Chapter-8: Memory

Memory is not in the brain; it is in the nature.


Memory has a meaning. Without such a meaning memory has no value. We store data inside computer, but computer does not know about its meaning, humans who are outside the box know the meaning of the computer data. Therefore the memory is outside the computer. We created the memory data and then stored it in some form of electric charges inside the computer electronics. Thus the originator of the memory has the meaning.

Since the universe is simultaneously connected, everything we do is done simultaneously by many people. One single person cannot have the meaning of any work or data. Thus the entire universe is the originator of the memory and therefore memory is in the nature. Our judicial system uses that concept too. A group of people is gathered to understand a better meaning of an act.

The reincarnation examples prove that memory is in the nature. Otherwise how can a two year old Jatiswar baby talk about his or her past life? He cannot know his past life. The memory is in the nature, he is simply accessing it from there. In the same way a six year old Buddhist baby can give fluent lecture, better than an expert in Buddhism, by accessing the memory from the nature.

Destiny predictions also prove that memory is in the nature. By using divine vision a yogi can see the entire life of a person in the nature and can predict what will happen. This is how Vrigu Samhita was written probably 100 thousand years back. It contains destiny predictions for about a million people of the entire world.



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