Chapter-5: Reincarnation

This chapter gives a proof of reincarnation.


Most fascinating proof  is that children are born with birth defects (missing four fingers in one hand, or marks of bullet wounds in chest and back), that existed in their previous life. When these children learn to speak, around age two, they describe how that birth defect happened in their previous life. People research, go to the town where the boy lived in previous life and verify the information from hospital records. Nobody can deny such a proof of reincarnations. Thousands of such cases, from all over the world, have been documented.

This chapter also gives another proof of existence of soul as a separate entity from the human body. The soul constructs the body of the baby, exactly the way it was in the previous life, including the birth defects. When the soul starts to construct the body, the body and the brain are really not there. But still it controls all the details of it. Thus God did not create you, your soul created you.



One comment

  1. A well worth reading chapter, well done indeed.

    I had a life in ancient Egypt as a priest, we had direct contact with what most others of the times called God’s, we were very much like yogis in many ways. We were eventually banished because the people of the day wanted to stay in ignorance and only teach ignorance, not much has changed today.

    When I first had visions of this past life I thought it was imagining things, I never heard of any priests or priestesses being banished as I’m also into history, there is no records of this happening.

    Some time after this vision of this past life I came across a lass on the net and for some reason I told my vision to her, to my shock she agreed in full with me as she was there as well when this happened.

    Much Blessings,


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