Money is not the solution. It is the problem.

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Money is not an object of nature. Money does not and cannot follow the laws of nature. Therefore money is false. In another chapter we point out that money is free and abundant. In 2008 financial crisis The Fed, which is the US Central Bank, paid 7 Trillion dollar secretly as bail out money to support the banking system. A supreme court decision helped to reveal this information. Using false money we cannot run the society; all products of this society will become false.

In this chapter we show that Moneyless Economy (MLE) is the most natural economy and the best solution to all our problems. In MLE we all work free and get everything free. But we all must work. There will be 100% employment, no poverty, no wars. We will have discrimination free complete democracy. Yet, we can enjoy any lifestyle we want.

Mentally prepare yourself to understand such a system. We have been brainwashed for 2000 years using money. It is not so easy to remove our colored eyeglasses and see clearly. But you will eventually see it, because it is a natural economy, and humans are objects of nature. Our souls vibrate with the rhythms of nature. MLE is an age old system.



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