Chapter-9: Destiny

Many times in our life we felt that something else is controlling us; we are not in control. That is actually correct. It is not God, but it is a law of nature. The entire universe is interconnected. Our sun, earth, moon etc. they are interconnected. They are not free and cannot go anywhere. In the same way we are also interconnected to everything in this universe, with both living and non-living objects. We call this as simultaneity law of nature. This law governs our destiny. We are not free and cannot be free.

This chapter explains this theory very thoroughly and we call it a global plan. From this global plan we examine how naturally our individual destiny evolves. Libet’s experiment shows that our soul sends us a command to our brain and then we obey that command. There is a gap of about 500 milliseconds between receiving the command and our execution of the command. It is so natural to us that we never realize that we are a machine working under the guidance of our soul, which in turn is controlled by the global plan.

We actually have a proof that destiny is real. There are books in India, which were written probably more than 100 thousand years back during the Vedic period, that describe destiny in details for about million people all over the world. You can go there and read about your future. The details in the book are amazing. Many western people have visited those centers.



  1. G’day Subhendu

    Sorry my friend, I have been preoccupied, my step daughter has just won back to back world title in IPSC. She was determined which gave her to natural ability to in accuracy and speed, it gave her focus. It’s good to see the yanks beaten on their own turf at their own game.

    Now to get back on topic; sorry if I have offended you in anyway which seems to me that is what I have done.

    Everything of time has a preconceived destiny including humans, I’m not arguing this, this is due to our souls choosing to do just that at the soul level. We chose at the soul level to experience an existence controlled by destinies. We can only experience this kind of existence in time because to have a destiny there has to be a starting point and an ending point of creation.

    When we exist in time, we are ignorant of our existence in timelessness which gives us the perception we can only exist in time through a preordained destiny, what I am saying is this is a false perception. Yes we can and do live by a destiny but we don’t have to.

    We are not truly of time, we can create in time but we are not truly of time. This means we are not in our true state that is only determined by destiny. Once we become aware of this, we can create our own destiny to what we want it to be even in time.

    Yes yogis say everything is preordained, it’s a fixated destiny that we can’t change, this is correct but only within time itself, what I am saying is it’s not correct in timelessness. Our true consciousness isn’t of time but timelessness, this means we don’t have to go along with a preordained destiny even within time itself.

    No one, including yogis, can predict what a consciousness of timelessness is going to produce; all they can do is predict what destinies within time itself is going to produce, that is all. The reason for this is any consciousness of timelessness doesn’t exist through destinies; it has no starting or ending point of creation therefore no set destiny.

    What I am saying, which I have said all along, you are correct but only with consciousness’s of time not consciousness’s of timelessness. I have also included within this equation consciousness’s of timelessness not just a consciousness’s of time, I view this gives us the bigger picture.

    If we are only going to live and consider consciousness’s of time, yes we have far less free will and a fixed destiny but I’m also including consciousness’s of timelessness to give us the bigger picture. We are not of time Subhendu but of timelessness so we don’t have to be only influenced by time and destiny; actually allowing ourselves to be only influenced by time is quite unnatural for us to do.

    Much Blessings,

    PS I wasn’t going to respond to this any further, as we are going around in circles, but I was urged too. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense to you but it does me…….


    1. Mat,
      It is so nice to learn that your daughter has won the championship again. A very great soul in your family! Please, see if she can beat the men in the men’s category and show that women are superior.

      “sorry if I have offended you in anyway which seems to me that is what I have done.” Not at all, on the contrary, you have helped me to find two more cases for corporate examples. This will go in the next edition of the book. I also understand the simultaneity law better now.

      “What I am saying, which I have said all along, you are correct but only with consciousness’s of time not consciousness’s of timelessness.” – I think I should devote more time to understand your thoughts related to this sentence. Please explain it in more details, outside this blog site, using direct email to me. The two terms you must explain – consciousness, and timelessness.

      But let me explain the Libet’s experiment to you, before closing this chapter. It is an engineering experiment. A man was asked to raise his first finger according to his freewill, every time when he wanted. His brain signals were collected, and recorded using medical instruments. What Libet discovered is that every time the man raised his finger, 500 milliseconds before he raised the finger, there was an electrical pulse in the brain; and then another pulse 200 milliseconds before raising the finger. That means two consecutive pulses came before he raised the finger. This happened every time he raised the finger.

      Where does this pulse come from? This means someone told his brain, 500 milliseconds before – raise the finger. Thus he did not use his freewill, but he obeyed a command from outside to his brain. We are thus continuously commanded by our soul to do things and we then follow at a delay of 500 milliseconds. Just like a robot, only more advanced.

      But please read the next chapter. It is more difficult one, and you will not agree with it. But I will learn a lot from your thoughts.

      Thanks for your contributions. Please write using my Gmail account on timelessness. I will start it after I post this comment. But continue commenting on the blog site for the next chapter.

      Best regards,


      1. G’day Subhendu

        I feel a little uncomfortable discussing the topic of timelessness to any great extent; I just don’t want to remember too much about our true state of timelessness at this point in time, it’s not something we should play around with in any sense.

        The main difference between you and I is, I am basing everything on as if there is one consciousness, but not a God, in this timelessness. You seem to on the other hand basing everything on there being many separate consciousness’s, not one, that are aware of each other in this timelessness. I’m not going to discuss who is right and who is wrong in this because we will just go around in circles discussing this.

        To me:
        Timelessness = one consciousness + awareness
        Time = many separate consciousness’s + ignorance

        To you:
        Timelessness = many separate consciousness’s + awareness
        Time = many separate consciousness’s +ignorance

        Sorry if I haven’t got this correct in regards to you.

        Time to me separates or fragments this consciousness of timelessness to create separate souls, time = fragmented consciousness. Consciousness in timelessness isn’t fragmented, timelessness = non-fragments consciousness, time is what gives us separate souls.

        In regards to the experiment, there is no true human consciousness so there is no consciousness to take away free will from. To take away free will of anything it has to be conscious. The mind without the soul or consciousness of timelessness, has no consciousness of it’s own so you can’t take away free will from something that doesn’t have it’s own separate consciousness.

        Yes the experiment is correct in my mind but it’s conducted on the assumption that the human brain has it’s own consciousness which makes the experiment flawed in my mind. You need to consider all aspects when conducting in experiments. The experiment is correct because it shows the human brain is influenced by something outside the human brain but it is flawed because it assumes, in the first place, that the human brain has it’s own consciousness separate to any other consciousness.

        The consciousness of the human brain is no different to any other so called external consciousness except it’s more in ignorance especially of it’s truer self. It’s this ignorance that separates us from all other consciousness.

        Much Blessings,


        1. Hi Mat,

          It appears that you are really frustrated, mad, and angry with me. I expected that to happen long time back and mentioned in my book also. Truth tellers are always penalized. Modern day truth tellers are also called whistle blowers in USA and all of us know that they are either in jail or in exile in other countries. I have called it the Galileo phenomenon in chapter one. But that is alright, I got a good experience. I blame central bank for it.

          I will still request you to come back and finish the last two chapters. The real truths are there, and they are from Vedas. You will also learn some of the Sanskrit Verses of Vedas. It was an amazing feeling for me when I first learnt it. These yogis, who saw Vedas, are still with us.

          Through your comments and external emails you have made some significant contributions to my book. I will try to summarize that here.

          (1) I tried to avoid religion and god in the book. I did talk about them but very cursorily only. But you made it abundantly clear that without a good discussion of them the book will not be valid. I have said – math, physics, economics are all wrong. I will add god and religion in that same list. This will affect the entire book. You also helped me to point out that engineering does not make any assumption; I must emphasize that; it is a crucial point.

          (2) Chapter one needs to be modified. You easily caught the statement – truth is unique and universal. But the other two statements did not catch your eyes. I need to rewrite those bullets – Truth comes only from nature – and Nature always gives the proofs of its truths. The entire chapter needs to be rewritten because of your enlightening thoughts.

          (3) I have to elaborate and explain why Vedas were known all over the world. I think, at least one page should be written on Kabbalah to give a proof of that assertion. I have to do some research on Kabbalah. I became familiar with Kabbalah from you only.

          (4) You have helped me to identify two examples of corporations. I had shown mathematically why choices reduce to only one. But the corporation examples show how options reduce due to simultaneity law. This should be elaborated in the destiny chapter.

          I must thank you for your powerful contributions. I have always said in all my life, every soul teaches many things to us, because all souls know the same entire truth. You are no exceptions. The destiny chapter shows many such examples.

          I want to invite you to read and comment on the last two chapters, whenever you get time. I am sure I will gain more from your wisdom. So far you were the only person who gave so much time and energy for me. I will remain grateful forever.

          Best regards,


          1. G’day Subhendu

            I have been away plus I have also stated a number of times why I think it’s pointless to discuss anything with you any further to do with time, timeliness, destiny and free will.

            You can assume that I am really frustrated, mad, and angry with you all you like Subhendu, if you are making assumptions in relation to me, would you not also be making assumptions to do with time, timeliness, destiny and free will? The answer of course would be of course you would!!

            In relation to Vedas, you are the only person I have come across who has studied in Vedas who doesn’t, to some extent, view that there is some kind of a single higher consciousness. Is it important to me if you don’t believe there is a single higher consciousness? No, but it’s important that you at least consider the possibility of a single higher consciousness existing if we are going to continue our discussion but you seem adamant there isn’t.

            If the monkeys in Asia started digging up sweet potatoes soon after the same monkeys in Madagascar where doing so, would this be some indication of a single consciousness or a connection between separate consciousness’s?

            All souls are supposed to know what each soul is experiencing, is this not also an indication of a single consciousness or a connection between separate consciousness’s?

            In time, there is proof of a connection between conscious forms but no proof of an indication of a single consciousness, but we are only talking about time not timelessness here. It’s this time that fragments consciousness giving the illusion that all consciousness is separated except through this obvious connection of some kind. Yes, nature has at least proven there is a connection between all conscious forms however!!

            Now take in consideration of timelessness within the equation, in timelessness there is no fragmentation of consciousness therefore the monkeys and souls are not just connecting but are working as one consciousness to some extent within time, within a fragmented consciousness.

            It is obvious you and I are not going to agree with this, you quite staunchly believe one thing and I sort of believe in another. Because I am in time, I can’t be as adamant as you are within your own convictions, time doesn’t allow for absolute truths even yours Subhendu or even a yogis.

            You can assume, by questioning my faith, that you have upset me all you like, the fact is, it’s pointless for us to continue our discussion but you can’t or don’t want to see this but I can. You need to move on from me but you are having an obvious problem with this, this is not my problem Subhendu but yours. Move on my friend it’s time.

            Much Blessings,


            1. Hello Mat,

              Thank you for your patience and still communicating with me.

              You wrote – “Move on my friend it’s time”. There should not be any such concepts for a truth seeker. A yogi meditates in Himalayan caves without food and sleep for months continuously, even in winters [Chapter-2, on Yogic power]. It took me 10 to 12 years to collect the research material for the book. I did not give up. If I stop and move on to a next subject, then I will never learn. I have nothing new to say, everything is already said in the book. I can only restate or clarify them.

              Galileo phenomenon [Chapter-1, Page 11]: There was a time when the whole world knew that the sun goes round the earth. Then Galileo (1564-1642) came, who did research, looked at the sky with his telescope, and documented the measurements, very patiently, for several years. Then he analyzed his data and found that the earth goes round the sun is the truth. He was the only man out of one billion on the earth who knew the truth.

              Back Cover Page: Only 1% knows the truth. 99% do not know that they do not know the truth. But if you do research, and if you are lucky, you will always come across, one of these 1% people, and then you will know the truth. But you must begin that research first. My job in this book was to bring that truth from that 1% to the 99%.

              There are 100 books and another 100 websites on Quantum Mechanics (QM). And there are one million people who say QM is correct. But there is 1% population in QM field who says QM is wrong. That proof is in the QM Chapter in my book. Similarly, there is only one person, out of one million in economics field, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman who said “One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve” [Chapter-7]. Federal Reserve is the central bank of USA. It is a fact that only 1% knows the truth in all subjects. If you replace QM by Vedas in the above sentences, then the same 1%-99% will remain valid also.

              You wrote – “In relation to Vedas, you are the only person I have come across who has studied in Vedas who doesn’t, to some extent, view that there is some kind of a single higher consciousness”. Again 1% versus 99% thing should work here too. The name of next chapter is “Soul Theory”; its honest name should be “Samkhya Theory”. Samkhya is a small book in Vedas and has only about 70 verses, each two-line long. Gita also talks about Samkhya. Some Gita books have renamed one chapter as Samkhya. The main concept from Samkhya is that – every object is created by its own soul and that every individual soul has its own consciousness.

              Your explanation of single consciousness is meaningful. However, such meaning does not prove that this single consciousness created the universe. If I am created by my own soul then god did not create me. God as the creator will contradict Samkhya. Vedas are laws of nature, and the Laws of nature cannot contradict each other.

              Your idea is similar to my oxygen example. The entire earth is filled with oxygen atoms. If you use a very thin pin to point anywhere in earth’s atmosphere then you will find an oxygen atom there. But we know, there is no solid and continuous oxygen surface covering the entire earth, although, same can be said correctly in your way too. Conversely, you are correct also because, if you take a solid iron plate and point out in any place with a fine pin, you will always find an iron atom there.

              However, I am really moving on. First I posted my pdf book file on probably 5 internet sites. Then I created this blog site. Now I am working on converting the book to ePUB format, so that people can read it on eReaders like Amazon Kindle, iPad etc. After that I will try to get a print version. I am on the marketing side for the book. All sites considered, very few people have down loaded the book, maybe not more than 20. More than 200 persons may have viewed the book. The pdf file was released on 26 August, 2014. But I still need you for the last two chapters.

              Truths are laws of nature. Therefore it must be unique and universal over the entire universe, in both space and time. Thus there cannot be a compromise among views. Views are not the truth; the real object is the truth. Views are always wrong, I can have only a two dimensional view of a three dimensional cube. Only a yogi can see all dimensions. The universe has billion dimensions [The elephant story, Chapter-1].

              Best regards,


  2. Subhendu, you are only looking at this mathematically and humanly so. I do understand your stance on this because the figures add up but only in one sense using one principle.

    We chose at the soul level to do things for a reason, we freely chose to live in this way, it’s still comes back to a choice which indicates free will.

    If I wanted to write to you I still have a choice to do this or not and I still have a choice in the way I want to communicate to you. Sorry but I truly don’t see that every cause which causes an effect isn’t of free will.

    If you caused an effect for me to want to write to you, you are saying this isn’t an expression of free will by me because you caused me to do so in the first place. I see your point in this, you caused me to respond to you so it’s not my free will, is this correct?

    I chose at the soul level to respond to you knowing what was going to occur, this is an expression of free will is it not? If I was ignorant of my soul, I wouldn’t know this; does this at the human level take away my free will? No, just because the human self is ignorant it doesn’t make the soul ignorant; life is all about the soul is it not so how can the soul be ignorant and have no free will?

    We at the human level have less free will depending on how ignorant we are not how many people are influencing us; this is where mathematics doesn’t make sense when we consider other principles.

    So if I reacted to nothing that is free will even if I wanted to, you are actually taking away my free will to react and interact when I want too, to me this isn’t free will. To interact and react is an expression of free will even though the environment around me is causing such interaction within me but you can’t see this Subhendu?

    I think we might have to agree to disagree on this.

    Much Blessings,


    1. First, I am not relying on mathematics or physics. I have said they are all wrong. If you read Chapter-4 on conservation laws, you will find that I have modified them based on the simultaneity law which is not there in physics but is there in Vedas. Action reaction law is a special case of simultaneity law. In reality action reaction never happens – it is always simultaneity. Simultaneity is a law of nature – neither physics nor mathematics.

      Second, you are talking about choices among options. Yes, you are right; when many people work we create many options. Such as, you can communicate with me using – postal mail, telegraphic message, land line phone, cell phone, email, blog site etc. All these have been discovered by so many people working in the engineering fields.

      But when it comes to taking action, and really communicate with me, you have only one choice, Internet. You did not use all other options. So only one of the options has become optimal, for whatever reasons, you had in your mind, before you acted. Your reasons forced you to choose one. This will always happen for all actions you take in your life, all the time. And a yogi will be able to tell you exactly which option you will use. This, I illustrated by the questions the woman asked to the yogi. Moment by moment your future is predictable, because future depends on the past and the past is known to us.

      Let me illustrate the corporation example again. Sitting in your home, you can think of many options available to you. You can work in marketing, finance, sales, manufacturing, management etc. But when you really go to work in that corporation you have only one choice out of all the options, and that is the vacancy they have. All other positions have been filled by the other people using the concept of simultaneity law. More people work, less choices you have among the options. In reality, simultaneity law will never give you the ability to choose. This is because billions of souls are always working simultaneously.


  3. D’day Subhendu

    Quite interesting, yes everything is planed, this is how clairvoyants can tell the future, it’s already written. These books you talk about that were written in the Vedic period to me are of timelessness and because it’s of timelessness the events they talk about have always existed.

    Because everything is planed, does this mean we don’t have free will especially at the soul or even at the human level? If I was to put a knife to my heart to give myself a choice to either die or live on, isn’t this an expression of free will and did I not choose at the soul level to live a life of being controlled?

    As you have said, the soul is very powerful, it can, at the soul level, choose what it wants. This at times means we can choose to live in a life with very little free will or a lot of free will.

    None of us at the soul level are fixated to a set plan, we have multiple choices to choose from, in other words what is written in these books is multiple choices of live’s one can live out, at any given time. These books aren’t saying this is your life already mapped out, you have no other choice, what they are saying is this is your life plan but if you choose another direction this is also your plan.

    I just don’t believe we have one set planed life and that we have no other choice.

    We could of course say we don’t have free will because no matter what life we choose it’s still written (preordained) however, unbeknownst to a lot of us, we have a huge array of lives to choose especially at the soul level, this is still an expression of free will.

    The human race doesn’t have to live in a destructive way, humans could have chosen the way of Jesus and Buddha and become constructive within there mentality instead of destructive.

    Jesus and Buddha weren’t flukes, they were here to teach us a better more constructive ways to live but most of us chose, by free will, to ignore these messages.

    Yes I agree, everything is planed no matter what life we choose to live but we have a choice of a huge array of lives to live by especially at the soul level.

    At the human level we don’t have as much of a choice because we chose, at the soul level, to live in a life of being controlled with little free will but we still, to a degree, have free will.

    You seem to be saying, because no matter what life we choose to live it’s still planned therefore we have no free will as all lives are planned. What I am saying is we still have a choice of what life to live and how to live it, to an extent. Having a choice of lives to live is an expression of free will.

    When you get into certain states of consciousness, you can see how many lives you, at the soul level, had to choose from that are already written, it’s a massive amount of lives we all have a choice of living. Having any sort of choice is an expression of free will even though everything that is occurring has already been written.

    These books you are talking about are of timelessness therefore everything is preordained but in time we have a choice in when to live out these lives believe it or not.

    Much Blessings,


    1. You wrote – “If I was to put a knife to my heart to give myself a choice to either die or live on, isn’t this an expression of free will and did I not choose at the soul level to live a life of being controlled?”

      Try doing that, and will not be able to do it, if it is not in your destiny. Think carefully, and you will find why.

      I have given a similar example in the book, you may have read it, – It explains why I do not even have a freedom to choose to drink coffee or tea. It is here:


      1. OK Subhendu I will try to explain this in a different way, relating ignorance to no free will and awareness to total free will.

        Free will = choice + awareness

        No free will = little choice + ignorance

        We are very ignorant beings, in the scheme of intelligence and awareness of all things in existence, we are Neanderthals. The more ignorant we are the less choices we have therefore the less free will we have. If on the other hand we were far more aware and intelligent, the more choices therefore the more free will we have.

        This is like a poor and a rich man, which man has more of a choice in life? The rich man of course because he has the money to do more than a poor man, this is a natural process, it’s the law of nature.

        The poor man = ignorance + little choice

        The rich man = awareness + far more choice and the richer he is the more choices he has.

        Because we are Neanderthals in the whole scheme of existence, we are represented by the poor man not the rich man so you are right, we have little free will however people who are more aware, like the rich man, know they have more of a choice in any life.

        Yes I did read your example about choosing to drink coffee or tea but in any moment in time we always still have a choice. You could choose to drink coffee and drop it in your lap seriously scolding yourself but at the same moment you could also have chosen to drink tea and not scold yourself. There are various destinies we can play out at any given time. Yes all these destinies are already written but we still have a choice in which destiny to follow. We just don’t have one destiny but multiple destinies to live by at any given time.

        In our present ignorant state we have very little free will but at the soul level we have all the free will we want, this is why it’s important to connect to our souls, it makes us far more aware.

        Much Blessings,


        1. Hi Mat,
          Please have patience. I say – destiny is a science and not faith. To prove that assertion, I have to go slowly and show you the reasons.

          Let me first copy the coffee example from the book here for quick reference – “Let us say that you believe that you can decide freely to choose to drink coffee or tea. You are sitting on your desk, you pick up your coffee cup and walk the hallway to the coffee room for your cup of coffee. When you go there, you find the coffee pot is empty. So you cannot take coffee now. Instead you decide to take hot water and a tea bag. Thus you have failed to exercise your freewill. This has happened because you are interconnected with other people’s activities in your corporation. We are all sharing our environment in an interactive way and continuously.”

          Note that you failed because – “you are interconnected with other people’s activities”. It is not that you spilled the coffee. But someone else finished the coffee.

          So the first point is – what you do depends on others – you are not alone. You cannot kill yourself with a knife, because you have wife, daughter, home etc. Your choices and actions depend on others. Therefore you are not free. This is the simultaneity law of nature that we have discussed in the first chapter on truth.



          1. G’day Subhendu

            Yes I understand your point about free will Subhendu, once we live by the laws of nature we have little free will because we are always influenced by other people and situations within nature itself, I agree but only to a point.

            Firstly, we have chosen, at the soul level, to live with very little free will, this is the soul’s free will. To me life’s not about the human self but the soul, we are living in ignorance in service to the soul. The more in ignorance we are, the less free will we will have and the more aware we become, the more free will we will have at the human level.

            Secondly, in reference to the choice of tea and coffee, the choice still hasn’t been taken away from you, you can still choose to have nothing or water rather than tea, if you have a choice you still have free will. Yes, no matter what destiny you choose it’s still written (preordained) but you still have a choice in which destiny you want to follow.

            Let’s say we have a choice of tea, coffee, milk, juice, water, this is how many destinies you can follow in the present moment, we are not fixated to follow one single destiny only. In relation to my example of the poor and rich man, the poor man would have less of a choice of beverages so he’s free will is somewhat lessoned compared to a rich man, this is the law of nature. In this case the rich man has more of a free will, now relate being rich to being aware, the more aware we are the more free will we become aware of.

            Thirdly, once we become aware, our perceptions become heightened. Before you give yourself a choice of coffee or tea, you know you don’t have that choice to begin with, you just know there is no choice between coffee and tea. In this case free will hasn’t been taken away from you because you had no choice to begin with.

            This goes along with being aware, the more aware we are the less free will is taken away from us mainly because we are more aware. A heightened awareness, like with yogis, gives us more free will, we know, even before we have a choice, that these are our choices, the different destinies we can follow in the present moment.

            So many people today think they have no free will, we are continually dictated by various people which takes away our free will to live as we want. This isn’t entirely true, we have a choice and we can enforce that choice if we believe we have free will. We don’t have to live in a reality controlled by mentalities that are primarily destructive. Jesus and Buddha’s mentality for example, in my mind, weren’t destructive, we had a choice to either take on their constructive mentality or continue to live by a destructive mentality, we of course chose the latter.

            Only in ignorance can we proclaim we have no free will, the more aware we are the more free will we realise we have. The thing about living in ignorance is we believe we don’t have free will only because of our ignorance of not knowing how much free will we actually have. My quote, “for only in ignorance can we destroy”, is so apt; we continue to destroy because we feel we have no free will to do otherwise. Yes we have very little free will but only in ignorance can we think this, once you become aware you realise you do indeed have free will and a free will to even live a life without free will.

            Much Blessings,


            1. No matter, who you are, rich or poor, none of us have any freewill. Freewill is a concept that capitalism has imposed on us, so that we can exploit and cheat other people, for the benefit of few people who can become rich.

              Let us remember the law of action and reaction. You have said this law is same as Push and Pull. This law says we always act in response to a reaction. That means we act for some reason. We just do not act out of no reason or for nothing. There are reasons for all our actions.

              Thus the reaction always happened before, and we acted after. That means something that happened in the past made us to act now. So our present activity depends on our past activity. Thus we do not have freewill now, because we are acting for a past cause. This is happening always, every time.

              You took the knife to kill yourself, to prove a thought that you had created in your mind a few seconds before. So picking up knife was forced on you by your own previous thought. It was not your freewill of the present moment. There is a time factor, which we should not forget. The time can be a few milliseconds to a few years.

              All of the following are equivalent:
              We act only to respond to a previous reaction
              The effect is the result of a cause which happened before
              What you reap is what you sow [Bible]
              Present depends on the past
              We live in the past


              1. Yes we act in reaction to an action, this is the law of the push and pull effect, action creating a reaction and so on it goes, but we have more than one way to react as we have more than one destiny we can follow.

                So there is only one way to treat radicals which is with more violence, fighting fire with fire, isn’t there another way to fight fire? Back burning is one way to fight fire but can’t we also choose to use water? The fire has two destinies, go on and be burnt out by fire or go on and be put out by water. Radicals can either go on and be burnt out by more fire or be put out by water, another ideology.

                There is also another choice of destiny for fire, stay as you are and burn yourself out.

                The fire has at least three destinies which determines it’s fate all at the same exact time, it doesn’t have a fixed destiny. Now the fire has yet another destiny, it can burn unhindered and burn everything out. The fire has not got a predetermined fate because it had four different ways it can go, it would have four different destinies to choose from but the fires fate is determined by other factors including wind and human intervention. What you seem to be saying is fire only has one destiny when in actual fact it has four.

                We are talking about a non-conscious energy form whose fate is wholly determined by other factors but the fire still has four ways it can go still. Now bring in consciousness, say the fire has a consciousness, it’s no longer ignorant, would it not now avoid being extinguished and react accordingly, how many choices of destiny does the fire have now, now it’s conscious? A lot more than four.

                The final destiny of the fire is predetermined, it will die out like all living energy forms however you can’t destroy energy, you can change it but it still stays as energy so in fact we don’t die at all, so true death isn’t really predetermined.

                Past actions don’t predetermine the present or the future, they entice it to go a certain way but they never predetermine the present or future, it’s never fixed to one destiny.

                Yes, every destiny we choose is already written, I’m not arguing this but we still have a choice in which preordained destiny we live by. Just because my wife acted by cheating on me doesn’t mean I have to react by killing her, there are numerous other ways to handle this which will determine our destiny. Whichever destiny we choose, it’s still written but we still have a choice of destinies to choose from giving us free will to choose our own prewritten destiny.

                Much Blessings,


                1. Very good! Now, it seems I was able to explain why and how the simultaneity law and the action reaction law constraint us from our freedom and freewill. As long as you think only about yourself you will not see the destiny or the lack of freewill.

                  The simultaneity law creates the global plan and therefore the global destiny. Just because you had considered only one person in your neighborhood you could not drink your coffee. Now if you add another person, then you will lose more freedom. Imagine what will happen if you have hundred persons, all working simultaneously like in a corporation, then you will not have any freedom and freewill at all. You have to go exactly at 8am and leave exactly at 5pm, you have a precisely defined task for every moment and for every day. Where is your freewill here? If you exercise your freewill in your corporation then you will be fired.

                  Along with the global plan, you must also consider the moment by moment, local analysis of your events, your personal characteristics, and the time scale of milliseconds order. If you do that, then when suddenly you see fire in your immediate area, you will not have any choices, but to take some immediate action. And you will find that there will be only one choice available.


                2. I guess my answers are not convincing for you. It will be convincing, if you read the book thoroughly. It has 200 pages just to explain destiny.

                  You wrote – “but we have more than one way to react as we have more than one destiny we can follow. So there is only one way to treat radicals which is with more violence, fighting fire with fire, isn’t there another way to fight fire? Back burning is one way to fight fire but can’t we also choose to use water? ”

                  Yes, of course there are more than one ways – but they are for more than one person. Not for a specific person placed in a specific situation. What action that person will take depends on his conditions, and you do not and cannot know his conditions. Environment for each person is unique, so decisions are also unique. Therefore he will be forced to select only the one, correctly or wrongly for you, but not for him.

                  If three persons push you from three different directions, you will have only one choice – the fourth direction. If hundred souls push you, your choices will be significantly reduced.

                  To understand destiny, you have to understand that you are not your body, you are your soul. Your body does not have any capability. There is no human level and soul level. Soul is the only level. Let me repeat two examples from the yogic power chapter to illustrate the point again.

                  A yogi told a woman to ask seven questions. The women did, and then the yogi gave her a paper where he had already written all her questions and answers. So moment by moment what you will do is known by your soul and a yogi who has power to listen to your soul can tell that correctly. This shows you are not your body, you are your soul.

                  The second example to prove the fact that – you without your soul have no existence – is also taken from that chapter. The details are there.

                  A yogi, who was very aged, learnt that a dead body of a young man will be flowing on a river, at that place and at that time. So he went with his companion at that location on that day. He then left his old body and entered the body of the young man and continued living. So your body is just a machine completely controlled by your soul.

                  Also please look at Section -7, Libet’s Experiment, on destiny chapter. It proves that you are commanded by your soul all the time.


                  1. G’day Subhendu

                    Let’s look at this a different way, you say the more people in play the less free will we have, the less choices of options/destinies we have to choose from.

                    Scenario; let’s say I’m the only person on planet, would I be able to talk to you and talk to you through a computer? No, more people developing and manufacturing these items have given me more options not less therefore more destinies to choose from. What free will would I have being the only person on this planet compared to what I have now? Would you have been able to become an electrical engineer and enjoy your friends and family?

                    If I was the only person alive I would have less free will than I do now, more people actually means I have more free will but only to an extent. There is a saturation point, once we over populate an area is when the cycle once again is reversed, we begin to loose our free will again not gain it. Free will and destiny is determined by other’s around us, most definitely, but there is a high point in where the population is just right, this is when we have the most free will.

                    “Also please look at Section -7, Libet’s Experiment, on destiny chapter. It proves that you are commanded by your soul all the time.”

                    I have stated that our lives are all about our soul, we are existing to serve our soul but we are not in service to the soul for we are that soul. You can’t be in service to yourself but you can use parts of oneself to serve a purpose.

                    We can’t be commanded or controlled by the soul for all there is, is the soul. Our consciousness is of the soul, it’s not really human, there is no true human consciousness therefore there is nothing to command/control. Our souls don’t command or control a separate consciousness because it’s of the same consciousness as the soul.

                    So what is the soul controlling/commanding? A vessel which is used by the soul to experience different facets of itself usually through ignorance. it’s this ignorance that gives us the perception that we don’t have free will and choices of destinies. The soul is only controlling a vessel that doesn’t even have it’s own consciousness but as humans we are expressive of a consciousness which is of the soul. Humans actually don’t have their own consciousness.

                    The purpose of ignorance is experiencing ourselves while in ignorance of our true state of being which is our soul.

                    Much Blessings,


                    1. We have discussed this before. If there is a reason for doing something, then there is no freewill. If there is a cause then only there is a effect. Cause happens before the effect. If you want to talk me or write to me, then that means there is a reason for that. That means it is not freewill. Isn’t it?

                      Is the absence of freewill in a corporation not meaningful? Is that example not correct? If not, then please explain why not. Isn’t it a matter of option – multiple people working together, reduced your options to only one small task?


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