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He that hath ears to hear, let him hear [Bible, Matthew:11-15]. If you prepare the ears, you will hear.

O, I listen all the time, at the deepest door of my heart. Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Laureate in literature (1913). [Ami Kan Pete, Tagore]


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  1. >”reincarnation” doctrine of demons
    Enjoy wailing like a loser when Jesus returns and you find out there is no second chance at life.
    oh you poor delusional deceived souls.


    1. For jacksaa

      The fact is – Truth is not there in the mainstream. Mark Twain said –“Majority is always in the wrong”. Along the same line Ayn Rand said – “Truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.”

      Thank you for visiting the site. It is natural that the thoughts of reincarnation will bother you. The book is written to prove that reincarnation is a law of nature, no matter what any book says. Similarly, this book also proves that all of science is wrong, irrespective of what is there in the mainstream books.

      Nature always demonstrates all its laws. Therefore to know the truth you must observe the nature, just like Galileo did. Newton did not observe nature, so his first law is wrong. But millions of people all over the world have observed reincarnations for millions of years. Such examples are well documented on the internet. Some of them are presented in this soul theory book.

      Therefore to learn – if reincarnation is a law of nature or not you have to seek for examples in nature or read the examples discovered by the seekers. Interestingly, all truths are there on the internet. But you have to seek them carefully.

      Moreover, you probably do not know that reincarnation was there in Bible at one time, and then was removed later. Verify it from the internet.


      1. Nothing can be truly destroyed only altered,e.g. when u burn a pile of leaves your not actually getting rid of anything, by adding heat you cause a chemical reaction that reverts the pile back into base carbons that eventually make their way back to the active energy cycle. (Life) This is the only true law of the universe. While I’m not spiritual or religious I can appreciate your views from a strict scientific viewpoint. Thank you. Just remember science is not an absolute, it’s a process.


        1. Thank you for visiting the site and leaving your comments. I am sorry for my delay in response. I was out of town where I did not have a computer.

          The book has a chapter on – conservation law. All the laws are equivalent to the conservation law. Therefore you are correct, nothing can be destroyed or created; only they can be transformed or transferred. This law is there in both Bible and Vedas.


    2. Reincarnation is a main theme of the bible, especially the Christian new testaments, Jesus died a man then returned the son of God. When christians die they are “reborn” in heaven. So let’s say a soul is like everything else in the universe, it can’t be destroyed, your body doesn’t work anymore so the energy that makes up your soul would be transferred or changed. I know this is falling on deaf ears, but if you read this you should read up on your Bible. I’m aethiest and understand it’s philosophies better than you.


      1. You probably know that – reincarnation was there at one time in Bible, and later it was removed. You can verify that from the internet. The book has one sub-section of about one page long on Reincarnation in Bible.

        The book has given many proofs of reincarnation by discussing examples that people have observed all over the world and over many centuries.

        These examples show that there is no God in both Bible and Vedas. You are created by your soul, and I am created by my soul. And similarly, every object in the universe is created by its own individual soul. Thus there is no such thing as God, which created the entire universe. Moreover, destiny is there in both Bible and Vedas. I am sure you understand that destiny and God are contradictory concepts. Thus God cannot exist.

        Scientific process is all wrong; therefore science can never be correct. Every scientific theory is based on assumptions, and you know that nature and engineering cannot accept assumptions. Modern science has abandoned the process of Galileo – observe the nature to find the truth.


    1. Hi Jay,
      Good questions! Short answer will be yes and no. Long answers may appear philosophical.

      We are all guided by our individual destiny. We do not have any freewill. Everybody has come to this world with a unique characteristic, for a specific purpose and along a predetermined path. Any high level yogi will be able to tell you about your destiny. But there is no need to find your destiny, because you cannot disobey it. What you are doing is nothing but following your destiny, so I am, and everybody. Take a look at the destiny chapter in this book, when you have some time. You cannot sit idle, and do nothing, unless that is written in your destiny.

      “Are you involved in any spiritual practice yourself ?”
      Since we are all souls or spirits, we are all continuously involved in spiritual practice. We are all spiritual, we are all yogis. All of us have yogic powers. Take a look at the yogic power chapter. We are all employed, so we are performing karma yoga. We are all in schools, in education, and in research activities, so we are doing gyan (knowledge) yoga. Since I was born in India, I have learnt yoga in my childhood days from my father. Most Indians are involved in some kind of yoga exercises. Is there anyone who is not a devotee or in Bhakti yoga? We all go to churches, temples, or sit quietly in front of our Gods in our homes. In each yoga type mentioned above, your performance will depend on your destiny. But note that there is no God in Vedas.

      “..do you have a spiritual guru (master) ?”
      Stand quietly on a beach and look at the ocean for some time. Very soon you will find that the ocean is teaching you. Take a flower and look at it quietly at its beauty, colors, shape, fine lines, think about its purpose, you will profoundly change. The flower is spiritual, just like the ocean is, and taught you so much, within such a short time. There is no guru better than nature. Laws of nature are the only truths. Read the first chapter on truth. We have taken birth to learn from nature. Only nature can teach you the truth. We reincarnate to learn more and more, and all from nature. I did not try to find a yogi, like the ones I have described in the yogic power chapter. If destiny allows, it will happen in some life. I have described that the objective of life should be, not only to become a high level yogi, but also be a person like Rama or Krishna, who can do so much good to so many people in our world.

      Thank you for visiting the site. I know my answers will not be satisfactory, but I will be glad to respond to more of your concerns. – Sincerely, Subhendu

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        1. hey, this is junk, derailed incorrigibly from truth. read all religious books 10 times, and the bible atleast once. the doctrine of Jesus stands apart. will know what is holiness, how to get saved.


          1. Hi Sam,
            Thank you for visiting the site. I am sorry that the site disturbed you. But what caused the pain? You wrote – “this is junk” – But what is junk? Please give at least one example.


  2. What a load of pseudoscientific tripe. This nonsensical twaddle is simply hilarious! There’s no such thing as a soul, I’m afraid, the mind is what the brain does.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for visiting the site. You wrote – “There’s no such thing as a soul,…”

      But how did you come to such a conclusion? I will appreciate your logic, which may help me to explain it better in the book.

      This book has three chapters that prove independently that soul exists – Yogic Power, Reincarnation, and Destiny.

      All three of them represent the laws of nature, and nature always gives proofs of its laws. All you have to learn is – how to observe nature, just like Galileo did.


      1. i read your “proof”. it’s not proof, it’s just connected words. there is no logic to what they say. they just say. i suggest you take some logic courses (they are easy to find), so that you understand how to make proofs. because you remind me of a baseball player who advertises to teach baseball, but when you go for a lesson, he’s wearing a pink dress and just stands there smiling at you. and then after an hour he says, “there is your lesson, i hope you now like baseball”.


        1. For vm On July 26, 2016 at 3:55 am

          Thank you for visiting this soul theory site. You have raised a very important issue. Your example shows a baseball player and not the game. So, you must clearly know what the book wants to prove. The book proves the laws of nature and not any scientific theory.

          Next, you must understand that no scientific theory can be proven. This is so, because all scientific theories are based on assumptions. And, nature and engineering can never make any assumption. Therefore no assumptions of any theory can be tested or proven. This leads to the automatic conclusion that no scientific theory has ever been proven by anyone on earth. Their logic of proof is wrong.

          On the other hand the laws of nature can be proven only by observing the nature, just like Galileo did. Thus the existence of soul, which is a law of nature, can be proven only by observing the demonstrations given by nature.

          In the same way, the base ball game can be learnt only by observing the game. Therefore, that game teacher is misleading his students, just like the entire scientific community is misleading all of us.

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          1. For Ivoryhart on 2016/05/01 at 6:17 pm

            I am very sorry. Please forgive me. It was completely my error. I did not check the site properly.
            You responded to correct comment.
            Thank you for visiting the soul theory blog site. I appreciate your comments and thoughts.
            Best regards


      1. “You fear what exactly?” Where does the word fear come from?

        The book talks about the laws of nature. Such laws are described in Vedas as well as in all religions, including Bible. One such law of nature is that we are all souls, and our souls command us, moment by moment, for all our actions. If you prepare your senses, such as ears, eyes, mind, etc. using yogic meditation, you will be able to hear your soul.

        Another law in Vedas is that there is no God. Your soul has created your body. All objects in the universe are created by their own individual souls. All religions can be interpreted in this very consistent way, called the Vedic way, to show that there is no God. Destiny law contradicts the role of God.

        “… the soul is endless in existence…” Yes, all souls are eternal in time, meaning it never dies, but the body it creates dies and reincarnates.


          1. Very good question! I think that the conventional understanding of GOD is that HE is the creator of the universe, controls the universe, and can change anything if HE wants to.

            But the destiny law is opposite of that. (1) Destiny of the entire universe is already written for the entire past, present, and future times. (2) It is not dynamic, it does not change with time, and nobody can change it. (3) Destiny can be precisely predicted for any event of the entire space time by any high level yogi. There are many such examples in the literature. In many cases ordinary people, like you and I, do predict our destinies completely unknowingly. See the destiny chapter for details.

            Thus destiny and GOD are contradictory concepts. If destiny is predictable then it cannot be GOD.


    2. An open mind is a healthy mind, opening your mind to the potential of a soul will increase your spiritual health. We are all spirit beings connected for infinity….”all is one one is all”


  3. How do u account for Human aspiration……emotions…Greed, Envy, Anger, the instinct of coveting what is not urs, dominating others, hoarding, raping, hacking, killing, converting,… …….and so many other things that will need to be overcome if there has to be a moneyless economy…….There will never be a Utopian world….Because that is the nature of the physical nature…..there is duality….one cannot exist without the other….

    A Yogi might come….but he will also hv to go….that is the law of nature….U know what hpnd after Krishna went……..Rama went…Christ went…Buddha went….Muhammad went…..

    In any case the Soul theory and even Vedic Science can only be a concept like every other faith and cult is…Since Human beings can never know nature just as a computer cannot know us……..U might argue that Yogis can know…..but even that will remain a concept because even the Yogis cannot prove ….and one has to only believe…..

    The best case scenario for the Human species is to seek and take up with sincere faith whatever theory works for each one of us and plod along the that path…

    If soul theory works for some and they keep faith in it…..it will work for them…..
    If what Osama or Mullah Omar or ISIS or the fanatic Christian or Jew or Hindu or ….. says works for some and they keep faith in it …it will work for them….even thought it mind end up in a few deaths because after all everything is connected and destined……

    However, a majority of human beings will never seek ….they will just believe in some faith /cult…..which has been completely distorted over the years by its followers and nowhere near to what the masters said…..

    Some will seek….

    Another point of interest which I am working on is….The Psychiatric angle towards most of the spiritual happenings in the past thousand years……Most such spiritual masters heard voices saw visions…..Modern day psychiatry has answers for such symptoms and medications too…..Hv u thought about this one…..


    1. Why there will be greed under money-less economy (MLE)? Greed for what? Everything is free. Would you give an example?

      “…U know what hpnd after Krishna went…” – Yes, processes repeat – birth, maturity, and death of another society. Krishna came to reset the system. That is how the periodicity continues for eternity. Just like our heart beats periodically, similarly everything in the universe has periodicity. It is like a collection of many harmonic wave forms, giving rise to a very large period of some events. Eventually death of all objects will happen, and we will get maha prolay. At this time the universe becomes empty again. Again it starts and everything repeats – called eternal recurrence of all events. This seems to be a law of nature and is described in Vedas. Look at the similarity between Ramayan and Mahabharat story in the chapter on Vedic Theory. They are consequences of periodicity.

      “…Vedic Science can only be a concept like every other faith …” There was no faith system or Gods in the Vedic period. We implemented Gods and faiths to satisfy our rulers from foreign land. Vedas document the laws of nature – how can that be based on faith? Do you see periodicity as faith? Reincarnation as faith?

      “…but even that will remain a concept because even the Yogis cannot prove …” Yes, yogis can prove. Didn’t Krishna show it to Arjun? Sanjoy, who received the divine vision from Byasdev, also saw the same thing. You will be able to experience it also, if you become a high level yogi. You will prove it to yourself.

      “…Modern day psychiatry has answers for such symptoms and medications too…..Hv u thought about this one…..” You may want to look at the Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy in the Reincarnation chapter, if that is what is in your mind.


      1. Question: Why there will be greed under money-less economy (MLE)? Greed for what? Everything is free. Would you give an example?

        Humble comment: MLE is a fantastic concept. However, the concept assumes that every human being will be honest and take only as much as he needs even though it is free. This concept assumes that every human being will be spotless good, clean, pure in heart and mind ……i mean all the good qualities to make a Utopian society.

        What happens to the sex worker …Does she also work free and if she is free …there is going to be a free for all…unless of course all human beings are Chaste….

        What happens to the bar …Is the drink free? U know the consequences…..

        What happens to weapons…Are they free?

        These are just examples….It is a very complex thing and the complexities to make MLE function is HUGE….

        It can only work in an Utopian society……which does not fit into natures physical laws of duality….If there is no duality, there is no nature….

        Again, let me congratulate u for the hard work that u hv put in ur book and abt MLE… but surely even when a yogi like Krishna was around….or Rama was around or Buddha was around or Christ or Muhammad there was no Utopian society….

        Question: ” There was no faith system or Gods in the Vedic period. We implemented Gods and faiths to satisfy our rulers from foreign land. Vedas document the laws of nature – how can that be based on faith? Do you see periodicity as faith? Reincarnation as faith?

        Humble Comment: There are Gods in the Rig Veda and the other Vedas too…Indra Varuna Rudra Visnu…and female goddesses too…Surely the Vedas were before the advent of Christ and Muhammad….There are rituals in the Vedas….There are concepts of advaita/dwaita in the Vedanta Sutras and Upanishads that are a part of the vedas and a lot of other things…. There are the Patanjali Yoga Sutra before 0 AD…..Jainism and Buddhism were before 0 AD and there were concept sin those cults also…..all these are concepts only…..Can never be proved….It is a matter of faith in a concept….That does not mean i am demeaning them….It can only be experienced by practicing the concepts…..Needs faith.

        I am not sure whether the Puranas are after 0 AD or before 0 AD..

        When Christianity and Islam came from foreign lands….the Bhakti movement started…We do not know if it was already there earlier….eg temples started to be built….Vaishavism, Shavisim, Shaktism, Smartism Alvars Nayanars Vallabha Nimbarka Chaitnya Ramanuja Madhava, Guru Nanak, …so many…..Now it may be also argued that bhakti practice may have been prevalent even before 0 AD and began to be documented and publicly practiced after 0 AD….

        So bottomline is concepts and faith in those concepts existed even before 0 AD even in the Vedic era as well as the Mohenjo Daro era …a tablet of a man in a yogic pose has been found from those ruins also…

        Question: “…but even that will remain a concept because even the Yogis cannot prove …” Yes, yogis can prove. Didn’t Krishna show it to Arjun? Sanjoy, who received the divine vision from Byasdev, also saw the same thing. You will be able to experience it also, if you become a high level yogi. You will prove it to yourself.

        Humble comment: The same is said about Christ performing miracles or muhammad performing miracles…..etc….One has to believe all the above…that Krsna indeed showed the universe in his mouth to his mother or to arjuna the viraat rupa etc….What Sanjaya saw ..the common man is seeing today via television….

        I mean all the above is a matter of faith….One has lent reality or authority to it because one believes in it….Otherwise there is no way to prove it…..

        So that is why i say everything that exists in the human perception of the Universe can be concepts only and it is only one’s faith that can make it real for one person…….

        By psychiatry, i was thinking whether the concept of saints and prophets were just symptoms of mental illness….like hearing voices in ears or seeing visions……which modern day psychiatric drugs can cure by bringing about changes in brain chemical composition….I do not mean any disrespect to the saints or prophets….but it is not a sin to question….

        Thank you.


        1. “What happens to the sex worker…” If you read the MLE chapter carefully you will find that there is a definition of work, which is not as general under CBE (central bank economy). Any service that society needs is considered as a valid work under MLE. So sex workers, male and female, will be supported. In Greece sex workers are legal employees. In Nevada, USA, it is legal also.

          Yes, bars, weapons, are all free; anything that you can buy under CBE should be free under MLE. MLE has the slogan – CBE and MLE are no different.

          There was a time when landing on moon was utopian. But it is now a reality. Any utopian can become real, if someone tries to implement it. There are no problems that cannot be solved, because the solution is inside the question. Moreover all problems are already solved in nature. Bible says there is nothing new in the world. Law of conservation also says the same thing, Veda does too.

          There are people, at least 10 of them, who can buy the entire world today. There was a time when India’s GDP was less than Bill Gate’s net worth. But he did not buy India. Things are not happening that way. Why? Because of the destiny law – all objects in the universe are simultaneously and continuously interactive with each other – if anything moves then everything moves. But it can happen also, Ravan was the ruler of the entire solar system.

          MLE is lot simpler to implement than CBE. Overnight CBE can be switched to MLE, without people even knowing it. I have discussed it in the book, and over many internet blog sites, in response to such questions. On the internet MLE is probably 10 years old now. On print in books, it is nearly 100 years old concept. It has appeared in a Hollywood movie and in a Bengali movie. I did not invent MLE.

          “If there is no duality, there is no nature..” – I am not sure if this is true in the universe. But why do you think MLE does not have duality? Again, CBE and MLE are no different.


          1. Ok Subhendu Da. Again, thank you for sharing ur wonderful thoughts over the internet. It will surely inspire others to think. Keep up the good work and wish u all the best.


        2. “There are Gods in the Rig Veda and the other Vedas too..” – Yes there are. But are these gods creators of the universe? How many creators are there then? Veda never says there is a creator of the universe. Modern definition of God comes from Christianity and Islam – God is the creator of the universe.

          Vedas describe only the laws of nature. The laws of nature cannot contradict each other. If one part of Veda says you and I are created by our individual souls, then no other part of Veda can say God created the universe. In this respect, Sadhguru, a modern popular yogi, whom you know, says the same thing in many of his videos – there is no god in Vedas. In my opinion Bible cannot say God created the universe either. There are too many similarities between Bible and Vedic theories.

          “One has to believe all the above…that Krsna indeed showed the universe ..” I think if you read the Yogic power chapter in the book, the references mentioned there, and do some thinking, you will know the characteristic powers of soul. The soul that created a galaxy, a different but similar soul has also created you. You can then see the power of a soul. You do not have to believe in anything. There are two ways to know things (a) Become a yogi, see Vedas in your own eyes, and experience the Vedas, or (b) Read from what Yogis have written. Do you not learn the physics in the same way – (i) go to the lab and do the experiment or (ii) read the book that describes the experiment?

          “By psychiatry, i was thinking whether the concept of saints and prophets were just symptoms of mental illness….like hearing voices in ears or seeing visions…” Just like computers cannot know humans, in the same way humans cannot find the laws of nature by doing experiments. Things must be observed in nature, just like Galileo did.

          No two humans are same. No two brains are also same. Memory is not in the brain, it is in the nature – there is a chapter in the book on this subject. Thus you cannot do any experiment on brains to identify and compare what a person is thinking, hearing, or seeing. Brain is just a mechanical device, not much different from our hands and legs. Everything is done on commands from soul.

          There is a higher level approach for all the problems and is described in the chapter on central bank economy (CBE). Money is false, because money is not an object of nature. Money does not grow in a tree, nor can it be mined from earth. How can you create anything that is true, using something that is false, like money? You cannot. Thus everything under CBE is false. Only MLE (money-less economy) can show you the truth. There is no nishkam karma (selfless work) possible under CBE. And no selfish work can reveal the truth.

          Since money is false, it must be free and abundant at its source, which is the central bank (CB). Therefore there cannot be any kind of debt. Debt to whom, CB? Why pay back something that is free for CB? Thus you can see the present economy is really a MLE in disguise. False and free money has been imposed on us by the power of guns. It makes somebody trillionaire and rest poor. MLE only lifts the restriction of fixed assignment of free money, giving equal opportunity to everyone.


    2. Jesus came back from the Dead, no one else did that. Jesus lived A perfect sinless life, nobody else did this.
      Jesus is Holy, no man ever was.


      1. “Jesus came back from the Dead, no one else did that.” – The first part is correct, but the second part is not. If you search the literature, you will find many people, all over the world, became alive after they died. This book on Soul Theory has a chapter on Yogic Power. That chapter has three such examples taken from the literature.

        At one time Vedas were known all over the world. One of the most important foundations of Vedas is Yogic Meditation. It should be mentioned that there are high level yogis all over the world, including Christians. If you perform such meditation you will also learn how to leave your body at will and reenter back again at any time. It is a well known technique for high level yogis, to switch body at old age, to a young dead body which is in good condition. Human souls have miraculous powers which anyone can master via yogic meditation.

        “Jesus lived A perfect sinless life, nobody else did this.” Destiny theory is another Vedic concept. Destiny is also there in Bible. Bible says – what you sow is what you reap. This statement means your past is controlling your present – which is the definition of destiny. Have you ever done anything without any reasons? No you have not. Since reasons come before you act, we see that all our actions are controlled by past activities. This book has more detailed level description of destiny. Since we do not have any freewill and we are guided by our destiny, none of us can be sinners. In nature there is no good and bad. Apple is good and orange is bad – cannot be true. Thus Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad cannot also be true.


      1. Please be more specific then I will be able to understand your questions. Once I know your questions then it may be possible for me to find the answers. Thank you for visiting the site.


  4. Very interesting and thank you for your time and effort in producing this, I will have to keep scouring over this.

    As I’m supposed to obviously do, I’m going to let others know of your efforts here.


    1. I liked your comment, so graceful – “As I’m supposed to obviously do, I’m going to let others know of your efforts here.”
      Thank you for sharing the summary of Chapter-1 on Truth in your blog – http://mgnaismith.blogspot.com.au/

      It is always a concern for me – how to tell the truth, without hurting anybody. Also this must be done in a small space and time.

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      1. The fundamental reality or fact in the background that i make of after reading the whole book (which is refreshingly different) is “nature.”

        If u can pls elaborate on what exactly u mean by “nature.” Is it the Universe? Or is it the sum total of matter + energy in space and time? What is nature? How has it come into existence? Where is it headed? What are its characteristics?

        Pls do reply…It is the only thing that is missing….rest of it u hv covered.

        Thank you again for the book. The download link for the PDF does not seem to be working.

        Thanks again.


        1. I am very surprised and sad to read that the download links did not work for you. Please help me to learn what exactly happened to you when you tried to download. Which link did you try – Figshare, Academia, or Smashwords? It will be a disaster for me if anyone of the links does not work.

          Thank you for visiting the blog site and leaving your comments. I am sorry; my response is a bit long. Please take some time to read it.

          Thanks again for the questions. All of your questions are answered in some form in somewhere in the book, but it may be difficult to notice them. The biggest constraint of this book is that it has to cover too many subjects and within as few small-pages as possible. Let me try to answer your questions. I am sure they will never be satisfactory, because of the ambiguity of all languages. And moreover I am not a yogi, by any measure, and so I cannot read your mind. As described in Chapter-2 on Yogic Power, a yogi can read anybody’s mind to know precisely what the other person is thinking, without any ambiguity, and irrespective of the language differences. Feel free to ask more questions, if you are unsatisfied. Your questions will always enrich me.

          “…what exactly u mean by “nature.” Is it the Universe? Or is it the sum total of matter + energy in space and time? What is nature?” In Chapte-1 on Truth – there is the following statement – “All living and nonliving objects of nature are created by their own individual souls.” Thus nature is the collection of all living and non-living objects of the entire universe. Yes, nature is the universe. However, Chapter-1 also has a sentence – “We will see, in the soul theory chapter, that there is a subtle difference between souls and nature.” Chapter-10 is on Soul Theory.

          In my mind energy is the property of an object. It is not noun, it is an adjective. I do not think energy can exist without a source. Light energy comes from sun or from a lamp. Electromagnetic radiation energy comes from sun, earth, galaxies etc. Thus universe is some total of all matters – with a caveat, I should probably use the word objects instead of matters. The soul is not a matter.

          “How has it come into existence? Where is it headed? What are its characteristics?” – Again briefly, “All living and nonliving objects of nature are created by their own individual souls.” Thus it exists because of the desire of the souls, which created them. The proofs of – creation by souls – are given independently in three chapters: Chapter-2 on Yogic Power, Chapter-5 on Reincarnation, and Chapter-9 on Destiny.

          The theory behind these questions is described in details in Chapter-10 on Soul Theory, which is also known as Samkhya Theory, and is a part of Vedas. Nobody can explain Vedic theory; whatever is written is all we have. All explanations will most likely be wrong. However, if you can acquire divine vision, using yogic meditation, you will be able to see, using your own eyes, all truths of the universe, which is nothing but Veda. This is what Arjun saw when Krishna gave him the divine vision. It is the same thing that Sanjoy also saw when Vyasdev gave him the divine vision.

          I have tried to expand the answers in Chapter-10 on internet, in response to many questions like yours. I will try briefly again here. But please take some time to read Chapter-10. Every human being should read this chapter. Gita says this subject has the highest knowledge in the universe.

          “How has it come into existence?” – It was always there in its core form, which is essentially empty for ordinary human beings. However, a yogi can see that the universe has two types of objects – Root cause (Soul) and Root material. Both are invisible particles for us. Just like the entire environment of the earth is filled with Oxygen and Nitrogen gas molecules, similarly the entire universe is filled with Root cause (soul) and Root Material.

          “Where is it headed?” – Every object in the universe obeys a basic law – birth, maturity, and death process. So objects are born just like humans, – sun, galaxies etc. and then they mature, and eventually die. There is a concept called Maha-Prolay. I do not think I have seen its description as a verse in Vedas, I admit I did not investigate it carefully. But scientifically Maha-Prolay appears meaningful to me. This says periodically universe will become empty again and again, to come back to its core form.

          “What are its characteristics?” – Precisely same for all objects, in one sense. (1) Acquire knowledge to find truth, and (2) Help others to do the same. That is, remain eternally recurrent, as described in Chapter-9 on Destiny.


          1. I also look at the universe having two different types of existences, mortal and immortal existences. The soul however is of mortal and immortal existence, this is until it becomes fixated to mortal existences, this usually occurs when bad karma isn’t dealt with.

            Bad karma doesn’t have to mean that one is destructive either, it can mean our souls predominantly exist to solely exist in mortal existences, this however can become destructive, this reality is a prime example of this I believe. The souls natural state is a balance of mortal and immortal existences, many religions I believe have tried to give us this balance, this is until the people of these religion also become fixated to mortal existences.

            Soul = mortal and the immortal + ego
            Spirit = the immortal with no ego

            This spirit is what many people call God, it’s pure consciousness without any expressions of this consciousness, only through the soul can this consciousness become expressed I believe.


            1. Hi Mathew,

              Thank you for your interests, visiting the site, and helping me with your thoughts. I am not sure about your definitions of mortal and immortal. But there is a similar concept that I am aware of, which I copy from this book. It is related to liberation or moksha (in Sanskrit).

              Most Indians believe that Krishna is God. But here is a verse in Gita that says Krishna reincarnates just like humans and therefore he cannot be God.

              To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I Myself appear, millennium after millennium.

              Thus Krishna is mortal. There are other verses in Gita which say that Krishna came to this earth many times in the past. Gita says you can become egoless. Krishna is such an egoless person. But he is still not God. Nowhere in Gita will you find a verse that claims Krishna is God. Thus nobody can be immortal.

              Here is a verse from Samkhya, which is part of Veda. Gita says Samkhya has the highest level of knowledge. This verse says how creation happens.

              [SK, 21]
              For the exhibition of nature to the Spirit and for the emancipation of the Spirit, (there is conjunction between the Spirit and Nature) like the union between the lame and the blind; from this conjunction proceeds creation.

              Spirit is the soul, and nature is the root material. They join together to create a human being. Thus God did not create us. Our individual souls have created us. This verse is also proven, by three independent approaches, from direct observation of examples from Reincarnation, Yogic power, or Destiny.

              Truth can be found in two ways: (1) Observing the demonstrations given by nature, just like Galileo did, or (2) By seeing using your own eyes, once you acquire divine vision, via yogic meditation.

              Veda is a documentation of the second type of observations of nature. Reincarnation was detected by such yogis in the past, and is described in Samkhya, which is a part of Veda. However, today anybody can observe reincarnation using the first type of observation, because of technology.

              Thus a high level yogi, who is always egoless, is very powerful, and may be considered as god. But he is not the creator of the universe. He reincarnates for eternity, and is guided by the destiny, just like all others.

              Best Regards,


          2. Subhendu Da …Thank you so much for the exhaustive reply…

            Obviously u being an ex IIT alumni….u r a buddhi jeevi…..Amongst the human species this is an achievement for a human being in India…..and I salute u for this achievement…..in a manner of speaking in vedic lore…u may be termed something like a deva …..

            I guess we hv met at the Isha blog earlier…..I am not a follower of Isha and neither have i been to their courses….I am just looking around…..u may term it a very basic step of seeking…..

            Yes, u are correct, I havent read ur book end to end but just surfed through the pages…. but surely it is a great piece of work…..Had it been 3000 or 2000 or 1000 BC and u had penned this book in Sanskrit in verse form …then it would hv probably been a part of the Vedic literature….

            I just wanted to make some basic concept clear about nature and all its characteristics….and u hv made the concepts clear…..

            I just hv a request to make….if u take it kindly…

            Vedic Science and literature is exhaustive and it has space for all kinds of concepts including Atman, Parmatman, Bhagavan, Vaikuntha, Advaita, Dwaita and its other subversions, bhakti, karma, jnana, kriya….and so on and so on….

            Within vedic science there are multiple paths to acquire knowledge and find truth and help others do the same…..All of them work in different ways for different people…..and there are so many masters practicing and helping others to practice their Sadhana in different ways…..

            My only request is that let us respect all the paths and keep our minds open……

            This is because many a times i find that within the Vedic School itself there is so much bad blood….My basic experience is that followers of one path keep criticizing the master and followers of another path though they are all within the umbrella of Vedic Science……This is not good and will not help the cause of Vedic Science….. Of course, there are MANY FRAUDS PREACHING IN THE NAME OF VEDAS which naturally over time will be exposed….No need to worry over them….

            Thank you again for sharing with the human species ur thoughts through this book and wish u all the best in ur seeking….

            Liked by 1 person

            1. “…u may be termed something like a deva …..” If you think carefully, you will realize that I have not done anything new here in the book. Everything written was already there in the literature. It is law of nature: ‘Non-existent cannot become existent.’ I just collated and delivered them like a messenger.

              Truth comes only from very high level yogis who acquired divine vision, like Krishna, Vyasdev, Balmiki etc. Thus very few of Vedic literature are really Vedic. What we read, which path we will take is guided by our destiny. The destiny comes from another law of nature: ‘All objects in the universe are continuously and simultaneously interactive with each other.’ Thus if anything moves everything moves. This togetherness defines our life. So what you will read, what path you will take, are all predefined for you.

              “…My basic experience is that followers of one path keep criticizing the master and followers of another path though they are all within the umbrella of Vedic Science……” This happens because of our ignorance, and it is a part of our learning process. Without such criticisms we cannot learn. Unless we see the dark side we cannot recognize the light. However, truth is unique and universal, because it comes from the laws of nature. Laws of nature cannot contradict each other. Veda describes these laws – reincarnation, destiny, yogic power, soul theory – are all laws of nature.

              “.. acquire knowledge and find truth and help others do the same..” I probably did not state it correctly. It is related to liberation or mokhsha. “help others” does not mean I teach them. Samkhya has a magical description of this process. It also comes from the above simultaneity law. I go to my corporation, because I have a specific assignment there. I also go because others need me in their work. My work must integrate properly with their works for the creation of the final product that the corporation manufactures.

              If you stand near the ocean and watch it for some time, you will slowly realize that the ocean is teaching you. If you hold a flower and watch it very carefully for some time, you will see that the flower is teaching you. You and I are no exceptions in this universe; we are also part of nature. You like it or not, we are always connected to each other via our souls and giving lessons to each other all the time. This is a part of our liberation process.

              Best Regards, Subhendu

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            1. Nobody chooses destiny, we do not have freewill. Destiny and freewill are contradictory concepts also. Where you will be born, how you will live, for all reincarnations, are already defined. Reincarnations can also be predicted by high level yogis. See examples in yogic power chapter and also in the destiny chapter.

              But there is a well known example, where a father told his son that he will be born as his son. This is same as predicting destiny by ordinary people. Just because our yogic powers are hidden does not really mean that we are all ordinary people. We are souls and therefore we all have yogic powers.


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