5. Acknowledgments

This author participated in an email based discussion forum, which has made a significant impact in the development of this book. Without such help from this forum this book could not have matured. It is a true and personal experience of how simultaneity law, introduced in this book, worked for this author.

All of them are highly qualified in their respective fields. Many of them have Ph.D in their areas of expertise. Most of them are employed in private corporations and universities in USA. This author considers all the members of this forum significantly better than him in all the fields considered in this book. Even some of the members are highly evolved religious minded also.

I must mention the contribution of one of the members, without doing so will definitely create sins for me. He was probably the originator of the discussion forum. His persistent communication enriched this author beyond any measure. His contribution is visible in every chapter; even has impacted the fundamentals discussed in the book. Some members made very small, single contribution, but have impacted everything significantly. The author will remain indebted to them for eternity.

Unfortunately all members did not communicate actively all the time in all discussions. Some of them communicated personally outside the group also. Some have eventually asked to withdraw their names for unknown reasons. Some did not participate at all. Because of these reasons this author feels not to disclose their names in this acknowledgement. Hope they will forgive this author for doing so.

Subhendu Das, 20 August 2014, Los Angeles


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