are not cramming each other in nature, like in the straight line example in (A). Cramming would happen if there were infinite number of soul particles and dust particles in the space, just like in the real line.

              I will stop here, because the comment length is large now and losing readability. Maybe I have introduced the abstract concept of infinity. Infinity is not real. But I will write more later.

              1. It is not the amount of questions we ask but the quality of the questions we ask.

                Does God exist or not? Does freewill exist or not? Does my cat have flees or not? Which one is correct over and above the other? We are still asking the same old questions in the same old way from ancient times. This of course means our consciousness has not evolved, not when we are still asking the same old questions in the same old way.

                We often ask the same old questions in the same old way because of the answers we get when asking questions in this way. A desired answer is always preferable than an undesired answer, so we ask the same old questions in the same old way. This includes deducing inline with the same old way of asking questions, which of course gives the same old answers.

                Finite is likened to a straight line because a straight line is of a starting and ending point, being that starting and ending points are limited to the line drawn. Now, draw a circle, where is the starting and ending point after the circle has been drawn? Infinite is represented by a circle, also, a circle represents wholeness/oneness and even balance. There is no mistake that the yin and yang symbol are within a circle!!

                Man survives and evolves due to living within a circle of just the right kind of atmosphere on a form that is what? Man, as of yin and yang, are the straight lines within and reliant on a circle, the infinite.

                The above answer is different because a different way in asking questions is formulated. Of course doing this gives us a less proffered answer that is neither less or more correct, just less preferable.

                The connection between the finite and infinite isn’t just that one relies on the other, the connection is that energy can only be transformed, not destroyed, giving a true sense of infiniteness. Why can’t energy itself be destroyed, only the form that energy creates? Defining all life on the finite, an energy of limitations but also a life that is often transformed, is only deducing to a certain extent. This is why a consciousness that defines all around it through the finite will always be only partly correct.

                Notice that one is not correct over and above the other, but inline with the other…….!!

                I think energy itself answers our questions here, an energy that can only be transformed, not destroyed. Energy = the infinite but what energy creates is finite by nature. And you say infinity doesn’t exist, try destroying energy itself.

                1. “Now, draw a circle, where is the starting and ending point after the circle has been drawn?” – I have answered this in another comment. There is no circle or straight line in the universe or nature. This is so, because all objects are continuously moving. One man dies in London, UK and then after sometime he reincarnates in Athens, Greece; I do not see any circle here either.

                  There are only three things that are constant and eternally existent: soul particles, dust particles, and destiny object. Everything else starts from these three and ends in them also; and therefore can be reduced to these three objects. Both Bible and Vedas say this is correct.

                  Total number of soul particles is finite, total number of dust particles is also finite. Every activity inside destiny is for finite time only. All three can be observed only by using third eye. They can be observed as their effects also.

                  I think all of them are not mere statements, they can be proven, and have been proven on the internet also. Please do not hesitate to question if you have doubts. These are also there in this soul theory book.

                  1. https://plus.maths.org/content/does-infinity-exist

                    ” Einstein told us that the geometry of space is determined by the density of material in it. Rather like a rubber trampoline: if you put material on the trampoline it deforms the curvature. If there is a lot of material in the space, it causes a huge depression and the space closes up. So a high density Universe requires a spherical geometry and it will have a finite volume. But if you have relatively little material present to deform space, you get a negatively curved space, shaped like a saddle or a potato crisp. Such a negatively curved space can continue to be stretched and expand forever. A low density Universe, if it has a simple geometry, will have an infinite size and volume. But if it has a more exotic topology, like a torus, it could also have a finite volume. One of the mysteries about Einstein’s equations is that they tell you how you can work out the geometry from the distribution of matter, but his equations have nothing to say about the topology of the Universe. Maybe a deeper theory of quantum gravity will have something to say about that.”

                    As I have stated, both the finite and infinite exist in nature, but you won’t have this no matter what!!

                    By the way, if I can’t use circles and lines to get my point across, don’t you use a theory, that doesn’t exist in nature and is based on numbers that also don’t exist in nature.

  11. Reductionist materialism is often mistaken for science, reason, truth, and rationality. But it’s not science. Many others are not abandoning or questioning science and reason, they’re abandoning and questioning the widely held belief in materialism. Post materialism has nothing to do with ‘maintaining comforting delusions’, ‘being uncomfortable with accepting materialism’, or ‘denying and afraid of nihilism’.

  12. You’re gonna laugh your heads off when you see this. I know I did. My stomach hurts now.
    I’m planning on purchasing this book by Thomas Nagel, Mind & Cosmos on Amazon. But as I was looking at the book, I noticed in the review section that a person named Anonymous, is spamming almost every negative and positive review about how Nagel is ignorant, a pseudoscientist, and that Jerry Coyne has already written an artical on him. https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1HQMF6OJKRDCC/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0199919755

      1. I was just about to comment and say that I like the papers in the academia link, and so far I don’t have any negative thoughts on it. I like keeping myself updated on these kinds of things.

  13. I just got suspended from twitter because I defended God and the male gender against some leftist feminist atheists. Do you see how reductionism works? “Let’s unite all non-whites, non-heterosexuals and non-Christians in order to crush the white patriarchal heteronormative Christian civilization”. Pure paranoia.

  14. I noticed that Sam Harris and Annaka Harris ( Sam’s wife ) have stepped away from the hard materialist view and now see it as a silly view. ( how could I have not noticed that until now? Silly me! )
    I wonder how hard-lined materialists react to that. I’m guessing not very well.
    The reason I say that is because Thomas Nagel and Steve Taylor ( who was a hard materialist at first, due to his education. ) have already received a bunch of responses from many materialists.( including Ron Murphy ) Responses like “I wish he applied a bit more skepticism about this”.
    Which to me translates into “I wish he didn’t accept the possibility of there being more than the physical. He’s leaning towards woo and fantasies of there being something more, and away from science and reality.”
    Quite a few former skeptic/materialists receive similar responses. I’m agnostic and even I used to receive various responses on a regular basis.
    If I had a dollar for every aggressive response and accusation I’ve received, I’d be very rich right now. Enough to travel to Asia. ( which is what I want to do )
    And if the responses were physical instead of verbal, I’d be tasting blood, badly bruised, covered in blood, have blood all over my clothes, and a black eye. 🙂

    1. It is well known now that all materials can interact with humans. Princeton University has demonstrated that electronic circuit boards can respond to human concentration. Similarly, water also changes its behavior according to human intentions and displays it in its crystal shapes. Bible says – “God is spirit.” Sprit is same as soul. That means every object is created by its own individual soul. Thus every particle, like electron, proton, atom, etc., if they exist, then they are created by their own individual souls. Thus pure material cannot exist. This soul theory book talks about these subjects in more details.

      1. “Princeton University has demonstrated that electronic circuit boards can respond to human concentration.”

        Sorry about late response, I’ve been very busy. But I’m curious. Do you have a link to that or something?

  15. One very important thing that neither Subhendu nor Kamo has mentioned is the fallacy of reductionism. Reductionism is pseudo-philosophy and is resposible for tens of millions of deaths. Because reductionism divides people and make people kill each other through categorization into groups.

    Examples of moderate reductionism are the ideologies of liberalism and neoconservatism. Look at what happens in the Democratic and Republican parties. Division, hatred, slander and hypocrisy.

    Examples of extreme reductionism are the ideologies of communism and jihadism. Communists divide the world into the oppressors and the oppressed. If they label you as the oppressor they are giving themselves the right to kill you. Jihadists divide the world into believers and infidels. If they label you as an infidel they are giving themselves the right to kill you. For example, in Assam, Assamese communists say that India is the oppressor so they have to kill Indian soldiers and people. Assamese jihadists say that Indians are infidels so they have to kill Indian soldiers and people.

    1. One internet dictionary defines reductionism using the following line: “… the practice of analyzing and describing a complex phenomenon in terms of phenomena that are held to represent a simpler or more fundamental level, especially when this is said to provide a sufficient explanation.”

      This is the same process of asking the same question – why – in every step. You will eventually reach the same answer – Destiny. Before destiny you will arrive at money. And after destiny you will arrive at soul theory. That is why soul is called the root cause of all causes. And similarly the “dust” is called the root material for all materials. Both are mentioned in the same way in Bible, Vedas, and maybe in Quran also.

      Mark Twain stopped at some higher level – “Majority is always in the wrong.” But if you keep asking again – why – then you will end up at the same root.

      1. Yes you are right on reductionism. And I have set two examples of extreme forms of reductionism, communism and fascism (jihadism is the Muslim variant of fascism). And also two examples of moderate forms of reductionism, liberalism and neoconservatives. Why are there liberals, conservatives (I am a conservative), communists and fascists? Because of DESIRE! Communists have the desire to overthrow, fascists have the desire to dominate, liberals have the desire to stay cool and conservatives have the desire for morality and order. Maybe desire is part of destiny, we will know when we die…

        1. DESIRE is a high level attribute. You must analyze it for your own interest and ask many “WHY” questions to find some lower level characteristics. Objective will be to find the truth. Here is one possible chain of thoughts.

          Why do I desire – To control people. Why do I want to control people – because they are stupid. Why they are stupid – because they did not go to school. Etc., and etc. Continuously monitoring my thoughts is the best way to find myself. That is a method of yoga.

          1. Desire is not always about control. Desire is for many times self gratification. Every soul is aiming for self gratification but it has different ways of doing it. Lucifer fell and became Satan. Why? Because of egoism. Semyaza, the fallen angel, fell because of lust. Lilith fell because of hatred (and lust). Others fell for other reasons. Or for a combination of the above.

            1. Yes, whatever your reasons for desire note that down, and then keep asking why what how etc. For example, Gratification – why gratification – for pleasure. What kind of pleasure – controlling or bullying or reading or advertising etc. You can frame your WHY questions, and then analyze your mind until you end up to your soul. You know yourself better than anybody. So you are the best person to frame your questions. In the process of such analysis you will not only know yourself or your destiny, you will know others too.

  16. This is probably a silly question, but functionalism is kinda new-ish to me. And I’m curious. Does this comment below sound like a combination of functionalism and materialism? Or maybe even computationalism ( which is also kinda new to me ) thrown in? Because this person seems like he’s trying to explain how NDEs, astral planing, and other mystical experiences, are all “optical illusions, mental illusions”, and hallucinations, using these three above. But I could be wrong:

    “The brain’s mind model isn’t equipped to do introspection very well. Near death experiences of heaven, out of body experiences, astral planing, …, all are the mind model using its outer-world perspective to attempt to interpret internal noise when the windows to the world have been shuttered.
    Surgeons can open the head, poke a wire in there, and detect actual specific neurons firing when the mind model is musing on some stuff. And if they stimulate specific neurons they can cause music to appear to the mind model as if the ears were being stimulated by sound. Brains can become confused, so that when the brain is talking to itself it sometimes thinks there’s another entity communicating with it – Jesus is talking to them, if they are influenced by Christianity more than by some other religion; or maybe it’s aliens, or the government – tin-foil hat time.
    Illusion and delusion are exactly the right words to describe the errors brains make. But with the subtle point about the distinction between illusion/existence often missed.”

    “Neuroscientists don’t have those tools. Neuroscientists are just starting to get at this level of detection, but it’s more complicated. The distribution of associations between experiences in the brain, the correspondence between brain mind-model experiences and neuron experiences (events and states) are difficult to pin down.
    Most if not all of what the brain’s mind-model experiences is illusory. We come to rely on its fidelity in representing the world according to how well it helps us navigate and predict the world.
    Delusions kick in when we know or should know that something is illusory but keep kidding ourselves its real.
    The delusion might be caused by brain malfunction. If you’ve seen an old person coming in and out of delusional states (delerium) as the acquire and recover from urine infections, particularly if they have symptoms of dementia, you’ll witness the delusions come and go.
    Or by the infection of ideas. Are Islamic suicide bombers delusional for thinking they’ll receive 72 virgins in paradise, or for thinking there’s a paradise?
    Free will and the notion of a non-physical mind are natural illusions caused by the fact that the limitation of introspection prevents us seeing the connection of the mind-model and the physical brain. It’s an efficient evolved mechanism, so it’s very convincing.
    Even those that say we have no real free will (dualist free will) still succumb to it.”

    There’s more of his comments on this site and the atheist Ron Murphy”s website ( where the commenter attacks believers and people like Eben Alexander ). Note, this website by Mike Smith is full of materialist/atheists. I won’t post the rest of his comment here, because it’s too darn long:


    1. For Kamo: I think it will be best if you ask your questions to the authors of their sites. They are the best persons to answer your questions, because they know the best about the themes of their own sites. However, I visited the URL you have provided.

      That site asks a very good question: How can soul, a non-physical thing, interact with a physical thing like brain? The answer requires a critical observation in Bible – “God is spirit.” All physical things are created by the spirit, which is same as the soul. That means there is no pure physical thing. The tiniest electron, if it exists, must also have a soul. Thus the soul and all physical things are integrally interactive and connected. But there are many proofs that soul exists, and the soul creates all objects; some of them are described in this Soul Theory book. I think Bible also says when we die, we become dust again. And this dust is not the dust of the earth; it is the cosmic dust, which should be the definition of physical thing, called the root material. According to Bible spirit creates everything from this dust.

      1. I don’t converse with atheists and Marxists and people like that anymore. Look at the work of Harun Yahya where it says that atheism and Marxism is the root of terrorism.

    2. Dialectical materialism is bullshit and unproven. It needs a great deal of faith to believe in materialism. One atheist tried to troll me on twitter because I am a creationist and got his ass kicked and he started the ad hominem attacks that I am paranoid. Don’t talk to them. You are wasting your time. I wait for the time when Europe will become Christian again and we will kick them out along with their illegal aliens that they love so much.

  17. I think the notion that “atheism/materialism is dead or collapsing” is wishful thinking. It is just as silly as saying that “there will be no more paranormal proponents in the future. Nothing but atheists”. Maybe atheism really is growing, or maybe that’s just something materialists want to believe.
    But none of it is going away anytime soon.

  18. Speaking of peer review, I’ve noticed when some materialists are shown peer-reviewed papers regarding paranormal they usually say something along the lines of “don’t always trust peer review. The system is broken. Psuedoscience has somehow managed to slip in and disguise as science. Some peer reviewers are pseudoscientists. And scientists shouldn’t even be hired, or even be scientists, if they believe in things like remote viewing.”

    Perfect example here:



    I’m sure a few other people, if not many, are questioning the peer-review system. I question it whether it’s paranormal, hard science, materialist, or ‘pseudoscience’ related. Some people, like in the links, seem to only question the system because something contradicts materialism.

    1. When you realize that all these “scientists” are mostly paid actors, like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson then you will realize the truth. Look at their contradictions, in one hand they support Darwinism and natural selection and on the other hand they support homosexuality which is against natural selection. They have problems with Christian conservatives but no problem with Saudi Arabia and illegal aliens.

      1. Yes.
        But I must say that I’m actually grateful that I’ve encountered some skeptics. ( yes, the aggresive ones too, like csicop who think that post materialism is smokescreen for woo )
        If it weren’t for the skeptics, I’d still be a wide-eyed believer, who thinks that NDEs, it’s after-effects,( no longer fearing death, appreciating life more ) and merely hearing a floor creak was irrefutable proof of an afterlife and ghosts. I laugh pretty hard at how I was back then.
        So I’m grateful that I’ve seen skeptical websites, rather than just going to fluff bunny “new age”, boring echo chamber sites, where “meanie” skeptics are kept at bay.
        But csicop and the people you’ve mentioned can take skepticism too far, just like how some paranormal believers can take things too far. It’s all about balance.

        1. In my opinion, New Ageism is dangerous because it is full of moral relativism. No truth just wishful thinking.

          1. I agree. Which is why I’m glad I’ve found csicop and other hard skeptic sites in the first place. While I wish they would all stop saying “woo”, look away from the materialist view for a minute, and look at the bigger picture, I wouldn’t want all the sites to, say, shut or close down. Otherwise we would all be one sided believers.

            1. Materalists and fundamentalists are wrong because they are extremists. New Agers are also wrong because they don’t believe in objective truth.

  19. And now I am going to ask you a tough question. What do you believe about me and my character? Do you believe that I am in the right path?

    1. Everybody is doing his assigned duty, defined by destiny. All these jobs are required to create the global destiny of the universe. Every individual is different; they will have to be so, by definition of destiny. Therefore every character is correct, every path for every soul is also correct.

      “Everything is beautiful in my eyes; everything is young, everything is clean. The blue sky, dark forest, bright moonlight, soft flowers – they are all like me.” – Said Tagore, the Nobel Laureate Indian Poet. There cannot exist any discrimination.

      1. I guessed that you would answer like that but the answer to this question is that simple. Of course, in the end there is universal reconciliation but the problem is what happens before.

    1. For Chris – “Do you believe that life exists in Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc…?” – As we see below, that it is a complex question, and the answer depends on how we define life.

      The soul theory chapter of this book says every object has three components: (1) Soul, (2) Subtle body, and (3) Gross body. The same chapter also says that every object in the universe has a soul and that soul has created that object. Gross body dies, subtle body does not die but reincarnates. Soul is eternal, always stays with the subtle body, as long as the subtle body exists. Eventually subtle body will also die, because it was created or born. For more details you should read the soul theory chapter.

      Thus all planets, stars, galaxies, are living objects, because they have gross bodies, and therefore have life. The gross body also exists for all finer objects like dusts on the planet surface, rocks, comets, etc. Therefore life is there everywhere in the universe. Even if there are no gross bodies, there are subtle bodies also in many places outside earth and its environment. UFO-ETs are also there in many places, which include their colonies. Thus it seems it will be difficult to find a place in the universe which is devoid of life.

      There are two kinds of isolated souls: (a) A soul that had subtle body at one time, but now they do not, and (b) A soul that never had any subtle body yet. The type (a) souls may be considered as to have life, because they are not only conscious, but they are intelligent also, even though intelligence is part of the subtle body only. The souls of type (b) have only consciousness, but no intelligence; we may still consider it to have life, because it is conscious. Note that all souls are conscious. If you restrict your definition of life to objects that are created, i.e. take birth and die, then type (b) souls can be eliminated.

      The total count of such isolated souls can be in the range of trillions, and therefore they are there everywhere in the universe. Just like you cannot find a place in the environment of the earth where there are no oxygen atoms, similarly, you cannot find a place in the universe where there are no isolated souls.

      1. My definition of “life” is the one that has birth and death. Emanuel Swedenborg has talked about all planets in our solar system and all of them is almost the same. Edgar Cayce has talked about the Arcturians. Joy S Gilbert has also talked about several races of humanoids, white, black, brown, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, red and other colors.

        1. There are always two definitions: (1) Money power and (2) Vedic. Vedic definition can be considered as the one defined by the books of religions or by the laws of nature. That is why the book has two chapters on money power. Money power definitions of course come under Vedic or destiny law.

          1. Yeah money are fake. Soon the global economic system will collapse. What do you believe about the so called Anunnaki?

  20. You are talking about religion and money power. Is there a chance that all religions have been created by the same people (those that David Icke calls Babylonian Brotherhood) in order to divide the people?

    1. “Is there a chance that all religions have been created by the same people…” – It is a good question. People must have done some research on this area. But I have definitely not done any work in this concept. The focus of the soul theory book is on the books of religions. I see that all books of all religions contain the major ideas of Vedas. At this time I think I should not start a discussion on religions and their origins.

      1. I will tell you what I believe personally, especially about Christianity.
        Long long time ago, humans were happy and prosperous. Of course that there is the law of periodicity but they were happy and healthy and did not feel any pain. Souls were having multiple experiences from all the planes of existence, from all the worlds and from all kingdoms of life. However, there were souls that were stuck in a plane of existence higher than us. These souls were filled with arrogance and hatred. They saw other souls that they were progressing and their hatred filled them. They said: “look at them, they are lucky while we are not, let’s destroy them”. These evil entities approached humans and as we were innocent they caught us into their trap. Then God and the good entities intervened and tried to stop it but they couldn’t. Humans were already deep in their sinfulness. The evil entities told them how to fight and how to engage in prostitution. That’s how war and prostitution started.
        God lamented about this. Since God is all loving He/She cannot destroy anyone. He/She lets every human being to have their own will and have his/her own path. When sin was so great then the Divine Council suggested that there should be a flood. With the flood all of the evil was destroyed but it wasn’t cleansed. The evil entities just entered another realm of existence and start corrupting humans. With this corruption there was war and prostitution and everything evil again.
        This was until 200 years ago. The evil entities realized that they would lose soon so they invented another scheme to corrupt humans. Through ideologies. They wanted humans to doubt the existence of God. So they helped Charles Darwin with his evolutionary theory to make people disbelievers. They wanted the human society to collapse. So they helped Karl Marx to make the theory of class war in order to create unrest. They wanted humans to not have morality. So they helped Sigmund Freud. The same thing was done many times. The evil entities created through mind evil ideologies and evil perceptions in order to move humans away from God.

      2. What about the good side? Well, the Divine Council saw that humans were worshipping a variety of Gods and they were divided so they invented Christianity. Christianity was created in Israel because Israel was the center of the world at that time. People needed to be united and not divided in order not to play into the hands of Satan. On the other hand, Satan saw this and his strategy was to corrupt the priests of the new religion. That’s why we had the Inquisition and the Crusades. This was the corrupted Christianity.
        Nowadays, since the days of Satan and his army are nearing the end, Satan is creating the final plan. The global government. And he uses the profession that is closer to him, the bankers. Under a global government we will be ruled by the banks. Bankers care only about money. So when Jesus and the Divine Council comes they will destroy this world government and will create a new global government without money and without religion and without wars and immorality. Forever.

  21. “There is no God. God is an imaginary Being. There should be no classes/castes. We should have classless society. There is no race. Race is a social construct. There is no gender. Gender is a social construct. Stop listening to your parents. Listen to media and postmodern sophists. Obey and consume. Traditions are for backward people. You should become “modern”. We need to progress. There is no objective reality. Live your myth.”

    This is the post-modernist aka post-truth model. Where does it lead? Theft, poverty, lawlessness, immorality, sickness both mental and physical and hopelessness. Till the complete destruction. And after the complete destruction, a handful of men just like Noah will stand on a tree and will scream together “Yes, the Mystery Babylon has fallen, indeed it has fallen”…

    1. It seems that the article has not been published in any peer reviewed journal. Even though I personally do not believe in the peer review process, but the process enhances the quality of a paper’s presentation.

      Everybody is working for his own individual destiny, which is linked to the global destiny of the universe. Everybody is trying to survive in their own way, in this money-based economy. It will give me a lot of pain to stop or interfere in their efforts.

      I assume you are not the author of the paper. If you are defending the paper and know the content thoroughly, then I may try. But still why would you want me to do that?

        1. For Kamo – “I’ve been having ups and downs about the peer review thing myself.” – You are correct. Since money power controls everything in our society, the peer review process cannot be outside that influence. Scientific publication is a big business. Many journals allow double blind method, that is, neither reviewer nor the author will know each other. But that is not enough, it must include another step, which is even the management system also will not collect author information, before publication. If anyone knows then everybody knows. Thus the process must be triple blind. This will eliminate discrimination in many fields of research.

          There is another important step that scientific community must take to make science rational. At present all science theories are based on some assumptions. Authors and reviewers must check these assumptions and their validities before publication. If the assumptions cannot be verified then the results must be declared as assumptions only.

          Moneyless economy (MLE) will eliminate all these problems automatically and place science back onto the correct path and truth will come out again. This book has a chapter on MLE.

          1. 100% correct. They are inventing theories in order to do what is called as “social engineering”. Example is the so called climate change. Climate change is a natural thing, however, marxist and liberal “scientists” are trying to convince us that it is anthropogenic in order to deindustrialize our economy and become poor and easy preys for Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, etc… Not to mention that many “scientists” are Freemasons/Jesuits. The cause of evil is desire. Money is just a way.

            1. For Chris – “The cause of evil is desire. Money is just a way.” – And what is the cause of that desire?

              Suppose one man kills another man by a gun shot. Then what caused the killing: the other man, evil desire of the other man, the gun, the bullet, or the destiny? I would say destiny, because that is the root cause, and it was planned long before both men were even born.

              Death by gun violence in USA is more than 30,000 per year. If we remove guns from the society then this death by killing will probably reduce to less than 3000. Because then people will have to kill by a stick or a kitchen knife; and that is a harder process. So the efficiency (the opportunity, the way, or the process) of killing is the cause for a desire.

              Similarly, if you remove money, the evil desire cannot be achieved so easily. I could not find out if there can be any evil desire under the moneyless economy (MLE). Do you have any example? So, guns or money is creating the evil desire.

              1. Evil desires are created by egoism. Lucifer fell because of egoism and became Satan.

                “Death by gun violence in USA is more than 30,000 per year. If we remove guns from the society then this death by killing will probably reduce to less than 3000.”

                That’s totally false. It is a myth by the far-left. Cars also kill people, should we ban cars? Nope it is the driver’s fault. Just like in guns, it is the user’s fault.

                If we remove money then things will be worse and people will become nihilists because they will have nothing to gain and will kill for nothing. Pedophiles, for example, don’t earn money for their evil desires but they spend it.

                So if you believe in destiny 100% then when will we have moneyless economy? In 2500? In 3000? In 20000? When the Kali Yuga ends? When did we last have moneyless economy?

                1. “Evil desires are created by egoism.” – Life is completely programmed, moment by moment. How can then be evil and egoism? The following example shows that life is programmed.

                  Swami Rama came to USA during early 1970s to visit a research institute. One woman, Pat Norris, came to see him. When she entered his office, Swami told her to ask seven questions, and one by one she asked them. Then the Swami picked up a paper from his desk, turned it upside down, and gave that to her. In that paper all her questions were already written along with their answers.

                  1. You have already told me these things. Let me ask you 3 questions. If Christians and Muslims clash, who will you support? If right wingers and left wingers clash, who will you support? If whites and blacks clash, who will you support?

                    1. Good questions! But these are actually one question – How to understand discrimination? This again leads to the original question – what is truth? Humans have asked the same question in many different ways. These are called eternal questions: Who am I? Why I am here? What is my purpose?

                      The book answers all these questions in two fundamentally different ways: (1) Bottom up – go to the details and come up to the high level picture. Study math, physics, engineering, economics, money, money power, central bank, yogic power, soul theory, and finally destiny. (2) Top down – Experience destiny, yoga meditation, and yogic powers.

                      In engineering they are called – Open Box and Black Box approaches. You pick up your method. Both are described in the book. Once you know the answers the entire universe will become transparent to you. Gita has a few verses on this answer. I copy one of them. They are in the Vedic Theory chapter. Bible also has the same answer – “Be still.”

                      A person is said to be established in self-realization and is called a yogi (or mystic) when he is fully satisfied by virtue of acquired knowledge and realization. Such a person is situated in transcendence and is self-controlled. He sees everything—whether it be pebbles, stones or gold—as the same.

    1. There are many levels of seer yogis on the yogi scale. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, if they exist, are yogis at level zero (0), the highest point in the scale. Ram of Ramayan period, and Krishna of Mahabhart period are seer yogis also at level zero. The authors of those books were also seer yogis of level zero. People say no such seer yogis were born at level zero after Mahabharat time. However, all humans are yogis, I am probably at level 100, the lowest point in the yogi scale. Most people are between ranges 90 to 100. Cheiro was such a yogi probably at level 70. The book has some examples in the range of 70-80, etc. These numbers are just random guesses.

        1. “I left a comment a couple of days ago. What happened?” – I deleted that comment, and mentioned so, in reply. It was outside the aims and scope of the book.

            1. “Anyway, did you agree with it?” – I did not read them carefully. It was very painful for me to read. The book says there are no good or bad things in nature, because we do not have freewill, and everything is controlled by destiny. So when I found many words, sentences, not complying, I stopped reading them. Moreover, the book does not talk about religions or any specific religion. Somehow I thought later, that you did not write them, you probably got them from somewhere. Since somebody wrote them, they are part of destiny, and may happen in future, you never know. You can only trust a seer yogi with confidence.

              1. Religion is just a part of culture just like art.

                If you feel pleasure it is a good thing. If you feel pain it is a bad thing. If you feel neither pleasure nor pain then it is a neutral thing.

                You seem to know about religions. All that I have written is from Christian and Islamic eschatology and also from Albert Pike’s letters.

                You say that in the Vedas everything that have existed and will exist is there. Do the Vedas talk about ISIS, nazism and communism? If yes, then give me some quotes.

                Do the Vedas talk about the prince of darkness that we Christians call the final antichrist? Do the Vedas talk about the five races of humanity (red, brown, black, white, yellow)? Was Manu a red, brown, black, white or yellow man? What was his ethnicity? Was it only one Manu or more? (these are questions that I have for 5 years)

                What will happen to India also? Will there be a war with Pakistan? Will Kashmiris and other separatists take up arms? What do yogis say about this?

  22. If you say that Infinity doesn’t exist then you have to prove it. You have to prove how everything in the universe is finite. I mean everything.

    The emblem of Infinity is the cycle. The cycle has no beginning and no end. It goes on and on. If you believe in cycles and periodicity then you must accept Infinity.

    Numbers are real. Mathematics are real. Mathematics is the language of the universe. Pythagoras figured it out. Aryabhatta also.

    Ayn Rand and her individualist ideology is far far from truth.

    I will say it again. Not every Christian believes the same things. So there is no Christian definition. There are many definitions. And no, neither religion nor money are wrong. How they are used is wrong.

    1. Somehow I missed one of your old comments, dated May 09 2019, 10:52 AM. I thought your this comment has an important point for other readers also.

      Nature is defined by an important law – Birth and death for every object in the universe. Therefore for every event there is a start time and an end time. Thus time is always finite. Of course mass and volume of every object are also finite. Thus every cycle has a start point and an end point. Moreover in nature there is no circle, because everything is continuously moving.

      1. The circle is the perfect geometric pattern. The cycle has no beginning and no end. If you don’t agree with infinity then you don’t agree with eternal recurrence.

        1. “The circle is the perfect geometric pattern.” – Yes, it is a perfect pattern on paper and pencil. But there is no such pattern in nature.

          “If you don’t agree with infinity then you don’t agree with eternal recurrence.” – Every gross body has a subtle body, which is an object of nature. Therefore there is a death time for that subtle body also. When the subtle body dies it cannot reincarnate any more. Thus for that subtle body there will be no more eternal recurrence.

          1. The circle is everything in nature. Look at the shape of the earth for example.

            There is not only gross body and subtle body but myriads of bodies. And every body gets rebirth because every body is mortal, with birth and death. Only the Highest Principle is eternal.

            1. “Look at the shape of the earth for example.” – No, earth is roughly an ellipsoid, that means an ellipse rotated around the major axis. But even that is not correct; it has many mountains and valleys all over the world. There is no smooth surface anywhere on earth.

              “… but myriads of bodies.” – All bodies have a subtle body. The soul creates the subtle body first and then the subtle body creates the gross body. Take a look at the soul theory chapter (Chapter 10) for more details on the subtle body and the way it creates the gross body. Once the subtle body dies, after probably several kalpas (1 kalpa is, probably, 8.6 billion years), the soul cannot reincarnate anymore. The soul is eternal, never dies, and never takes birth. Only subtle body and gross bodies are mortal.

              1. “No, earth is roughly an ellipsoid, that means an ellipse rotated around the major axis. But even that is not correct; it has many mountains and valleys all over the world. There is no smooth surface anywhere on earth.”

                Yes you are right. Ellipsoids are still circles but not perfect.

                “All bodies have a subtle body. The soul creates the subtle body first and then the subtle body creates the gross body. Take a look at the soul theory chapter (Chapter 10) for more details on the subtle body and the way it creates the gross body. Once the subtle body dies, after probably several kalpas (1 kalpa is, probably, 8.6 billion years), the soul cannot reincarnate anymore. The soul is eternal, never dies, and never takes birth. Only subtle body and gross bodies are mortal.”

                You are talking about the astral body. There are myriads of other dimensions and therefore myriads of other bodies. As I have said before, reality is multi-dimensional, not bi-dimensional like most religions say.

                Buddhists have kalpas that last for trillions of years so as I have said everything is in a circle within a circle.

                But you haven’t answered me a question. Since you believe that everything is predestined, what will happen in the near future?

                1. Suppose Mr. X was born in city C1 of nation N1 at time T1. In next life he takes birth at C2, N2, and T2. Where is the circle here? Things can be lot more complex when you consider the universe. At time T1 the sun was under the star S1, and at time T2 the sun was under the star S2. Then where is your circle again?

                    1. “Since you believe that everything is predestined, what will happen in the near future?” – I am not a seer yogi. Only a seer yogi can tell the future or the truth.

  23. “You can see that you do not have the answer. You do not recognize that you have an assumption. You think you can do something without any reasons. That is you are saying: reason-action, cause-effect, sow-reap, action-reaction, etc., are meaningless. You will always fail to provide rationality on every subject you take, if you believe in freewill or God etc. This is probably the number seventh subject in your discussions.”

    Yes it is an assumption but not wrong assumption. I don’t know exactly the reason, however, the first thing that propels things to create and experience is desire. This is what Buddhists also believe.

    “You have started with – “soul is infinite, all knowing, etc.” So, you have God in mind. You won’t be able solve any problem when you are with God. Where did you find that soul is all knowing? Soul is infinite? How do you know God exists? You cannot know, because nobody has answered that question, except Bible. Bible says “God is spirit”, but you do not try to understand that. Bible says sow-reap, but you do not try understand that either.”

    The problem begins when you deny that God exist. Without a First Cause there could be no Second Cause and so on.

    How do I know that God exists? Because infinite exists in order to create the finite. You say that you agree that God is spirit but on the other hand you say that there is no God. Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that the infinite exists? If yes then that’s what I mean by God, not some man in the sky.

    Since God exists and is infinite therefore soul is part of God and therefore infinite. Most people when they talk about soul they usually talk about the astral planes. Astral planes are finite and astral beings are having births and deaths. On the other hand, soul is part of God or what the Buddhists call Nirvana. The highest priniciple, the unborn and the undying.

    I cannot understand many things. Few people can understand many things.

    “Unless you go to the root of everything by asking a series of questions, you will not know what your assumptions are? But every time we have seen that you are assuming existence of God or freewill, violating your Bible.”

    I don’t believe in free will anymore. It doesn’t make sense. I believe in theological determinism. The Bible was written by men with higher perception than most of us, however, many books, especially the Gnostic ones, were left out for political reasons.

    1. There are two definitions of God. Do you realize that? Christianity Definition (CD) – God is the creator of the universe. Bible Definition (BD) – God is your soul.

      When you use CD you are denying your Bible. I am always using BD. If you use CD you will always create confusions and contradictions. You are saying God is infinite and then you are saying Infinite is God. It is a circular logic. It is not a proof. You cannot prove infinity. Therefore there is no proof of CD. Nobody has any proof for CD. You have watched many videos between experts on atheist and theists; they are all confused, because they are using CD. Christianity is wrong, and Bible is correct.

      BD has proof. I have given many proofs of BD in the book and to you also. Follow Bible then you will have all answers correctly, in a consistent and meaningful way.

      1. You are making a huge mistake. Christianity is not one thing. Christianity has many sects and different from one another. Personally, I am Greco-Christian Gnostic. Gnosticism is considered a heresy by the official church, however, mainline believers are pretty good and tolerant. Extremists are threatening and ignorant.

        What you in USA know about Christianity are some extremist Judeo-Christian sects. These sects believe that the Jewish tribal deity is the only God and they want everyone else to be tormented in hell.

        Infinity is not “proof”. Infinity is an axiom.

        1. Whatever the sect is, I will call them as Christianity, you can call them anything you like. It does not matter for me. All religions, including Hinduism, have a God, who is considered as creator and can change their lives. The other definition is from the religious books, like Bible, Vedas, etc., which are all same in terms of God. I did not discuss God and religions in this soul theory book. There is no God in Vedas. Most yogis do not talk about God also. This book is about soul theory. So the definitions remain same. You can change CD the way you like. But you cannot change BD.

          Using axioms you cannot do anything. Mathematics is based on axioms, which are nothing but assumptions. So, all your results will be assumptions and therefore false. That is why I say – all of science is wrong. You will never be able to prove anything using CD; you will remain irrational, confused, and contradictory, just like all atheist and theists are. They cannot prove the CD. On the other BD can prove everything in our life, show you the demonstrations also, just like Galileo did.

          1. “Whatever the sect is, I will call them as Christianity, you can call them anything you like. It does not matter for me.”

            The differences between the sects are chaotic. You cannot put all of them in the same basket.

            “All religions, including Hinduism, have a God, who is considered as creator and can change their lives.”

            Yes and I believe that also.

            “There is no God in Vedas.”

            Well, I haven’t read the Vedas but Hindus believe in God. The other guy said that there is God in the Vedas.

            “Using axioms you cannot do anything. Mathematics is based on axioms, which are nothing but assumptions. So, all your results will be assumptions and therefore false. That is why I say – all of science is wrong.”

            Again you are using generalizations. Mathematics is the most truthful of all sciences. Science is not wrong, scientism is wrong.

            “You will never be able to prove anything using CD; you will remain irrational, confused, and contradictory, just like all atheist and theists are. They cannot prove the CD.”

            We theists are not confused. We know what we are talking about. Atheists are confused because they don’t believe in the Infinite and therefore they don’t believe in objective truth and they have to invent theories like Darwinism, Marxism, Freudism, Nietzscheism, etc… in order to cover their ignorance and sound intelligent.

            1. “Science is not wrong,” – No, science is all wrong, since it is based on assumptions. This book proves that. Take a look at the Truth chapter. Assumptions can never become correct, no matter how you manipulate them. Same is true with CD, but never with BD.

              “We theists are not confused.” – If you cannot answer all questions then you are confused. Most important question is – prove that God exists. But nobody can. Your CD is an assumption. Therefore everything you say will be assumptions only, just like math and science.

              You have taken many subjects in many comment-chains in this book. We have always come to a point where you have eventually contradicted Bible. All cases led to the existence of freewill. Which not only contradicts sow-reap, it also contradicts destiny, and CD.

              Edgar Cayce said soul wants to grow and that is why it reincarnates. Eventually you said it reincarnates because it wants to. But you have failed to provide why it wants to. Then you said soul is infinite, and is God. Thus your God reincarnates, which contradicts Bible. Infinite is an assumption.

              1. Positive sciences and technological sciences are all correct. Historical sciences are controlled by cultural Marxists and Soros liberal, internationalist and materialist ideology.

                Theists are not confused. They are always asking questions because they love the truth. Theists believe in objective truth. God is not a thing to prove. God is beyond everything. You need to use your intuition to find Him. My Christian definition is not wrong.

                The problem of free will. Even if free will doesn’t exist, this doesn’t mean that God is not real.

                Edgar Cayce is correct. Growth is not a black and white thing. Growth is many, many, many things. It wants because It wants. I cannot know the will of the infinite because I am finite. In order to be all knowing and eternal I need to be in the Infinite Realm, the Kabbalah calls it Ein Sof and the Buddhists call it Paranirvana. The Unity of everything. The Infinite and Eternal Light.

                God doesn’t reincarnate but manifests. We as humans see it as reincarnation but the Supreme Being sees it as manifestation. Infinity is an axiom.

                1. “Positive sciences and technological sciences are all correct.” – Technology is correct, because it uses objects of nature, which are correct, or truths or real. But entire science is wrong, because they are all based on assumptions, which are wrong. Chapter one on TRUTH has many examples that show science is wrong. If you think, you are correct, take any one of them and then show it is correct.

                  “Infinity is an axiom.” – What is an axiom? Can you define it?

                  1. Yeah but technology is science. Positive sciences are also correct. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology (observational biology not historical biology) are all correct.

                    An axiom or postulate is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments.

                    1. “An axiom or postulate is a statement that is taken to be true,..” – No rational mind should accept anything like that without a proof of such statements. If you believe them then you will never find the truths. All words like {axiom, postulate, assumption, false, imagination, lying}, etc., are synonyms only. When money power imposes something on the society, they find some such complex words like postulate and exploit their ignorance to confuse the humanity. This is why Mark Twain said – “Majority is always in the wrong”. For the same reason Ayn Rand said – “Truth is not for all men”. You have to learn to ask a chain of questions to find the truth.

                      Both straight line and real numbers are false, because they do not exist in nature. These two assumptions are in the foundations of mathematics. Therefore the entire mathematics is false and assumptions only. Engineering uses things of nature, nature is always true, therefore engineering cannot be false.

                      It is just like CD God, which is an assumption only. So all of religions are based on such false assumptions, and therefore religion itself must be false. Assumptions can never become correct. Otherwise it will never be called assumptions.

    1. Edgar Cayce has talked about soul development also. Here are some examples from his quotes: “(1) Soul development should take precedence over all things. (2) The soul seeks growth. (3) There is progress whether you are going forward or backward.”

      I think in this book I have mentioned – once you are a yogi, you remain yogi in all your future incarnations. However, since you are guided by destiny, you will do only what is assigned for you.

      1. “Edgar Cayce has talked about soul development also. Here are some examples from his quotes: “(1) Soul development should take precedence over all things. (2) The soul seeks growth. (3) There is progress whether you are going forward or backward.””

        All these 3 premises are correct. Progress doesn’t always mean going from 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3 but everywhere to everywhere.

        “I think in this book I have mentioned – once you are a yogi, you remain yogi in all your future incarnations. However, since you are guided by destiny, you will do only what is assigned for you.”

        Since the soul is perfect, infinite and all knowing, I disagree. In one life you may be a yogi and in another a soldier, in another a carpenter, in another a thief, etc…

          1. Growth means experience. It is all knowing but It wants to experience Itself. It is like watching a match and playing a match. If you watch you know what the match is like but you cannot experience. In order to experience you need to play. For example, the soul asks what is it like to be for example, Leonardo Da Vinci, Lady Gaga, St Patrick or Ashurbanipal? And here is the answer!

                1. “Because It can. Because It wants to play.” – How come it can? Why it wants to play? Keep asking such questions like this, and keep giving me answers, and let me know how far you can go. Or tell me when you want to stop and why?

                  1. Why does It play? Because It wants. Desire is the first thing. What do you do if you want a sandwich? You go and get it. The same thing is with the soul. It wants to experience Itself. It is infinite and wants to experience the finite. It is like the river. Now why It wants to play? Because It just wants. You cannot go ad infinitum on this. It wants because It wants. Desire is the first thing. Everything comes from desire. Your beginning and your end should be desire. If you go beyond and ask more and more questions you will not find answers and will resort to nihilism and become insane.

                    1. “It wants because It wants.” – You can see that you do not have the answer. You do not recognize that you have an assumption. You think you can do something without any reasons. That is you are saying: reason-action, cause-effect, sow-reap, action-reaction, etc., are meaningless. You will always fail to provide rationality on every subject you take, if you believe in freewill or God etc. This is probably the number seventh subject in your discussions.

                      You have started with – “soul is infinite, all knowing, etc.” So, you have God in mind. You won’t be able solve any problem when you are with God. Where did you find that soul is all knowing? Soul is infinite? How do you know God exists? You cannot know, because nobody has answered that question, except Bible. Bible says “God is spirit”, but you do not try to understand that. Bible says sow-reap, but you do not try understand that either.

                      Unless you go to the root of everything by asking a series of questions, you will not know what your assumptions are? But every time we have seen that you are assuming existence of God or freewill, violating your Bible.

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