1B: Definition of False

If you take two points in space and imagine a straight line joining them, and assume another point between them on that straight line, then moments later that midpoint will no longer be on that straight, because all points are moving. Thus straight line cannot exist in the universe.

Objects of nature

Objects of nature are animals, humans, plants and trees, sun, moon, earth, planets, galaxies etc. Objects of nature are also roads, buildings, airplanes, computers, missiles, etc. because they are made from the objects of nature. Objects of nature grow on trees or can be mined from underneath the earth. Objects of nature are physical objects, they occupy three dimensional spaces, and can be sensed using our human sensors like eyes, ears, nose, hands, etc.

Real numbers are not objects of nature. Real numbers are points on a straight line. Thus real numbers cannot satisfy the laws of nature. Real numbers violate the item (2) in the definition of truth, and therefore real numbers are false.

(R1) 1+2=3

The statement (R1) is quite valid and everybody will understand what we are talking about. One orange plus two apples give us three fruits. But to a mathematician this is a completely wrong application of mathematics. Real numbers are not objects of nature. Therefore apples and oranges cannot be added.

The numbers 1, 2, 3 are points on a straight line. They represent distances from a reference point on that same straight line identified as zero. Thus point 1 is one unit distance away from zero point. Similarly, 2 and 3 are points on the real line, 2 and 3 unit distances away from point zero. In (R1) we are adding distances and not objects of nature. Addition operation is defined only for distances or points on the real line. The result is also a distance. Equality is valid only for distances. Three fruits cannot be equal to the addition of two apples with an orange. Real numbers are closed under addition operation; addition can only produce real numbers and not fruits.

No two objects are equal in nature. Even two apples are not same; they have different shapes, and different colors. In mathematics only same things can be added and compared as equals. Thus (R1) is a false example of mathematics. False can never become true, no matter what you do with it. Thus the entire mathematics, which uses false objects like real numbers, can never become true, and therefore can never be used to describe nature. All applications of mathematics will automatically be false for both engineering and nature. We will give more examples later in this chapter and in other chapters, like in Quantum Mechanics (QM).

However, in one sense mathematics is true, because it is a product of destiny law. Destiny law is true, and therefore we have to use mathematics, even though 1% of the population knows that the mathematics is false, and should not be used. As we have mentioned, there is no way out from the destiny law. We have to learn this false mathematics, use it to create more complex and false objects, and only then we get money to survive.

5.2 Money is false

For centuries or maybe even for millions of years money was true, and was attached to precious metals, like gold or silver. But over the years, it changed to false. Now money is no longer an object of nature. Money is thus not only false, but it is free and abundant at its source, which is the Central Bank (CB). For more details take a look at the chapter on central bank.

Money is a real number, therefore it must be false. Since money is false, anything you create using money must be false also, because false can never become true no matter what you do with it. Keynes said – Not a man in a million can diagnose how our financial system works now.

However, engineering is not false, because engineering uses objects of nature. But engineering uses two false objects too, real numbers and money. Because of that reason engineering is unreliable, breaks down, and pollutes environment.

No win-win

In any financial transaction there cannot exist a win-win situation. The reason being all transactions are related to physical objects, like a house, gold, or diamond, etc. So if you take the diamond, then nobody else can get it. Therefore all transaction will involve win-lose. If you win then someone else must lose. Take a look at the chapter on CB.

If you observe carefully, in all apparent win-win transactions, you will always find a third party, who will be the loser. Thus all businesses will always create poverty. This is the most important problem of our Central Bank Economy (CBE). Poverty cannot be eliminated from CBE as long as the false money exists. Since this false money is created by the destiny law, only destiny can eliminate poverty. No one, excepting destiny, can go against the money power of the CBE.

(M1) Apple is $10

How can you place a price tag on any object of nature using money? You cannot, there is no rationally for that assignment like (M1). Money is false and the apple is true, false cannot become true. Every apple is different, they cannot have same price. You cannot get $100/hr while the CEO gets $1000/hr. Two persons cannot be measured using some false scale designed by money power.

You may say that the land in which the apple grows costs $5 per apple. But we can then ask the same question as – why the land is $5. Thus there is no correct explanation for (M1). In view of reincarnation law and destiny law salary discrimination has no logical foundation. But we have to accept it as a part of destiny, and only destiny can and will solve the problem some day. That will always happen, and false will be removed; otherwise people will not learn the truth.

Profiting is stealing

CBE is designed to create profit for and by the entrepreneurs or business men. To illustrate the idea consider the following. A CEO makes a product at a cost of $5 per unit. He then sells it at $15 per unit. Thus from every transaction he makes a profit of $10 per unit. The cost


5.3 Money-less Economy (MLE)

Since money is false, money cannot be necessary to run the economy. Economy is all about engineering, which is GDP, and should be true, and it cannot require any false objects. Thus if we can remove money and create MLE all problems will be solved. Take a look at the MLE chapter in this book for the details about MLE. Under MLE we all work free and get everything for free. But at least one able bodied person must work from every household. MLE can allow you to become the king of the entire earth, and yet nobody will remain poor.

MLE will eliminate poverty, migration, racism, religious violence, gun violence, corruption, wars, terrorism, national security, national boundaries, pollution, all kinds of corruptions, divorce, sexual harassment, etc. MLE is the only economy that obeys the law of nature and can allow you to pursue the truth freely.

6. False Education

Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) was a bold and famous truth teller. He was a professor at Georgetown University, in Washington DC, in USA, and was teaching history at the School of Foreign Service during 1941 to 1972. He did his BA, MA, and Ph.D. all from Harvard University [Wiki-Q].

He was a mentor of the U.S. President Bill Clinton (1993-2001). President Clinton mentioned Quigley’s name during his Democratic Party nomination convention [Quigley, 1992]. During his inaugural address also President Clinton has paid tribute to him [Ramsay].

Professor Quigley has written several books. One of them is “Tragedy and Hope, A history of the World in Our Time” [Quigley, 1966]. The book revealed many secret information and vital truths. This is the only book that integrates history with the financial system. Clearly history is meaningless without the role of money power. The professor had taken twenty years to write the book and he had the opportunity to work for and look at many secret documents of powerful, critical organizations, and groups. The book was pulled out from circulation and stopped from all future publications. The truth cannot be disclosed. Central Bank


educating the truth. Nobody should even know where the king lives and who the king is. This was true during Mahabharat period, where nobody knew that the king was Ravan and his capital was in present day Sri Lanka, and was completely made of gold. Oscar winning film director Satyajit Ray shows, in his film Land of the diamond king, that the king orders his ministers to burn all books, jail the teachers, and close the schools. The king says more you teach students, more they learn, and more they disobey. You should not blame anybody; everything is guided by the global destiny of the universe, and destiny has reasons too.

The Elephant Story

Carroll Quigley’s wife Lillian has written a beautifully illustrated children’s book on the elephant story [Quigley, 1959]. Apparently she was influenced by her husband’s work that we have all failed to see the truth about our world, our history, and about economy. She realized that the mainstream does not know that the real truth is somewhere else and wanted to explain the root cause of it in that story book.

Six blind men came to the king’s palace to see an elephant. The king asked each one of them to touch a specific portion of the elephant. Someone touched only the tail, someone else touched one leg, similarly another blind man touched the trunk, and someone the ear, etc.

The king then asked them to discuss their views about the elephant. The person who touched the tail, said elephant is like a bushy rope. The one who touched the leg said it is like a pillar. They all argued that they all know the truth and the other person was wrong. When a sighted person came and described the elephant, the blind men also learned that they were all bind.

The moral of the story is that we are all blind. You may call it as brainwashed also. We are all brainwashed in our own way, by our society, culture, values, economies, country, religion, and ultimately by money and central bank. Each one of us thinks I know the truth; and the other person does not have any clue about it. We are all wearing colored sun glasses. Someone is seeing through a red eyeglass, someone through blue, and someone else yellow. No one knows the real color of the universe.

Remember that the truth is unique and universal. So, I will live with my faith – is a wrong notion, unless your faith represents the unique and universal truth – the laws of nature. The truth can only be learnt if you learn all subjects simultaneously and together. Truth is multi-dimensional.

Have you ever seen your beloved person, or whom you see all the time and very closely, through a mirror? Did you notice that how different she looks? Did it not trigger the idea in your mind – how does she really look? Or even more – Do I know how I look? When a sighted person comes to you and proves that you are blind then your perspective will completely change. You will begin to question many things and then everything.

The fact is that you can do research on your own to find the real truth. Only thing is that you have to be motivated enough to realize that what you know or learned could be all wrong. Or maybe you have to learn to question everything and anything that you see around you. Eventually you will, in your search, meet one of these men from 1% of the population and learn about the truth. This book is about bringing the research work of this 1% community to the 99% population. People in this 1% community are the gurus in their respective fields. You will always find a guru, or a guru will come to you, whenever you are ready. Again, it must be emphasized that this author does not belong to the 1% community; he is only a collector, a compiler, and a messenger.

Even when the blind men found out they are blind, still they would not know the entire truth. The men with sight also do not know the truth. Complete truth is there only in nature. As an example how will everybody know that the elephant has a soul? How will people know that the elephant reincarnates? How will we know that there is a law that shows eternal recurrence? All these can be found out only by observing nature. Nature always gives proofs of all these laws. Truth can only be found by people who know where to look for and how to look for. There are people who have already found out all the truths. Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. We just have to find them or their research work on the internet.

The only way to remove this blindness is to listen to your soul. More attentively you listen, more clearly you will hear. That is the message of Bible and also is there on the title page of this book. This concentration is the most important factor in our ability to listen to our souls. We all have this power of concentration and the ability to see our souls. We are all yogis; we all have this yogic power. The yogic power is nothing but this power of your soul, this ability of your soul to reveal all truths to you. That is why the soul is called god, and we say god is situated inside you, waiting for you to discover. Listen carefully and you will hear it. Your soul has all the truths. You are the god; you can know everything that you want to know. Bible says God is your spirit.



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