Chapter-7: Poverty & Central Bank

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Central Bank (CB) is the new king of our world now. Never in the history of the world had we such a powerful king. It controls the entire world using its money power. Every object in this world and every human being have been assigned a money value. By controlling this money power it can control every detail of our all activities.

As we have moved from different types of kings to the present CB type, the situation of the ordinary people have significantly deteriorated. Poverty is increasing in the world. Poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer. The democracy has completely vanished from both the people and their elected representatives. Nowhere in the world can the elected representatives use secret ballots to exercise their freedom and democracy. Money power controls everything now.

In this chapter we provide the details from publicly available data and research publications to show that, like physics and math, economics is also wrong.  The reality is that, it is the economic system that forced physics and math to remain wrong. From this we will realize how desperately we need to implement an alternative economic system, the Moneyless Economy. But alas! CB is very powerful; we must wait for a supernatural power, like a yogi or an avatar, to rescue people from such conditions. This will definitely happen, because the death process is a law of nature. Everything must die at some time.

Nobel Laureate in economics Milton Friedman therefore very justifiably said [Levy]: One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve. 



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