8C: Human Brain

8. Human Brain

There are few basic limitations we have in the exploration of human brain. First, we do not have meaningful access to human brains while it is in operation. We cannot layout the brain on a table, and use all different kinds of instruments to examine it thoroughly at all different test points. Without such an ability to test, we cannot really know anything about human brain. The human brain is filled with nerve cells, called Neurons [Discovery]; more than hundred billions of them are there. In addition to neurons, the brain has almost ten times glial [Byron] [Kast] [Noback] cells. So the brain is far more complex than anything physical we can imagine in this universe. It is the best example of the complexity law. Thus all tests on brain will violate the simultaneity law.

Second, all the tools used in brain research are based only on electrical, electronic, or electromagnetic phenomenon of nature. We do not have tools that are chemical or biological in nature. The biological and chemical signals must be converted completely to electrical signals to derive information. We will never know how well we are converting all the features of these signals to electrical signals. Third, we are looking for the meaning of the memory data in this paper, and not just flow of electrical signals or dynamic activities of the brain, or the chemical composition of brain cells.

Fourth, the humans as subjects of experiments are inconsistent with the man-made technologies and associated test plans. A person may not try to remember things, may not want to remember things, and may not be interested in seeing the details [Desimone] based on their philosophies and life time experiences with the GST. Thus all researches on human subjects may fail to show how the memory is generated and where it is located.

Mental imagery activates parietal areas, particularly intra-parietal sulcus [Just]. It is believed also that brain operations are governed by both local activities and distributed networked activities [Edwards]. These researches do not claim that the memory resides in that active region of brain, they only claim brain activities.

Some researches show that brain has short and long term memory storage space. But they have not identified any places inside the brain where these memory items are stored. Thus this storage categorization is functional and not brain hardware or structure related. This research cannot exclude the possibility that the memory is outside the brain. The research [Brady] shows that the storage capacity of long term memory is huge, which is consistent with the idea that the memory is outside the brain, therefore has infinite capacity. This will not deny the concept that our brain is only an input output processor like normal digital computers [Comer, pp. 207-213].

The paper [Motah] summarizes the confusions in research reports on the results of locations, localized vs distributed memory inside the brain. It has also been known that every human brain is physically and structurally unique for every person, that is, no two brains are same [Kirchhoff].  The author in [Rock] says that the human brain is a social organ; its physiological and neurological reactions are directly and profoundly shaped by social interactions which confirm our definition of memory and the GST concept of memory.

We see high correlation [Haier] between the size of brain volume of interests (VOI) and IQ, apparently indicating that intelligence is inside the brain. However this is related to only the electrical activity of the brain VOI. This experiment is inconclusive due to the fact that the brain activity is not local as VOI, the spontaneous activity at rest [Song] is an important contributor. Just to be clear, the brain memory scan images, like fMRI, only shows [Strauss] how activities move inside the brain, bottom up, networked, constructive etc. It does not show any meaning of the memory data. It also does not indicate that the memory is stored in the brain.

The paper [Hamani] reports an experiment where several electrodes were implanted bilaterally in the ventral hypothalamus. Once an electrode is stimulated the patient reported a perception of being in a park with friends. Standard perception of this experiment is that the image is stored in that specific location of the brain. However, it does not contradict the idea that brain is only accessing the image from the GST using our body sensors. Moreover, the reports also show that these experiments are not consistent and repeatable for other human subjects.

It appears that in cognitive science and in medical disciplines the word memory is used in a different context than the way we are using in this paper. The brain cells are considered as memory devices, but we have shown that they are physical objects and cannot store any abstract concepts. We have also considered the fact that memory is never generated by one person; therefore memory cannot reside inside our brain. In addition, we considered that every memory item has a meaning, which is defined using the simultaneity law. Without such a meaning, memory is meaningless.

9. Conclusions

Human memory has been defined as physical objects consisting of {data, action, purpose}. A purpose motivates us to perform some actions on some objects which generate the data. This data is the memory content and the purpose is its meaning. Without a purpose memory is meaningless. Every action we perform is linked, directly and indirectly, to the actions of many people of the world. We are not alone.  The collection of all these actions and the corresponding global purpose creates the global memory and gives its meaning. Thus global space time (GST) environment is the originator of our memory and has the complete meaning. This GST is outside our brain. Thus our brain cannot know the meaning and therefore it cannot also have the memory. Our experiences show that we get a better meaning only when we exchange information with others.




  1. G’day Subhendu

    I’m sorry I can’t help you with this Subhendu, I kept getting messages in my early years not to read and study up on certain subjects, I didn’t know why at the time but I do now. At the time I could have asked the question and got an answer but certain things need to be learnt not just told too. This was one of the reasons I disconnected myself from this timeless knowledge, I needed to learn for myself as we all do to one extent or another.

    It takes time to become connected like a yogi. I’m no yogi by the way; I’m not even a spiritualist in any sense, just spiritually aware.

    I get the feeling you won’t have to be born in India Subhendu to learn the true yogic ways in the future, things are changing quite rapidly. A Chi master has just recently come out of his obscurity, this will happen more often now for many souls are calling for such wisdom to be shared. You yourself are sharing this knowledge in your own way which is great; people like you are a part of this change. You see what ignorance has created and you are speaking out about such things in a certain way other people understand.

    Are you sure you weren’t a yogi in the past Subhendu? I’ve had lives where I had no idea of my past lives; they were lived in an entirely different way especially from my life in ancient Egypt. This life is a little different, I am aware but nothing like I was in ancient Egypt, I was very connected and aware back then.

    Much Blessings,


  2. G’day Subhendu

    Well written.

    I also believe everything we think and act out is of a memory of this pure consciousness, Gods’ consciousness of timelessness, so if it’s of timelessness it has always existed but just as pure consciousness until it’s expressed through time.

    What we are doing is expressing this memory in every way possible and one of these ways is through physical realities of time, time in other words gives God’s consciousness the capability of being expressive of such memories.

    This also goes along with everything is predestined, if everything we experience and think is from God’s consciousness then everything must be predestined.

    Well not exactly, at the soul level we have a choice to go along with this memory or not. The collective has a memory so it acts it out like the present system we are living experiencing at the moment, we all chose at the soul level to go along with this system otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

    Because our souls are quite, humanly speaking, powerful, we can choose to exist under a different system. This memory, from God’s consciousness, isn’t fixated like we can humanly become fixated to anything, it’s very flexible. God’s consciousness’s memory has more than one system and outcome we can experience. Our present system doesn’t have to be played out if we choose at the soul level not to do so.

    So how many ways can we be expressive of God’s conscious memory? It’s infinite, we have infinite ways to be expressive of such memory, this memory isn’t fixated to a particular outcome but can be change when ever we choose at the soul level to do so.

    Jesus, Buddha, yoga, the kabbalah, chi and so forth are their for us to make such choices in life. Most of us chose at the soul level not to go that way but to go against nature but at any time we can choose to do otherwise. We don’t have to be fixated to a particular system that takes away our free will.

    Much Blessings,


    1. Would you please point me to an original Kabbalah document with English translation that indicates the existence of God as a creator of the universe?

      There are many Indian religious people who believe there is a God as a creator of the universe. But they are all engaged in the business of making money by selling God. In my opinion, as I have told you before, in Vedas there is no God as creator of the universe. However, if you define God as most powerful person, then all human souls are God. And, there is no power that a soul cannot achieve by Yogic Meditation.


      1. G’day Subhendu

        I’m talking about a singular consciousness here, not a singular person/entity. We are all a part of this singular consciousness so yes we are all God’s, the problem is, we are ignorant of this true essence of ourselves, this is why we are unable to express such Godly powers.

        Like I stated before, I’m not well read in regards to the kabbalah, what I know about the kabbalah I resonate with like the kabbalah is of timeless knowledge, this knowledge is memory stored as pure consciousness in timelessness.

        To me the universe was created, it’s a part of nature as is conceiving a child, they both work on the same laws of nature, a child isn’t just conceived out of the blue, it is created. The universe follows the same laws of nature; it was created consciously by a consciousness. In other words, the universe is a child which grows up to create other forms just like a human child does when they become adults. This is following the laws of nature but like all of nature is created from a consciousness.

        Not everything I state has come from human knowledge Subhendu; I actually study and read very little human content so not everything I state is written or known to the average person.

        In my mid-teens I could ask any question and get an immediate correct answer, this didn’t happen straight away, it took a few years for me to get to this stage. At first the knowledge coming to me was from Earthly content, you could feel this. By the time I was in my mid-teens, I knew the knowledge coming to me was far beyond human content, you could literally feel the difference from Earth bound content to a content way beyond human reasoning and understanding. Clairvoyants are good at doing this; Edgar Cayce is a prime example of this.

        Just because a certain content hasn’t been written by yogis, chi masters, sages or people like Jesus or Buddha in the past, doesn’t mean such content isn’t true, it just means it hasn’t been written as yet or is hidden from the masses.

        I can write about a particular subject and have absolutely no idea what I am writing about, they call this channelling. At times when I do this, I can totally disagree in what I have written until I actually study what I have written. It has been said by a clairvoyant, what I write about is for me to learn from, it’s not actually for other people’s ears.

        I don’t share everything that comes to me, like recently when I was in a very quietened state, but other things that come to me I share. You can take what I say as nonsense, it matters not……

        Much Blessings,


        1. Hi Mat,
          That is alright, never mind. I can find out everything from the internet. But even if I get such a reference, I will not be able to verify its validity. To verify the truth of some statements, it requires lot of research. I cannot do such research on Kabbalah at this time.

          I have read only about 1-10% of Vedas in last 5 years. If God allows, I will not go for formal education anymore in my next life, and start reading Vedas from very early age. It will take me at least 10 years to learn the subject, another 10 years to comprehend it, and then 20 more years to become a basic level yogi. But I do not know if that is in God’s mind for me. Moreover one basic need for such a plan is that I must be born again in India, how does that happen I do not know, I am now in USA. What I have learnt in this life, I could not have done it without coming to USA.

          Best regards,


        2. I still have some difficulties in following you when you say – “memory stored as pure consciousness in timelessness.” I think I have to see how you react to my chapter on soul theory. I will hold on to that time.

          Confusion is related to noun and adjectives. Memory is noun to me, and consciousness is adjective or a property of a soul. But it seems you are saying consciousness is soul and therefore is noun – I can accept that too.

          I thank you for reading the memory chapter. It was a hard chapter. I am not sure if I have been able to point out the intuitive idea behind memory. What I wanted to say is that whatever we do, think, are all there in nature and remains there for eternity and is stored in some abstract form. Just like computer memory is not stored as binary digits but in the form of electric charge or field. Similarly, when a Tibetan yogi reads the mind of a German woman, that means our thoughts are stored also in some abstract way in nature. In my opinion this has to be physical. The reason is in the soul theory chapter. And I will wait for a long discussion with you, when you have some time, after reading the chapter on soul theory.


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