Chapter-10: Soul Theory

Discovery of SOUL is the greatest invention of mankind.

How did we discover it? How did we learn that the soul reincarnates? It seems they used the method of meditation. After several reincarnations, after experiencing all the pleasures and sorrows of the world, in some life we generate a suspicion that there is something beyond our body and mind. This suspicion leads to questions and searches for answers, which eventually leads to a concentrated effort. This concentrated effort is meditation, which we have described in chapter two on yogis and yogic powers.

One very powerful yogi named Kapil Muni is credited for discovery of this law of nature. You will also be able to see this law if you can acquire the yogic power of divine vision, described in chapter 11 on Vedic Theory. It is amazing to learn how he described his vision in only about 70 two-line Sanskrit verses. But that is all we have now. Kapil Muni is gone, his descriptions are lost, some of his students who memorized what he described, they are also gone. No one can interpret these verses, because they represent divine visions, we have neither seen, nor will ever experience. However, nature will never keep us ignorant, these great yogis will always comeback and reveal the truth for mankind, again and again.

This chapter also describes cause and effect law, which we now know as Newton’s action reaction law. But as you will see that the description of this cause and effect law is very powerful, all encompassing, and mind-boggling.




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