Chapter-2: Yogic Power

This chapter gives a proof of existence of soul.


The existence of yogis give proofs that we have a soul; this soul is independent of our body; and when the body dies the soul still lives. The yogis can tell when and where the soul will reincarnate again. Buddhists of Tibet have a well established method to locate the reincarnation of their famous lamas.

Through yogic meditation anyone can acquire full control over the soul and the body. They can die at will and leave the body. Through such meditation people can acquire the powers of demons or powers of gods as they desire.

Without a thorough understanding of yogic meditation, yogic power, and yogis it will not be possible to fully comprehend the concept of soul, reincarnation, destiny, the laws of nature, and the universal truth. Vedas and other scriptures describe many yogis with divine powers who have lived in this earth to rescue the societies from demonic rulers. At one time there were many yogis all over the earth.




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