1C: Two Examples

1C:Two Examples




The part (a) is the assumption. The parts (b) and (c) are the results. Parts (b) and (c) will hold good only when part (a) holds. But we know that part (a) cannot hold. That is because nature cannot make any assumptions. There is no place in the universe or on the surface of earth where there is no external force. Gravitational force, besides other forces, is always there everywhere. Thus (a) is invalid and therefore Newton’s first law cannot be called a law of nature. This law violates the statements of the simultaneity law.

Let us look at the result (c), which says an object will move in a straight line with a constant speed. Have you ever seen any object on earth moving in a straight line with a constant speed? No, never! This does not even happen in deep space. Thus this law, the first law of Newton, is completely wrong.

So we can see our universities, schools, and colleges are not teaching correct theories to our students. It may be almost sure that 99% of professors do not know or realize that this law is false. However 1% of the researchers recognize that the above law is false.

The following statements can be found in another physics textbook [Ferraro, p. 8] about the Newton’s first law:

“We could hardly sustain that this principle [First law] is a strict experimental result. On the one hand it is not evident how to recognize whether a body is free of forces or not. Even if a unique body in the universe were thought, it is undoubted that its movement could not be rectilinear and uniform in every reference system.”

For part (b) of the law, a very simple thought experiment will show that if you leave a ball of say 1 Kg mass, in space, about 1 million miles above earth, then it will immediately start moving in a curved path. The ball will not remain stationary as stated by the law. It will move. Let us do some approximate calculations to verify the invalidity of the part (b) of the first law.

The ball will be under the influence of the gravitational forces of sun, moon, earth, and all other planets of the solar system, and even by other galaxies. Assume that the force of attraction by the sun is the most



completely different person when I am outside my home. So is everyone. Isolated environment is wrong, simultaneity law is correct.

This shows that our society or civilization is not looking for truth. Professor Quigley was correct – education is not supposed to find the truth. And there is a very good reason for it – as we will discuss later when we investigate economics, money, money power, and the central bank.

11. Conclusions

We have established with examples, quotations, and references that our education system is not teaching us the truth. No one, who has gone through this education system, knows any subject better than who did not go through them. All we have learnt are false things and surprisingly also that we do not know that they are false. It created a class of people with a false ego, which generated exploitation and discrimination in the society. Only 1% knows the real truth.

To learn the truth, you have to do your own research, and find those people in that 1% community and learn from them. Nature always produces these people, in every decade and in every country. That is how nature maintains the truth in our society. You will know that truth and that 1% community, only when you learn to listen to your soul. And your soul is always calling you. Truth seeking is an individual or personal quest.

This 1% community has published their discoveries on various forms on books and also as peer reviewed articles. Such publications are also available freely on the internet. So, search the internet, Google it, find them, recognize them, and learn from them. Thus the truth is out there on the internet. It is not hidden anymore.