4E: Humans & Laws

4E: Humans and Laws

9. Humans & Laws

It may appear that the law of action reaction is valid for physical objects only and not for humans. A little thinking, however, will clarify that humans are also physical objects, tightly integrated with the physical world, and therefore are subject to the laws of nature.

At a high and abstract level one religious leader recognized this law of physics. This is what Dalai-Lama [Dalai] has said, “The law of action and reaction is not exclusively for physics. It is also of human relations. If I act with goodness, I will receive goodness. If I act with evil, I will get evil”. This is really a fact of natural law or physics as we explain below.

First, we have been created using elements of nature, taken from the periodic table of chemistry. Thus the inside part of our body, including brain, is entirely physical. Second, humans have several physical sensors, like, hands, eyes, ears, skin etc. These sensors can sense all physical forces or energy of nature. For example when we work with our hands we create a physical force. When we see things we accept optical energy through our eye lenses, which is a physical quantity. So we are tightly integrated with our physical world using the law (2), and human brain works only as an input output processor. The brain takes information from our body input sensors, processes them, and produces physical actions using our body.

The expression (4.3) is defined for any specific time instant. At any time instant the law is valid for humans also. If I touch you, you will immediately feel the reaction. This reaction on your skin is a physical reaction and therefore it will satisfy (4.3). However, the touch action will propagate physically inside our body and will create many more reactions just the way it happens in nature which is outside our body. We can see the delayed versions of reactions, as a smile in your face, or a glow in your eyes. Observe that these are all physical reactions. We must not confuse or compare the totality of all reactions with the instantaneous effects, because there is a time element in (4.3).

Everything inside our brain consists of physical objects and physical actions. The neurons and the glial cells are all physical objects and they are constantly interacting with each other. There are many bio-electrical and bio-chemical actions and reactions happening which are also physical quantities. There are propagation delays inside the body. These activities can all be modeled [Hines] using concepts of system theory. Nothing is abstract in this physical world, they are only immensely complex. The complexity may make them appear like abstract quantities. If we break everything into atomic level, then we will find them all as physicals.

10. No Win-Win

A very important consequence of sigma law is clearly visible in our economic system. We see that poverty is increasing everywhere in every country. Rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer. This can happen only when our economic system violates the sigma law or the law of conservation. If somebody gains somebody else must lose. Thus our economic system is designed to exploit people. This fact has been hidden by implementing and propagating false education.

For some reason money has been assigned to every object in nature. A land has some monetary value, a tree, a plant, a dog, cat, human being everything has a money value. But the money, the dollar bill itself as a paper has no money value. Our central bank (CB) can print as much as it wants. In most cases central bank does not even need to print, it is just a number in computer. Just by few key strokes the CB can create and give anybody billions of dollars.

Thus this free money and the nation’s wealth are related by one to one correspondence. This amount of GDP has this amount of money value. This car has this value. Every object has a value as we have mentioned and we are all familiar with that.

Thus if I give you one million dollar you will immediately own lot of physical objects with that money. Thus physical objects of nature can be transferred to anybody without any effort by just giving money. Thus if a CEO gets thousand times more money, then he is accumulating thousand times more physical objects than you are.

Thus there is no win-win case in economy. It is only transfer of wealth from one person to another person by transferring money. And it can be done completely secretly also. No one can take a physical object without someone losing it. If I have a truck load of sand on my driveway, and if you look carefully, you will find that I have made thousands of small holes in many sandy beaches around world. Similarly if I have billion dollars in my home, I have taken similar amount of physical wealth from thousands of families around the globe, or equivalently stolen one dollar from a billion people.

Thus assigning free money to all objects gives a major trick to make you poor and homeless in a moment’s notice. By the law of conservation your home will not be destroyed. It will purchased by another rich man at a very low price. This way wealth can be transferred from you to a rich man and making you poor.

In economy nobody can gain without somebody losing it, which will violate the sigma law, a fundamental law of nature. You may find two persons are wining and say here is a win-win situation. But no, that is deceiving. If you look carefully, in all transaction, you will find a third person who will be losing. The main objective of economy is to create and maintain poverty. Just like we have seen the main objective of education is not to tell the truth. Not telling the truth is same as keeping you poor in your knowledge resource of your mind.

One simple way to resolve this problem is to print one unit of money only when we produce one unit of GDP. That way money will be in one to one correspondence. Poverty will reduce. Of course the best solution will be to eliminate money altogether. It is not needed. We work free and get everything free. After all, nature was given free to us. If you think carefully, you will find that it is possible to run exactly the same economy we have now in exactly the same way without any money; yet we can maintain any life style we want.

We will investigate these things in another chapter in more details. You will not be able to know the soul theory without knowing the economic theory. These are part of the simultaneity law that helps us to know the real truth.

11. Conclusions

In this chapter we have seen how conservation law is integrated with the simultaneity law and together they give a better description of nature.

This law shows that memory is stored in nature. The past, present, and future are all embedded in nature forever. Nothing is destroyed and lost. If you can acquire the vision to see this aspect of nature, using yogic power, then you will be able to see the entire universe all at a time. Nature has given us a proof of this observation. There are two sets of documents that tell the life time detailed stories of individuals. These documents were written probably hundreds of thousands of years back by two yogis independently.

Our economic theory violates this basic law and thus it causes so much pain to our people. Wars, poverty, violence, abuses are all happening because we have money and which is used to propagate false education to create discrimination. Moneyless economy is the best way to go. An interim solution would be to link money with GDP.