2B: Yogi Kids

2B: Yogi Kids


4. Yogi Kids

As we have mentioned that truth always comes from nature. Only the truth provided by nature should be considered as unique and universal truth. No theory should be considered as truth, because all theories have assumptions. We must always remember nature cannot make assumptions.

In this chapter on Yogic Powers we have discussed many examples from various yogis about their powers. We have listed some of these powers also. Million years back our world had many powerful yogis with significantly higher orders of powers. The descriptions of such extraordinary powers are documented in Vedas. In this section we give some examples of some special kids who are born with such yogic powers. These powers are very limited in both space and time. But you will recognize them as yogic powers because we have described them in other sub-sections and because any one can acquire them using yogic meditation.

Mind Reading

A nine year old autistic girl, Nandana (2004-), from India can read her mother’s mind exactly the way mother thinks. She cannot read any one else’s memory. It is a gift from nature to a girl of this capability which all yogis acquire from yogic meditation. The difference is that a yogi can read it from anyone with any language and culture and from any distance, but the girl can do it only for her mother.

This is how her mother Sandhya says about her daughter.  “I used to feel strange when she would come to me and say the name of the food I was thinking of preparing for her. The same way, if my husband and I had decided to take her somewhere, she would know about it without being told about it and would start reacting to it.”

A team of experts at a Child Guidance Clinic in Sharjah witnessed nine-year-old Nandana’s ability to read her mother’s mind. The specialist psychiatrist at Sunny Speciality Medical Centre in Sharjah, Dr Jeena Fiji, who headed the team, has certified witnessing “the strength of Nandana to read her mother’s thoughts, desires and intentions.”

The team comprising specialist psychiatrist, specialist social worker, and a specialist educator along with nursing staff witnessed this demonstration. Nandana had come with her mother Sandhya Unnikrishnan. A poem of Grade 2 level was written and given to Sandhya. After her mother had read the poem in her mind, Nandana was asked to type in the laptop provided to her. Nandana could type the entire poem without any prompt. A six digit number was also written and given to Sandhya, which too, Nandana could type after reading her mother’s mind. She demonstrated this capability even if the mother is not around her [Saseendran].

Direct Vision

Reincarnation theory shows that memory is not in the brain, it is in nature. Past life regression therapy also shows the same concept. Everything we do, we did, and will do are already stored in nature. Otherwise, a new born baby cannot tell what he did in his past life. He can clearly see his past life in the nature. It is a vision that some persons acquire by birth. Such kids are called Jatiswar.

This vision can be acquired by yogic method also. The precise prediction of short term future using this vision is fairly common. However, long term prediction is possible only by high quality yogis. In the destiny chapter we will discuss Vrigu Samhita, a Vedic document, which gives very precise predictions of future for almost 400,000 people.

But nature gives birth of kids who are gifted with this type of vision about nature. Magnus Carlsen (1990-) is such a gifted person. At very young age he has shown very high quality talent in playing chess game. At age 21, he has become number one player in the world [CBS-60].

Besides this analytical power of playing chess game, he has demonstrated that he can play with 10 players in 10 different chess boards without looking at the boards, and he can still win. He plays with all players sitting behind his back, and he does not see the players and their boards. Thus he has the ability to see things in nature as they happen using his yogic power of divine vision.

He does not have to use his eyes to see things. But this power is only for his chess boards. He cannot see any other things. Thus his yogic power is very limited in space and in time. A real yogi, who has acquired this skill through yogic meditation, can see anything anywhere and at anytime. Magnus Carlsen example, produced by nature, proves the validity of such yogic power at much more advanced and sophisticated levels.