3D: Implementing MLE

7. Implementing MLE

MLE does not mean everybody will become poor or equal. It is not socialism. Socialism uses money, but MLE does not. In MLE if anyone wants to have a corporate jet, he can have it, because it will be free. If someone wants to live in a big house, he can hire a contractor who will build it for him, because it is free. Thus a person can still maintain the life style he wants.

The owners of CB will not lose their lifestyle, except the power to control the world. However, if you think carefully, nobody really controls anyone even under capitalism. Eventually, everybody will die and cannot take anything with her, not even the controlling power, fame, joy, and sorrow.

At present, under capitalism, ordinary persons are suppressed and cannot be freed from the control of money power. In the history of the world the suppressed community never was able to free themselves from the suppressor. Gandhi created a major organized non-violent non-cooperation movement in India but still could not free India from British Imperialism.

It took WWII, and a person like Hitler, to free all the colonies of Africa and Asia. US presidential candidate [Buchanan, 2008, p. 295] said in his book “As it was, Britain was dragged into an unnecessary war, which cost her nearly 400,000 dead, bankruptcy, and the dissolution of the British Empire”. The same thing happened to African American slaves of USA, Africans of South Africa, etc. Thus a bigger power from the suppressor community must intervene to rescue the suppressed people of the world. The Arab Spring movement during 2009-2011 also required help from the western powers to make them successful.

It is possible that all people with money power will strongly enforce their strength to oppose any implementation of MLE. This includes use of military, police, media, CIA, FBI, and intellectuals. The situation will be just like 99% Occupy movement, which failed because no bigger power came to support them.

But we must understand that the bigger power will always come in some form, because that is a law of nature. This law says that everything in nature must obey the death process. This bigger power will begin the death process. This power will not come until the environment becomes ready. Thus many movements like, that of Gandhi, Slave Freedom, Arab Spring, Occupy etc. must be maintained for the gradual evolution and reincarnation of the bigger power.


International Monetary Fund (IMF) can and should play an important role in implementing MLE in a test country. Take lot of money, select an appropriate country, and basically buy it to test the MLE experimentation on a small scale. This country could be Greece, any African nation like Libya, or a state in USA like California.

In the first phase, select a vast area of agricultural land and bring people there to work for free. IMF will invest free money from CB to buy the land for the people. It will then hire free, people to do agricultural work on this land. Those who will work free will get free food and free homes to live. There will be no paid employees.

IMF will then buy another large land near the above agricultural land to build houses to be given free to all the people who will be working free for housing and agricultural projects. This housing may be given free to owners in exchange of their land, if acceptable to owners. The houses should be beautiful, spacious, well equipped, and furnished. The country men should feel proud of possessing them.

IMF will import building materials for the housing complex. The houses will not be wooden houses as in USA, but will be built using fire proof material. The design will be earthquake proof also. Each house must last for at least 100 years and should survive earthquake, flood, tornado, and all other kinds of natural disasters.

Next, IMF will buy another vast area of land surrounding the above agricultural and residential areas to install large scale solar and wind power systems. Most of the heavy equipment for agriculture will be run by electricity. There will be almost no gasoline or oil for any transportation and agricultural activity.

From every house at least one person must work full time and for free. If there are no kids in a family and if both want to work then both will get jobs. If there are no kids then one of them will be allowed to take care of the home and the yards. The house, lawns, trees, and plants must be well maintained, nicely painted, and clean. On the other hand if they have kids then one of the parents must take care of the kids, but will get free food and home to stay.

IMF will also build grocery stores. It will mostly get its vegetables from its own farmlands. Some minimally required other grocery items will be imported and will be provided free to all the people who are working in the projects and living in the house, until the time of self sufficiency.

In the next phase, the IMF will copy and paste this project to create a similar project in another part of the same country. This time of course they will diversify the agricultural products in the land. IMF will buy road building materials and machineries and hire large number of workers free to build a frame work for road transportation. All vehicles will be electric vehicles. No gasoline will be used. More solar and wind power plants will be installed all around the country. IMF will bring the technology and build the infrastructure, all for free. There will be no financial institutions and banks. There will be no money. Everything will be implemented by local people and IMF will manage from distance only, without any direct supervision.

The basic approach in building the nation using MLE will be incremental. A large scale project will not be started. Every small project must be tested thoroughly, once it is designed. Lessons learned must be carefully documented and modified for implementing in the next small scale project.

Few objectives should be very clear – (a) no destruction of environment (b) no nuclear technology (c) all energy must be from renewable sources (d) no import of labor from foreign nations (e) everything should be free and donated by appropriate countries (g) IMF will provide the entire funding whenever it will be needed (h) all labor will be free (i) all food and housing will be free and will follow the MLE design described before.

Private Funding for MLE

The method described under IMF and MLE subsection can be used by private funding sources also. There are people who donate large sum of money – like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Together they have donated more than 50 Billion US dollars. Such a fund can be created to implement MLE in their own way if they want or using the plan described in this chapter.

But care should be taken so that profit motive of capitalism cannot enter in any hidden form. People may also sabotage the idea of MLE that also should be carefully managed. Best approach will be to let the local people decide how to build the system in their own country. No foreign intervention, physically or economically, should be allowed. It may backfire by the long hand of money power.

MLE by Functions

MLE can also be implemented by different functions of government. For example government can implement MLE for only the entire education system. Education from KG to Ph.D. level will be free for all students. All teachers will work free and will get everything free also. Complete housing for teachers and students will be free. All services and maintenance for university campuses will be free. This way students and teachers will be free from the money power and its all influences. But this function should be implemented for the entire nation. Local implementation will always be influenced by the corrupting characteristics of the money power. Idea of MLE is to avoid such influence.

MLE by Individuals

MLE can be gradually implemented by individuals also. Suppose you take a job in an apartment complex for free, and in return you convince that the apartment owner to give you a two-bed room apartment as rental for free. This way you work free and get your shelter for free.

You can now bring in your spouse or a friend to live with you and share your free apartment for free. This friend then gets a job in a local grocery store for free in exchange for free food for two. This way two of you can live together for free work and get free food and shelter.

The process can be extended to other businesses. Observe that this is not a complete MLE. It is MLE for you and your friend. However, if the owner owns the apartment completely, that is, if the owner has paid off the mortgage for the apartment, then it will be a complete MLE. If a corporation owns a housing complex then people can live free there and work free in that corporation. Thus a business and a group of local people can implement a local MLE.

8. One World with MLE

In the human soul world we have the true one world concept. In such a world, a human soul can take birth in any country, in any religion, with any race. There are no earthly boundaries for any human soul. This is a very ideal and desirable feature for all of us. This happens because of the reincarnation law of nature as described in this book. You probably know that reincarnation was in Bible at one time, and was removed later.

For many generations, powerful influential people in the financial world were thinking about such a physical one world concept for living humans, not just for human souls. Such an objective was stated in the history book [Quigley, 1966, p324] in the following way:

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”

The formation of European Union (EU) can be considered as a major success story towards this goal. But it required two world wars, deaths of millions of people, creation of weapons that can destroy the world many times over. We can now see the progress of such an effort in the Muslim world.

EU is a collection of old countries, like Germany, France, Italy, etc. with no borders among them. People can travel in the entire EU as one nation. They have only one currency, called Euro. Once we convert this currency to digital currency then MLE can be implemented seamlessly.

This digital electronic currency card can be used as the MLE card, with numbers replaced by Yes or No depending on whether we worked full time or not, as discussed earlier. Thus a border-less world with an electronic ID card is the direct path for MLE. The Central Bank (CB) can and should take this path to implement MLE as quickly as possible.

As we have analyzed in this blog site that such one world concept can be achieved without any kind of money. Removing money from the economy can create the best system for one world order, just the way it is in the human soul world. The money-less economy (MLE) will allow people to move and live in any part of the world without any physical, financial, and social constrains, without going through any wars, poverty, migration, terrorism, and racism. We can see from its design that the MLE can truly bring heaven on earth.

9. Conclusions 

Moneyless Economy (MLE) is the natural economy; it will eliminate poverty, hunger, and many diseases. It will eliminate corruptions and wars. Make life simpler and harmonious with nature. It will eliminate borders among countries.      It may also encourage stronger bond for coherent groups of people.

Society will thrive; education will be real and seek for truth instead of avoiding it. All religions will merge. More yogis will be created; many problems of life will be solved by yogic powers and yogic meditations. People will learn to listen to their souls. People will live longer with almost no sicknesses. There will be no environmental pollutions. In MLE, no matter what life style you follow, miracles of nature, wonders of life will happen to you. It is happening silently even now, but you will be drawn to them, or they will come to you.

It is difficult to imagine MLE implementation in view of the demonic force of money power. The only hope is that every system must die and death will come violently. Never in the history of the world suppressed community have been freed from the suppressor voluntarily without any kind of war. Thus violence will come; millions will die, for the benefit of greater number of people. But death does not remove the soul; they will come back and enjoy the better life, they helped to create the MLE in their previous life.


Please visit the blog site on Moneyless Economy maintained by this same author.

You may also want to download the peer reviewed published paper on Moneyless Economy by this author.




    1. The video that you have referred to – http://learn.kabbalah.com/power-kabbalah-3
      is very good. Everything he said is correct. I called it the simultaneity law in the first chapter on Truth.

      However, there is one catch. He does not believe in destiny. We are all guided by a global destiny, described in the destiny chapter of my book. We do not have freewill.

      Destiny comes automatically that he did not realize. When we are simultaneously, globally connected, we automatically lose our freedom. I cannot move, if I do then I will affect everybody else, because we are connected. There is a figure in chapter-1 describing this connection. German philosopher Nietzsche said the same thing. We are completely helpless. This is like our solar system. The earth cannot go anywhere, because it is globally connected with sun and other planets and the galaxy. The same is true for all of us.

      There are trillions of stars in the sky, but not a single one can move. They all have souls. Same is true for all the seven billion people on earth. Sometimes this makes me think that there must be one god who controls all of us, who created this global plan. But that cannot be correct; there is no proof of such a concept.


      1. I look at past human history as being a must for us to evolve, if our history was different to what it was, we wouldn’t evolve as we are, history is predestined but the future isn’t until it becomes the past. This might not make sense, how can the future not be predetermined within it’s fate but the past is?

        It’s all to do with the present moment, no other moment but the present determines our destiny making the past predetermined by the present. You would think the past effects our future predetermining out future but it doesn’t; it’s how we react to the past at present that effects our future. You would think the present moment would predetermine the future making everything predetermined but it doesn’t because it becomes the past in a flash thus no longer predetermining our future.

        The present = timelessness + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness)

        Past and future = time + man’s consciousness

        The question is now, isn’t everything predetermined in timeliness, if this timelessness is always in the present, isn’t everything including the future predetermined by this timelessness?

        In time this present moment of timelessness is fleeting, it’s over in a flash but in timelessness it’s always in the present , it’s never of the past or the future therefore in timeliness nothing is predetermined because there is no past or future. This doesn’t seem to follow the laws of nature but it does.

        Let’s look at the sun, it has a predetermined outcome like we all do, it’s fate has always been predetermined but what are we looking at here when we are looking at the sun, are we seeing it as just as a sun and not just an energy form ? When does the sun cease being an energy form of some kind? It doesn’t but as an actual sun it does but only in time, the sun was never what we perceived it was in timelessness, it’s just pure conscious energy in timelessness, it has no destiny because it has no form until this energy become a part of time.

        It’s how we look at everything that determines what we perceive. The sun is just a sun to us, we only see it as a sun and not just an energy form so in this case the sun has a predetermined fate, this is in time. Now look at this in a different way, see the sun as just pure energy nothing else, it has no past and no future because you can’t destroy energy, you can change it but it’s still energy no matter what we change it too. This is timelessness; this is reprograming our mentality to perceive differently to what we are conditioned to think which is just in time. Once we start changing our mentality to accept timeliness, we will realise nothing is really predetermined. In time it’s predetermined but not in timelessness, God’s consciousness.

        Much Blessings,


        1. I have to read the Wiki site reference that you have provided to understand your concept of timelessness.
          Please give me some time until I do that. I will get back to you on this subject after that.


  1. The law of man defines that only an adjective with a corresponding noun can exist in a physical reality however I believe consciousness itself doesn’t have these barriers. To answer your question yes, pure consciousness doesn’t have boundaries to contend with but man’s laws do which hinder man perceiving past he’s laws.

    Zero time is a difficult one to perceive and I’m certain I don’t perceive zero time to any great extent; I will however try to explain how one perceives eternity in zero time.

    Because our mentality is conditioned to only perceive in time, we are unable to perceive eternity existing within zero time, this is because to us eternity is perceived as being of time and if it’s of time how could it be of zero time? Our conditioned mentality of time is unable to thoroughly understand timeliness.

    It is obvious man’s mathematics doesn’t agree with me, you times zero by zero what do you get? You get zero therefore it’s not infinite; the problem with this is we use mathematics in relation to time, what would happen if we used this same mathematics in timelessness? We now must remember here we are not looking for volume or distance; there is no time or space to give us volume or distance, man’s mathematics just doesn’t work in timelessness, it becomes flawed or wrong.

    Now in timelessness times zero with zero, what do you get remembering we are not looking for volume or distance? Zero times zero becomes infinite; anything that has no starting point or ending point becomes infinite in timelessness. Zero in this case becomes infinity even though human mentality can’t perceive this while he has the mentality of time and not timelessness. It’s all to do with our mentality in how we perceive and evaluate.

    Why don’t I think individual souls are eternal? To become individual you have to be of time which is fragmented consciousness (duality), individual souls for this reason can only be of time and anything of time isn’t eternal in nature. Souls are fragmented consciousness that is why they are individual in nature. What happens to souls that enter into a timeless state of consciousness, this pure consciousness? Because there is no volume or distance in timelessness, it can no longer be individual; it merges with this pure consciousness quite automatically. If you like it becomes one with God again.

    You are talking about destroying energy, you can’t destroy energy as you know, you can change it but no matter what you change it too it’s still energy, does this mean all energy is eternal? Yes but we are just talking about energy here not a particular energy form like the soul, the soul itself changes as it evolves but it still stays as a soul until it becomes part of timeliness again, once it does this it changes form completely, it’s no longer an individual form, this is a massive change but the soul is still energy no matter what it changes too. In this sense the soul is always eternal even though it’s no longer an individual.

    The soul is that powerful, so to speak, it doesn’t have to stay in a soul form, it can change itself into whatever it wants once it becomes aware of itself, aware of it’s initial beginnings in timelessness. This is not easy because it takes us to change our mentality from time to timelessness, from zero time to being of eternity, this is not easy.

    The soul is consciousness, it can change into whatever it wants, it doesn’t have to stay as a soul.

    Much Blessings,


    1. You are presenting a very interesting and complex theory, which I cannot comprehend. However to understand it, I must have a book or some research publications on the subject which I can read carefully and then discuss with you. Can you suggest some references? or some URL on the internet?

      Are you talking from quantum mechanics or from Bible? Is there any example from anywhere? Is there any proof of any kind about your theory? I believe nature gives proofs of its all laws. But your theory seems not to obey laws of nature. But then there must be some kind of revelation by many yogis of the world.

      Is there any school of thoughts on your theory. Please let me know, I am very curious to know where you are coming from.

      There is an Indian belief system, which I told you before as item (b), where human souls are part of one soul (god). And eventually this human soul merges with that one soul (god). But there is no support of such a theory from Vedas, and in fact this belief system contradicts Vedas. In a chapter on Soul Theory, I have described this part of Vedas, which says there is no one soul. This chapter describes the Vedic theory of creation. If you acquire yogic power, you will be able to see it. And also, all of Vedas appears as proof from nature.


      1. Like I said, I’m not educated or well read, a lot of what I write about comes through me as feelings, there not actual theories but feelings.

        This pure consciousness I talk about in timelessness, God’s soul so to speak, is in line with most religions of there being a creator of some kind, this means my feelings are substituted to some degree by ancient texts. Sorry but I can’t give you any reference to what I am talking about here especially in regards to timeliness, this is still to be documented I believe.

        There isn’t one soul but there is, it’s very hard for me to explain, I’m not even a spiritualist of any kind and I’m not well read on spiritual awareness. You are right in the sense that these souls are eternal because in timeliness they have always existed but not in time.

        They are one with this pure consciousness, God if you like, they are not separate in this oneness state, it’s really one soul however time has also always existed and so have the souls to these realties of time as these realties have always existed. However these souls have only existed as pure consciousness at one with God, only through time have souls and realities been created through this pure consciousness.

        Souls and realties have always existed but only at one with this pure consciousness, this un-fragmented consciousness.

        Pure consciousness = timelessness + oneness + non-duality + awareness

        Fragmented consciousness = time + individuality + duality + ignorance

        Both these to me represent nature however one is in a pure form and the other in a not so pure form, one is of awareness the other of ignorance. You seem to be talking about one aspect of nature and I’m talking about the other, you seem to be talking more about the fragmented consciousness than I.

        I’m sort of in line Kabbalah not that I have read a lot about it but what I have read I seem to feel.


        “Traditional practitioners believe its earliest origins pre-date world religions, forming the primordial blueprint for Creation’s philosophies, religions, sciences, arts, and political systems.”

        What I think this is talking about is the antediluvian period, a period before yogis in a certain sense. Yogic principals existed within this period but it wasn’t called yogi.

        Much Blessings,

        PS By the way I’m not Jewish.


        1. You have expressed yourself very nicely. It is a very good response. Thank you. Specifically, it was very clear when you wrote
          Pure consciousness = timelessness + oneness + non-duality + awareness
          Fragmented consciousness = time + individuality + duality + ignorance

          Duality and non-duality is a non-issue for me. I know about this subject from the view points of Indian philosophers. I consider ignorance is there in both groups. It was an unnecessary philosophical creation. In my opinion none of them read the original Samkhya Theory of Veda, which is the chapter on Soul Theory in my book.

          I have discussed collapse of space and time in yogic power chapter and have given some examples also. In one example a Yogi in Tibet, collects information about the health of a mother living in Germany in a moment and gives it to her worried son living in Tibet. Two weeks later the son receives mother’s letter describing exactly the same thing that the Tibetan Yogi retrieved using his yogic power. Here we see space did not matter, the distance between Tibet and Germany collapsed to zero. In the same way you can see there was no language barrier too. Information is stored in nature in abstract form or in some universal language. Anyone can create some dual-non-dual theory over this language description also. Note that in this example we can say time also collapsed to zero, because the information was collected instantaneously, almost in no time.

          In another example from the book, Swami Rama was in Tibet with his grand guru (guru’s guru). The guru brought Swami Rama’s notebook within a moment from India to Tibet. Thus we can see physical transportation happened form one place to another place, collapsing space and time both. Note that a physical object itself moved. Here again one can also create a dual-non-dual theory for physical objects vanishing and then reappearing.

          A third example from the book shows a Yogi created a beautiful golden palace in the Himalayan forest, and once it served its purpose, he made it to vanish within moments. Creation of real physical objects out of nothing and vanishing them to nothingness is a trivial job for high level yogis. There are ample of such stories in Vedas.

          In one sense modern technology has implemented this physical transportation. You give a file to a computer in Los Angeles, and a 3D printer will produce the product instantly in Brisbane. There is no need to explain how things happen in nature. Our science has never answered any such natural phenomenon. Engineers do not ask how it happens; they just tweak things to make it happen exactly the way they want. None of these yogis know how they do it. It just happens to them. A yogi can cure any person from any kind of sickness, he does not know how he does it, doctors cannot explain, but it happens. Yogis are like engineers, do not know how things work, but always can make them happen. Wherever they go, entire air surrounding them fills with beautiful fragrance of flowers.

          I have told you before; one god idea is there among many Indian philosophers. In my opinion they are all ignorant and have not read Veda. They have not defined god, but still analyze god. Surprisingly, I have learnt about many Indian philosophers, scholars, professors of religion, religious men who do not believe in reincarnation. This is same as in Physics, none of the university professors know that Newton’s first law is wrong, but 1% knows, as I have shown in chapter 1. All theories must come with proofs from nature, otherwise they are not theories.

          Most of these new Indian theories are result of colonial rule by Muslims and then Christians. During that period Hindus suffered from confusions, ignorance, and desire to please the rulers and acquire wealth from their support. It was economics behind all these theories all the time, up to the present days, in all countries. Unless we switch to moneyless economy, people will not be able to see the truth. Just like life cannot be understood without the knowledge of soul, similarly life cannot be understood also without the knowledge of central bank, another chapter in the book. Truth from 1% population to 99% population will never spread. Galileo will remain in jail.

          I will read the Kabbalah theory and find out the details, sometime soon. But as I read little bit, Jews people are divided on it. So it seems ignorance is there too. Whenever the truth is not unique and universal, it is covered with ignorance.


          1. I like the way you have related everything in your book to real life not this make believe life of ignorance even though I don’t quite totally concur with everything in the book, I love what you have written here especially so far. This needed to be written in the way you have wrote it, to me it’s an important book, if one wants it, it will take them out of their own ignorance.

            I’ve read the rest of your reply and I concur to one degree or another. What you seem to be producing here is a totally different mentality to what we are conditioned too, this is a big step for us to take and many will fight against it even when they know it’s going to produce a far better existence. Our present mentality is like a safety blanket, it has many wholes in it but it still makes us feel relatively safe to a something else we know little about. You are telling people in your book about this new mentality, making them aware of it so they will throw away their safety blanket, their old mentality.

            This is just a psychological and philosophical view that I have of your book, would you concur with this Subhendu? This book is probably more important than you think……

            Much Blessings,


            1. Thank you for great comments. I did not do anything. It was all done by others. I just put them together. All the ideas came from the 1% community.


        2. I do not see timelessness in the wiki article on Kabbalah http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabbalah. A search does not show the term timelessness.

          But from another article I learnt that Kabbalah believes in Yogis and Yogic power. To me that is a very good surprise. But these people are afraid of propagating this knowledge. Existence of Kabbalah knowledge proves that at one time Vedas were known all over the world. Again, I consider money power is playing the obstacle. I must thank you for mentioning the name Kabbalah to me.

          As I have mentioned in the book it is the money power that forced the removal of reincarnation from Bible – Reincarnation Chapter.

          Concept of destiny goes against money power too. Money power propagates the idea that – you have freewill, so that we should be engaged in profiting, which means cheating – Central Bank Chapter.

          Truth cannot come unless we introduce Moneyless Economy.


          1. It wasn’t meant to show any relevance to timelessness, it was only to show were I am coming from as a whole. I haven’t studied the Kabbalah to any great extent however what I have studied seems in line with my own views and even your views it would seem.

            This God’s consciousness has always existed, this is in line with what you say about souls are eternal, if it’s eternal it’s of timelessness. The problem with us is we are unable to think in timeliness and timelessness is all about awareness.

            I recently wrote a post titled the now within the present, I used the following illustrations to explain myself better.

            Present moment = timelessness + now + God’s consciousness (pure consciousness) + oneness + non-duality + awareness

            Present moment = time +past and future + man’s consciousness +individuality + duality + ignorance + ego

            This shows by living in the present moment, we can be in both timelessness and time instead of just living in the now, which is of timeliness, or the past and future, which is of time. I also wrote at the end of the post, ” It’s all God’s consciousness, we should not ignore one over and above the other for only in ignorance can we destroy.”

            Yes, money is representative of corruption and has certainly endorsed the teachings of ignorance instead of awareness and yes it has taken away our free will but it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, a moneyless society will certainly help us become more aware. Money is representative of ignorance, my point is money is still of this God’s consciousness it’s just like anything to do with ignorance, we abuse it. This is like the Lion and the antelope, the lion doesn’t kill all the antelopes it can to accumulate as many antelopes as possible, it kills when in need not in desire. Man would kill all the antelopes if he was the lion, this is man’s mentality and this is what you and people like you are trying to change or at least trying to make people aware of.

            You were right about our lives being predestined and that we had very little free will, the yogis of that time would have seen this however I do believe things are changing. The more aware we become the more free will we will be expressive of, a moneyless society is a good example of this, money keeps us ignorant especially in the way we use it.

            I should also point out, most of what I write comes from and through me, a lot of it doesn’t come from books or other teachings of man, the examples of the lion and the antelope and only through ignorance can we destroy, comes from me so don’t take it seriously. What I learnt in my time in ancient Egypt I learnt from other sources, I suppose in a sense I’m still doing that. I don’t think much of man’s knowledge, it’s been way too influenced by ignorance way too long.

            Much Blessings’


            1. Yogic Power in Kabbalah, Copied from – http://www.jewfaq.org/kabbalah.htm
              “I do not mean to suggest that magic is not a part of Kabbalah. There are certainly many traditional Jewish stories that involve the use of hidden knowledge to affect the world in ways that could be described as magic. The Talmud and other sources ascribe supernatural activities to many great rabbis. Some rabbis pronounced a name of G-d and ascended into heaven to consult with the G-d and the angels on issues of great public concern. One scholar is said to have created an artificial man by reciting various names of G-d. Much later stories tell of a rabbi who created a man out of clay (a golem) and brought it to life by putting in its mouth a piece of paper with a name of G-d on it. However, this area of Kabbalah (if indeed it is more than mere legend) is not something that is practiced by the average Jew, or even the average rabbi. There are a number of stories that discourage the pursuit of such knowledge and power as dangerous and irresponsible. If you see any books on the subject of “practical kabbalah,” you can safely dismiss them as not authentic Jewish tradition because, as these stories demonstrate, this kind of knowledge was traditionally thought to be far too dangerous to be distributed blindly to the masses.”

              Everything here is very much in tune with Vedic theory. The paragraph justifies that Vedas and Yogic Powers were all known at one time to the entire world. I saw many such documents in the Christian world also. Levitation, for example, a common case for many Catholic Saints.


              1. I have a good friend who is right into yoga in all it’s aspects, not just the physical exercise side of it, we do have some interesting conversations. My wife and I not too recently bought her a bhagavad gita book.

                The principles of yoga and the kabbalah are very simular in a lot of aspects it would seem, it’s quite interesting actually.

                We are becoming a lot more aware and starting to release ourselves from the bondage of ignorance.

                This is why it’s quite important in what you have written here, OK you have only collated it but in my mind you have done it quite well my friend, you have put it into a different perspective, this is simular to what I do except I use philosophy and psychology.

                Much Blessings,


  2. Very well documented Subhendu, we won’t be actually working for ourselves but the collective, we will indeed want to not have to work for the collective as well, that is going to be the biggest change.

    This is going to be like living for our souls not our individual selves, we will see one life being lived not many lives lived. Our mentality is going to change completely with a new program, as you said, that is more about the truth not avoiding the truth.

    I’m enjoying reading not just what you write but how you write what you write.

    Much Blessings



    1. Mat,
      Thank you, you are always very graceful. But I do not do anything, there is no I, I am the soul. Everything is done by our souls. In the soul theory chapter, the idea is elaborated thoroughly, hopefully.

      I am handicapped by my English; my English language background is very poor.

      I am glad that you liked the chapter. Best regards, Subhendu.


      1. There is an (I) as there is only one consciousness, it’s hard to perceive this but there is really only an (I). The human perception can’t perceive an (I) unless it’s in reference to the individual human self, it can’t perceive that everything of nature is one thing, one consciousness (I). We look at a rock and we perceive it’s separate to us but it’s not, we look at another person and we perceive the differences but there’s really no difference because everything is of the (I) one consciousness.

        Everything is of nature, how many natures are there? There is only one as in (I) and we are all this one nature. Don’t be fooled to think we are any different to a rock, were not, the ego wants there to be a difference but there truly isn’t.

        You might find the following interesting, it’s to do with time and space or no time and space. I wrote about this some time ago, it’s nice to get confirmation of my feelings at times.


        Take away time and space and what do you have? The (I) which I call God’s consciousness, time and space gives us a false impression of who we truly are.

        Much Blessings,

        PS I think your English is better than mine and I only know English!!


        1. Very good point, and is quite well known point, including in Indian thoughts. Among other ideas, I have found the following popular ideas or definitions of god:

          (a) There is only one soul. Soul means consciousness. This same soul is inside every object. This is your theory. This soul is the god. Thus god is unique. It created the universe.
          (b) There is one soul, but the soul for every object is part of this soul. It is like ocean as one big soul, and we take one cup of water and create an object. That is there are trillions of souls, but they all come from single source, the ocean. We are part of god but not god, since we are not the whole.
          (c) Every object has a soul. All souls are different. No two souls are same. Each soul progresses in its own way through reincarnations. Our soul is our god; our soul is all powerful as you can imagine, as powerful as god. Thus there is no god. The yogic power chapter proves this definition of god. Thus god did not create the universe.

          Now, all three of them cannot be correct. For – “The truth is unique and universal, and must come from nature. Also, nature gives the proof of its truth, all the time.”

          In the book, I show that item (c) is correct and nature gives the proof of it. How does nature give such a proof? Two ways – (1) Reincarnation case examples, and (2) Very high level yogis, who have acquired the divine vision, can see this phenomenon, and have explained it thoroughly for us in ancient times. (3) If you acquire such yogic power, you will also be able to verify this truth as explained in Yogic Power chapter.


          1. G’day Subhendu

            I’ve never pictured it as one soul but yes for sure, separate souls are of time and space, in states of no time and space there can only be one soul, I couldn’t agree more. It is funny but I never really looked at it this way, thank you Subhendu.

            When we perceive in time and space, (c) is correct but once we go out of time and space (a) and (b) are more plausible.

            Reincarnation is created by time and space, you can’t have reincarnation in timelessness because there is no beginning or end, reincarnation needs time and space to exist but do souls?

            Souls as opposed to soul, needs time to exist but a soul doesn’t. What I am saying is everything has come from one soul, one consciousness. So why separate this one soul in timelessness into numerous other souls in time? So that consciousness itself can become aware of itself through experiencing itself in it’s many forms. This consciousness is experiencing itself in every way possible.

            In Buddhism they don’t believe in a God, I’m not talking about a God myself as such but a consciousness which a lot of us perceive as a God. What is the definition of God? A supreme being, my point is a supreme being to what when all is one in timelessness, there is no true God but in time we perceive there is.

            My point is, in timelessness their is no reincarnation or God and that we have all evolved from this timelessness.

            This isn’t gospel Subhendu but it is plausible to me, it’s what I feel.

            Much Blessings,

            PS It’s great to converse with someone who isn’t abusive and who is open minded, I appreciate you a lot my friend.


            1. I think I will hold this discussion for now. Once you get time and look at the chapter on reincarnation, then we will revisit the subject. You take your time, let us discuss as we travel the path together.

              In my opinion, Buddha is correct. There is no god in Vedas also. Item (c) is the Vedic Theory, and is discussed in the book, in chapter on soul theory. But we discuss that later, after reincarnation theory.

              The next chapter in the book is law of conservation. It has little bit mathematics. But I am sure you will be able to capture the essence of it. I do not know how to create a version of the book that has no math and physics.

              Thank you for your patience and continued interest. Best Regards, Subhendu


            2. Hi Mat,
              Please look at the section on https://theoryofsouls.wordpress.com/category/b-ch2-yogis/2c-books-on-yogis/

              In Chapter-2 on Yogic Power, I have collected several examples to prove that we have full control over our individual souls. There are many such examples in public literature. These examples show that we all have separate individual souls. It will not be possible to explain all such cases using one single unified theory, other than the existence of individual soul.

              Death at will [Govinda, p. 168]
              It shows that a Yogi tells everybody that he will die today. He goes to meditation and leaves the body. This example requires that our soul must belong to us, and we can completely control it.

              Soul to Soul Communication
              This section shows that one soul can activate another soul and make it remember all its past lives. Here we see another soul has control over my own soul.

              Locating a Soul [Yogananda, pp. 297-302]
              In this case we see that one soul is calling another soul. It is just like one cell phone calling another cell phone. Such focused and directed control cannot be achieved if we had one common soul. In the case of common soul, if any one talks, everybody will hear.

              Predicting Incarnation [Rama, pp. 13-16]
              Here we see that one guru asks one soul to take birth in one specific family. The guru says to the family that a boy will be born to you, who will have a hole in the right ear.

              Living in a Dead Body [Rama, pp. 143-144]
              This is probably the most convincing example in support of individual soul concept. Here a person leaves his own old body, and then enters a new young dead body to continue rest of his life. Each soul has full control over every physical human body. The new body remembers the entire history and life style of the old man’s body. That means the same soul, it only changed the body.

              Resurrection of Bengali Baba [Rama, pp. 144-145]
              Here the guru leaves the body and dies. After two days, the disciples asked the guru to come back, and so does the guru. Again same soul remains in the body, with all same memory.

              Resurrection of a Bird [Brunton, pp. 195-196]
              Here we see that a Yogi, brings an arbitrary soul to enter the body of a dead bird. Thus souls are individual objects like human being and can be commanded to do anything we want, provided we become yogis.

              The entire chapter was created to show that nature proves its own following laws: (1) Humans have full control of its souls (2) Humans have separate souls, and (3) Human soul is all powerful and can do anything that you can imagine.

              Would you please try your logic, just for my own curiosity, to explain at least one of the items above, using one single soul theory?

              Best Regards, Subhendu


              1. G’day Subhendu

                I agree with you Subhendu, in time we have separate souls but in timelessness I don’t think we do, we become one with consciousness itself. This is what certain people call God but it’s not of course because God relates to a higher consciousness, there is no higher consciousness in this timeless state so how could there be a God.

                In our ignorant state of consciousness there seems to be a God. a higher consciousness, but there really isn’t, it’s all one consciousness. Individual souls gives us a sense of a God because we are ignorant of our true selves, once we become aware of a much more aware consciousness, we deem it as a God.

                In timelessness Subhendu you have no starting or ending point or creation so there are no individual souls, individual souls need a starting point of creation to exist so they can only exist in time not in timelessness.

                I call this timeless state God’s consciousness except there is no actual God just pure consciousness, one soul, total oneness.

                I think we will just have to disagree on this one, there are individual souls but only in time because to create a soul you need a starting point of creation. You have no starting or ending point of creation in timelessness, individual souls just can’t exist in this state without time, you need time to create souls.

                Much Blessings,


                1. You have written – “individual souls need a starting point of creation to exist so they can only exist in time not in timelessness.”

                  Let me probe this sentence little bit more to understand what you are trying to say. When a soul creates a body, that is the starting point for that event of creation of the body. But the soul always existed. The soul exists for infinite time. It was there before the creation of the body, it will be there during the life of the body, and it will also be there after the death of the body. Thus the soul exists for infinite time. Are you calling this as timelessness? What is your definition of timelessness – infinite time duration or zero time duration? Please give me an example of timelessness.


                  1. G’day Subhendu

                    I feel timelessness is of zero time, there is no starting or ending point.

                    Timelessness is of non-fragmented consciousness, this means this one consciousness isn’t fragmented, in other words there is only one soul in timelessness which is eternal in timelessness.

                    In time this consciousness is fragmented which gives us individual souls, these souls are individual but only in time for the main reason souls, like everything, is consciousness including our physical states.

                    Yes in a sense these souls are eternal but not in their individual forms. In timelessness everything has always existed so individual souls in time would also seem to be eternal because everything has always existed but it only seems that way.

                    In timelessness there is only pure consciousness, pure oneness, there are no individual forms of fragmented consciousness because this consciousness is whole, it’s not fragmented. If this consciousness isn’t fragmented, you therefore can’t have individual souls existing in timelessness so these individual souls are not eternal; they don’t and can’t have an infinite life span.

                    Individual souls are an indication of fragmented consciousness (duality), I feel duality can only exist in time and non-duality can only exist in timelessness. Timelessness only exists because of the existence of a whole consciousness, a consciousness of non-duality. Time on the other hand exists because of a fragmented consciousness, a consciousness of duality; this is the fragmentation of this pure consciousness which also creates physicality and individual souls.

                    Individual souls indicate fragmentation where’s one soul indicates wholeness, oneness.

                    Maybe I’m not meant to see it your way at the moment and maybe you’re not meant to see it my way at the moment which is the way it is my friend.

                    Much Blessings,


                    1. It appears that there is confusion with adjective and noun.

                      Timelessness, Consciousness, duality, energy are all adjectives. They all have a corresponding noun word associated with them.

                      As an example, energy is an adjective and comes from gasoline which is a noun, from a tiger which is a noun, from sun which is a noun, from light bulb a noun.

                      Adjective cannot have any physical existence but, all nouns have physical existence. That is, no adjective can exists in nature without a corresponding noun.

                      It seems, you believe that an adjective can physically exist without a corresponding noun – is that so?


                    2. I think your idea of zero time does not appear to make your following statement consistent – “in other words there is only one soul in timelessness which is eternal in timelessness.” How can something be eternal in zero time?

                      You also said – “individual souls are not eternal; they don’t and can’t have an infinite life span.” Why do you think so?

                      The German Philosopher Nietzsche says – we are eternally recurrent. Reincarnation theory says your soul will reincarnate for eternity. There is no escape from reincarnation. All these have been described in the book. Note that none of these are my personal theories. They come from 1%, who knows the unique real truth.

                      By law of conservation souls cannot be destroyed. They are thus eternal. Living and nonliving objects can be destroyed; but not their physical mass and souls. This is also presented in the soul theory chapter.


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