5A: Proof of Reincarnation



environment. At times you will feel that you are connected with trees, plants, houses, even rooms, furniture of your home. You will see that they are all talking to you. At some point in this book we will discuss the details of how human soul communicates with souls of all other objects of nature.

In a previous chapter we have introduced the concept of soul and its existence via yogic power; we will do the same thing in this chapter using the law of reincarnation. A more detailed scientific theory will be presented in another chapter.

Nature produces some kind of babies or kids who are called Jatiswars, in Sanskrit. Jatiswars are kids, between ages 2 to 6, who remember their past lives. These are very rare kids, probably one in 10,000 or even in million. You will find them mostly in countries where the environments are suitable for them. Professor Ian Stevenson [Stevenson] has discovered, studied, and very well documented, the characteristics of such kids in almost all countries of the world.

Jatiswars come in three different types. Most astonishing type is the one who are born with physical birth defects, like bullet wounds in chest and back, fingers on one hand are missing, legs amputated etc. And when they learn to speak they begin to talk about who they were in their past lives and explain how the defects happened in their past lives.

A generalized overview of some real life reincarnation examples can be described using the following scheme.

  • A baby is born with two gunshot wounds: G1 on the chest and G2 at the back.
  • Around age two, when he learns to speak, the boy says: in his past life his name was N, he lived in town T, and on date D he was killed by a gunshot at chest.
  • Researchers go to the hospital of town T. They find that on date D a person named N indeed died there due to a gunshot.
  • They ask the hospital to show the autopsy photos of the dead body of N.
  • From the photos they verify that the wounds at chest and back are exactly like G1 and G2. Not only that, they are at same locations also.

In the above generalized example we see that physical marks from the previous body appeared on a newly born baby. This experience and observation cannot be denied by any means as a case of reincarnation.

There are thousands of such well documented birth-defect type cases. This is as straightforward as – someone dropped a ball and it fell on the ground. It is not possible to deny such a trivial phenomenon. Thus reincarnation has nothing to do with religion, faith, or belief system. This phenomenon is happening all over the world in all countries and to people of all faiths. Reincarnation is an unique and universal law of nature.

2. Three Examples

There are thousands of very well authenticated examples of real life reincarnation cases of modern times. Such cases are happening everywhere in the world. We describe three cases taken from published literature.

These examples are not personal opinion of this author or the authors of the respective sources. These are records of facts of nature. Nowhere there should be any interpretation of the facts. Interpretations should always be considered as personal, and may not be close to truth. That is because truth comes only from nature, and that has to be unique and universal, as discussed in Chapter-1.

Birth Defect Cases 

The following case is taken from [Pasricha]. Here we see that birth defects extend deep inside the body. This is the case of an American boy named DG, who was born in 1997. When he learned to speak he mentioned to his mother that DG was her father LS. DG made a number of statements that indicated knowledge about his maternal grandfather’s life that his mother thought he could not have obtained through normal means. DG’s parents were Christian but his mother was open to reincarnation ideas. DG discussed the death of his grandfather. He said how LS died in an incident in a store where several people were shooting. He also described many aspects of the life of LS. He talked about the two cats LS had and even mentioned the nick name that LS had given to one of them.

Note that it is not these one or two sentences that establish the truth. This has 24/7/365 level of details that parents, friends, neighbors observed the case moment by moment. It is the totality of the experiences with the boy. Because of the lack of space the documentation will always be a significantly small fraction of total experience.

DG had a narrowing of the pulmonary artery at the site of the valves. His mother reported no infections during her pregnancy that could cause such problems for her baby. There was no family history of congenital heart defects. DG’s birth defect was very similar to the fatal wounds suffered by his grandfather in a shooting. The autopsy report of LS said something like the following: The gunshot wound went through the skin, soft tissue, and left ribs. Then it cut through the left lung, and main pulmonary artery. There was a 4 cm lacerated wound of the main pulmonary artery.

The paper says DG’s birth defects had a pulmonary valve artesia with intact ventricular septum. This means narrowing of pulmonary artery. He had poor development of the right side of the heart. DG underwent a shunt, the first of several procedures, and has done quite well with no lifestyle restrictions. The narrowing of DG’s pulmonary artery was a close match with the wound to LS’s pulmonary artery.

This example presents a remarkable consequence. It shows that the body of the baby is precisely constructed according to some plan to reflect the body of the deceased person of the previous life. This means that the humans are not naturally grown inside mother’s womb. It is grown according to the precise and exact desire of the soul of the baby. It is not just outward marks of body, complete internal details of the body are also constructed by the soul.

Thus we can very well say that everything of our body is constructed by our soul. All physical ailments, diseases, future characteristics are all created exactly at the time of birth. There is no reason to believe that nature is creating it or nurture is making it happen. It is all done by our soul. Everything is preplanned or predestined. There is no role for parents, doctors, or societies on how our body will grow, mature, and eventually die.

We have also seen from the yogic power chapter, that Swami Rama can control the individual blood cell according to his desire. He can also produce a tumor at any part of the body and then can also dissolve it according to his wishes. Swami said entire body is inside mind, but not all of mind is inside the body [Rama3].

Here is another example of a birth defect case from a book [Sivananda] by Swami Sivananda (1887-1963):

“Thus, for instance, Dharmarajya reported (23 Mar. 1936) that in a village in Gwalior, a village Patwari offended one Thakur Chotey Lal by making some false entries in the village-records prejudicial to the latter’s interest. To avenge the wrong the Thakur trapped the Patwari in an ambush, shot him in the chest and severed the fingers of his right hand. Sometime later, a son was born to a person at a place 14 miles from the scene of murder. The child had a gun-shot-mark on his chest with the fingers of the right hand missing. When the child could speak, the father one day asked him if the Creator had forgotten to make the fingers. The child at once replied that Chotey Lal Thakur had shot him in the chest and severed the fingers and gave details of the incident, which were then verified”.

In another case a Himalayan yogi predicted [Rama, pp. 13-16] to the parents, 18 months before birth, that a boy will be born to them with a hole in the right year; and exactly like that it happened. This boy was Swami Rama, the author of the above reference [Rama], and the yogi was his guru, more details are given in another chapter.


This is an exceptional case but not rare, of a highly intellectual and scholastic person, reincarnated as a new baby. This example is about a boy named Maung Tun Kyaing (MTK), from Burma during the British period, who preached Buddhism from very early age of 4 with profound understanding of the subject. The case has been authenticated by Lama Govinda, and also by the then British governor Sir Henry Butler of Burma. Both of them personally talked to the boy. Govinda has interviewed the boy, boy’s father, and investigated many details related to MTK [Govinda, pp. 190-197].

MTK was born in a very poor and illiterate mat-weavers family. Suddenly at age four he started preaching Buddhism, better than any religious teacher could have done. He visited a Buddhist Monastery in the local village, where he lived in his previous life, as an abbot named U Pandesia. He recognized the present abbot and correctly mentioned his name; MTK showed the room where he meditated, and identified the things that he used. At the monastery, the child read the scriptures written in ancient Pali language and explained its meaning, which MTK could not have learnt in his home.

People were so impressed by the sermons of MTK that they came by thousands to listen and see him. Eventually his fame reached the ears of the governor. The governor invited MTK to convince himself of MTK’s extraordinary gifts and remembrance of his previous birth.

Governor was very pleased with the masterful exposition of Buddhist tenets by MTK and gave him a hundred rupee note, which the boy could not accept, as MTK said he cannot sell Dharma. Governor was greatly touched by the little boy when MTK wanted to give him a gift. MTK opened his rosary from his wrist and gave it to the governor. Smilingly accepting the gift the governor said – “now you must tell me how to use this rosary”. MTK explained in details that this is to meditate on three marks of existence – impermanence, suffering, and egolessness.

The boy spoke not like the one who was taught, to repeat words which he himself could not understand, on the contrary he spoke with such conviction and sincerity that the governor was profoundly impressed by this child. He asked MTK to go from one end of the country to other and preach to high and low and even to prisoners in the jail. Governor believed even the hardest criminals will melt in hearing his genuine faith and sincere goodwill. The boy did so and the prison doors were opened for him.

Observe that many of us are born with many such exceptional qualities in mathematics, science, music, sports, etc. from very early childhood days but we do not recognize them as cases of reincarnation. But in the case of MTK we know, that it is a case of reincarnation, because the boy proved his past life background. Why do we not accept all other cases even without proof? How can a baby acquire such a high level of skill sets from very early ages without any training? These are the 1% cases that prove the validity of reincarnation for 99% of the rest of us.


This is the most common type of reincarnation ceases. The following example is taken from the TV news from the ABC channel of USA. The transcript [Primetime] says that a six year old boy named James Leininger talked about his previous life as James Huston, who died at age 21 as a navy pilot, in a military plane accident, 60 years back, during World War II.

Leininger’s parents were an educated Christian family in USA. They never expected such things to happen to them. But over time, covering many incidents, and conversations with their child about extraordinary details of the pilot’s life, they have become convinced that this is a case of reincarnation.

Here are some excerpts from the video [YouTube]. From age two, Leininger used to get nightmares. Once he woke up from his dream and said “Airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out.” Another time he said that the toy plane has a drop tank. The words “drop tank” were completely unknown to the family. Leininger gave many detailed accounts of the plane, that no one could have told him, or even could have known also. He said the plane used to get flat tires, which was verified later.

The parents came to know about many such unusual and detailed information from their son. They investigated, many details that their son told about the airplane, pilot’s friends who were still living, the name of the aircraft carrier, shooting down incident of the plane etc. Pilot’s sister was still living and became convinced that the boy was her brother.

It is important to realize that this is how people over millions of years have experienced reincarnation in this way among their families. They have discussed among themselves, investigated every incident with the past life families and understood what has happened. Their experiences were not fraudulent, or motivated for money. This is how the entire world learnt about reincarnation. It is only the money power and other religious organizations prevented propagation of this experience in modern times to suppress the truth. As we have mentioned, objective of the modern civilization is never to discover the truth. People must remain blind, work like blind men, and only money should control them the way the central bank wants.

3. Ian Stevenson

Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007) was the head of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, at the University of Virginia, School of Medicine, at Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. He studied medicine at St. Andrews University from 1937 to 1939, but had to complete his studies in Canada because of the outbreak of the Second World War. He graduated from McGill University with a B.Sc. in 1942 and an M.D. in 1943 [Wiki-S].

He has investigated over 3000 reincarnation cases, distributed all over the world, in 40 years period during his work life. People say Stevenson will be considered as Galileo of next century. His research was funded by Chester Carlson, one of the founders of Xerox Corporation. This funding caused controversy in the university [Wiki-S] because of the nature of the research. This controversy shows that mainstream never wants the truth be investigated.

Dr. Stevenson has discussed many standard counter logics in his investigation, both in general and in more specific way for individual cases. Some of the commonly placed counter ideas he discussed are (1) Paranormal knowledge, like fraud (motives and opportunities), conspiracy, and financial interests etc. (2) Imposed identification on the child by someone else, most likely from family members. (3) Capacity of parents to impose ideas (4) Cryptomnesia, the child may have known a person and confused it with the previous family. (5) Genetic memory (6) Extrasensory perception and personation etc.  Many reincarnation cases were rejected outright by Stevenson because of lack of proper evidences. He investigated cases only after his colleagues have identified very strong cases with verifiable evidences.

Many people have criticized Stevenson’s research. But usually they are all broad brush criticism of scientific documentation. All criticism should be carried out in details, sentence by sentence, word by word, and argued with precise logic, to invalidate any research. This approach will show that the persons who are criticizing Stevenson’s research are giving the same effort that Stevenson gave for 40 years and over 3000 cases. Otherwise their criticism will only reflect their own biases and prejudices.

Philosophy professor Dr. Robert Almeder [Almeder] of Georgia State University says if 100 people jump from Empire State Building, and 5 of them walk away without any injuries, then we should be explaining how it happened for these 5 people. On the contrary our society ignores these cases as statistically insignificant cases. Professor also points out that it is not necessary to know why it happens, how it happens, the fact is that it happens is most important.

To find the truth it is wrong to discard outliers. The proof that nature gives us are everywhere, but prominent and noticeable cases are always outliers. Moreover, as we have been mentioning all along only 1% knows the truth. We must find them to learn the truth. We have also given examples in Chapter-1 to show that math and science do not know answers to why and how things happen in nature. Engineering on the other hand does not care for math and science. It only knows if you do this then that will happen.

Contrary to popular statements by Dr. Stevenson and many other researchers, Dr. Stevenson was very convinced about the reincarnation theory. Each and every case he defended using all possible counter logic. Whenever, during his research career, he suspected any doubt and confusions, he went back to analyze the case, interview the people again to reestablish his confidence on his work. He wanted to show to the mainstream that his research is convincing, data is valid, and he said it would be a failure, if he cannot do that. Thus devotion for over 40 years was never meant for a doubtful research in his mind. Therefore whatever he said about his research may have been said, to protect himself from becoming a victim of Galileo phenomenon.

5B: Reincarnation in Religions

4. Reincarnation in Bible

A significant volume of public literature is available that presents existence of reincarnation in Bible. The book [Smith, p. 73] says there are many mentions in the Bible that can only be adequately explained in the light of reality of reincarnation. Smith says these can hardly be seen if Bible is read in a literalistic, dogmatic, and traditional way. The examples of burning bush, Cain, and Job when understood and taken collectively, according to Smith, establish the foundation of reincarnation in the Bible. He shows “how the Bible reveals reincarnation and its essential counterpart, the karma of humanity and of the individual soul”.

In John 3: 1-12, there is one of the most concrete references to reincarnation. Here Christ the Master states, “Marvel not that I said unto thee you must be born again. The wind blows where it lists, and you hear the sound thereof, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Spirit” [Robinson]. The last part of the sentence is a very clear indication of cycles of birth. The paper says there are at least thirty references in the Bible that directly or indirectly confirm the continuity of life. Robinson explains [Robinson], how the commonly used statement against reincarnation, from Hebrews 9:27, in which Paul is the speaker, “And as it is appointed unto man once to die, but after that the judgment…”, when placed in proper context will in fact corroborate reincarnation.

The book [Sigdell] provides another aspect of reincarnation in Bible. Most famous father of church, Origen (185-253 AD), undisputedly taught preexistence of soul. However, Origen’s more than 2000 writings were nearly all burnt in the 6th century, so that researchers cannot today judge it from his original texts. Along with Origen many other Greek fathers made positive remarks about reincarnation. Rufinus (345-410 AD) translated some of the texts of Origen and openly admitted in correcting them so as not to run into conflict with Dogma.  [Sigdell, p. 54] confirms the idea of power struggle in our life – “The Church accuses the reincarnation doctrine of teaching a path of self-redemption. A rivalry mentality of the Dogma seems to come through here, which doesn’t want to permit any way to God, which isn’t approved by the power structure of the Church”.

As we have mentioned it is quite possible, like birthmark and birth defect cases, every aspect of our physical body is created by our soul, while in mother’s womb, independent of any other conditions. Thus it is quite possible that the case of the blind person discussed in the Bible is also a birth defect case of reincarnation. Everybody is reincarnated; we just do not know, and may never know to what extent the body is reconstructed. John 9:2-3 declares: His disciples asked Him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ ‘Neither this man nor his parents sinned,’ said Jesus, ‘but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.’ This statement confirms that the nature always provides the proof.

5. Reincarnation in Quran

This author did not find any comprehensive research that investigates the idea of reincarnation in Quran, the way it has been done, for example by [Smith] on Bible. Research in analyzing every verse, with reincarnation in mind, in the context of the global philosophy of Quran, appears to be missing. Many authors say that the Arabs, before Mohammad, believed in Reincarnation. Had there not been in the heart of Islamism a strong germ of esoteric teachings, Sufism could never have sprung from it. Quran was written after the death of Mohammad [Pascal]. Mohammad’s sons also died before him. Sufism has deeper connection with Mohammad’s daughter.

Mainstream Islam rejects the concept of reincarnation. Believing in reincarnation into this world, in such a way that it could be interpreted as a denial of resurrection, may constitutes apostasy in Islam. A very few Sufi groups believe in reincarnation claiming that this concept is included in, “How can you deny God, when you were dead and God gave you life? Then God will cause you to die, and then revive you, and then you will be returned to God” (Quran 2:28). The mainstream Islam however rejects this understanding of the verse, claiming that it refers to the worldly human life and the consequent resurrection in the hereafter [Marathakam].

Spanish-born Sufi poet Ibn Arabi (1164-1240) commented: There is some difference of opinion among the Muslim learned men as regards the method of Resurrection. Some of them say that Resurrection will be by reincarnation and quote passages from the Quran and authenticated sayings of the Prophet in support of their contention [Hall].

Another verse has been pointed out in [Rumi]: “Set forth to them the similitude of the life of this world. It is like the rain which we send down from the skies, the earth’s vegetation absorbs it, but soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds do scatter: It is Allah who prevails over all things”, Quran 18:45. However, the book also says, there are other verses that contradict the above in the Quran. Hence, more orthodox Muslims strongly contest the Sufi view.

Besides Sufi communities, Druze and Alawi are two Islamic sects, most numerous in Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey; who recognize reincarnation concepts.  There are many, among them, who are also skeptics about the phenomenon. At the same time [Rumi] there are others who discuss stories and maintain openness about the phenomenon. Interestingly, on both ends of the spectrum there is a guardedness associated with the talk of reincarnation because of sensitivity to outside perceptions. The above paper [Bennett] presents some audio taped details of real life reincarnation stories among Druze families.


5C: Consequences

6. Consequences

The examples given above prove the law of reincarnation. There are thousands of such proven cases throughout the history of mankind and all over the world including west. The nature is doing the experiments, and is inviting you to come, see, and learn about the truth of reincarnation. You cannot verify truth about nature in an isolated environment inside a laboratory. Those experiments will be all wrong, because they are based on assumptions.

These example cases also give another proof of existence of soul. The existence of soul opens a completely new dimension in our life, philosophy, medicine, education, and the design of societies. Our humanity during the last fifteen hundred years ignored the concept of soul. But now once we understand reincarnation as a fact, we see the existence of a new kind of object in nature, the soul. So far we were concerned with physical objects only, living and nonliving; and we also considered physical forces like, light, sound, mechanical forces etc. But now we have another object which is non-physical. Examples show that this soul is not part of nature; does not follow the laws of nature, and in particular the soul never follows the death process, a fundamental law of nature. We cannot see the soul, like gravitational forces or magnetic forces, but we can feel its presence in our body, and we see its impact in the early childhood of every birth of human being. The recognition of this new object, the soul, can have tremendous impact in our life. In the following subsections we analyze some of these consequences.

The Human Soul

To justify the reincarnation examples mentioned above we need to introduce the concept of soul. This is the object that helps to carry experiences and information from our past life to our present life. This is a very important characteristic of our soul.

We know that nature has only two kinds of objects, a physical object which we can see, touch, and feel, it occupies some space. There is also an energy or force type objects, which we cannot see but we can feel it, we can see its effects. We also know that the energy object is always associated with a physical object. A light always emanates from a physical object like sun, or light bulb etc. Similarly heat or sound also is an effect due to some physical objects. Energy or force objects cannot exist without a physical material object. Thus in this sense we only have one kind of object in our natural universe, which is physical.

We also know that no physical or material object can carry any kind of information about our life from one birth to another birth. Our scientists have not found any such physical material. All the physical objects have been identified in the periodic table of chemistry. None of these physical elements can carry any information. These physical objects are not living objects. Thus the soul is neither force and energy type nor a material type object. But since it carries information, it must be something else. We discuss more details in the Samkhya theory chapter about the nature of soul.

We are different

Reincarnation law shows that we came to this world many times in the past. We were born in many different places, countries, to many families, and in many races. In some incarnations we were males and in some other we were females. Thus our souls do not have sex, race, nationality, and religion. Since we are souls and not our bodies, then our bodies should not have any nationality also. In fact all yogis consider them as persons without any boundary. Thus our soul world is a real One World.

The examples show that the experiences of these past lives are still with us, and are helping to make an individual to progress and also the society to progress. We are building on them in each life. Many people refer to this as karma. Note that karma means work, not just in past life, but in present life also.

There were many wars in the world, based on nationality, race, religion, and of course wealth and money power. Indian ancient books like Ramayana and Mahabharata present two great wars. In Ramayana, two different races, human and monkey, joined forces against a monster race. This war therefore was not based on race, it was for Dharma, which means for justice, truth, duty, responsibility etc. The objective of both wars was for the same reason. Most important objective in those two wars was to restore and maintain the respect for woman. Thus if we understand reincarnation, if we understand soul, then we will never fight for manmade ideals like religion, nationality, or race. We will fight for god made or nature made objectives, for truth, responsibility, humanity, and equality.

If you throw a stone you can see its trajectory. You can see how the stone moves, where it came from, and where it is going. A soul also has a similar trajectory, but it is distributed over space and time. We cannot see or feel about its entire trajectory. The reincarnation examples show that this concept of trajectory is valid in real life. Our present life is only a small part of this trajectory. Thus all of us are in a long journey and for eternity with different trajectories. We inherit this trajectory; our present life is defined by experiences gained from this trajectory.

Since in every life we were born in different families, in different economic and social conditions, and in different times, we are all different. Every person is different. This universal thought should be taken into consideration in the design of our society, work force, education, medicine, legal and political systems. This is considered and used by many hypnotherapeutic practitioners, but the scope should be expanded in all aspects of our life. Every person should be treated in an unique way designed specifically for that person. This philosophy, if implemented correctly, will change our society completely. We should not treat everybody as equal; however, we must give equal opportunity and freedom to everybody. Just because we cannot remember our past lives, we should not treat others badly.

For the same reason, there cannot be anything good or bad in nature. They are just different. Everything is part of nature and is following the laws of nature. Apple is good and orange is bad cannot be true. Similarly Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad cannot also be true. We have gone through different trajectories of incarnations, so we are different. Death is an universal truth, and thus death cannot be bad also. Different person will die at different age and for different reason.

Body constructions

Birth mark cases show that human body is constructed by the soul, while the baby is inside mother’s womb. If there was gunshot wound in the previous life then it can appear at same places in the new born baby. This discovery has tremendous consequences in our medicine, life, and philosophy. It is quite possible that everything in the normal body is also constructed individually in an unique way by its soul. An example has been discussed in [Govinda] indicating that past life photograph matches very closely with present life. Thus the looks of a person may not depend on parents. The same can be said about, intelligence, diseases, medicine effects etc. Thus this law of reincarnation has a profound impact on the understanding of human life and then effectively using our people for proper design of our society including its philosophy.

Teaching such concepts will also make all parents aware of their babies past lives. Now most of us ignore past life. But asking some basic questions, at the age when the baby starts talking, we may be able to find information about past life. All pediatricians can be trained to detect birth marks and ask such questions to all of their child patients. This information can be used not only for health problems but for many social and philosophical problems also.

Many present-life diseases are due to past life accidents, sickness or diseases. A little boy had eczema at the wrist; he used to scratch under certain mental conditions causing hand to bleed. Once it was discovered that he was wounded by a gun shot in military battle field in his past life, he not only recovered from the phobia, but his eczema also completely vanished [Bowman, pp. 4-22]. There is another such example, cyst in throat, in the video by [BBC, 2011], and is discussed later.

We were there

The reincarnation law says we were there before; we were there where Jesus Christ was, we were there when Prophet Muhammad was, Buddha was. We did not die in all the wars; we are back here again and probably fighting another war, or maybe trying to prevent another war. The case of Leininger [Primetime], discussed in the example section, confirms that we were there in all places, we never die, and we come back to our earth to serve our society and each other. All the Jews who were killed in WWII are still here, they may not be Jews in this life but are not dead; all other millions who were killed in WWII are also here.

If death of somebody or some object brings good for greater benefit of the society, then death or killing is definitely a good thing to happen. Death is not bad at all because it is a law of nature. Since destiny, as we show later, is driving all of us, how can death and wars be bad? There is no need to feel bad or sad about our death. That is because death process is certain for everybody. Those who have born will die one day. According to reincarnation law they will be born again. This certainty and truth should remove sorrow and sadness from our life. Constantly remembering reincarnation law will give us peace in our mind all the time. This can be achieved by teaching reincarnation law starting from our high schools days.

All the memories of our past lives are also with us and we are enjoying our companies with all the long history of each other. Many of us remember the past during our child hood days, but most do not. That does not mean that our soul forgot everything. Similarly, we all know our past lives, but it is known to our souls and not by our mind. However the past life experiences and memories are working in all our present actions. A person with yoga skills can tell us everything about our past lives. In many cases hypnosis can also reveal our past experiences and knowledge [Govinda].

Understanding of such concepts, which is a consequence of reincarnation law, has a profound impact in the philosophy of our society and it can change our life style. Imagine what will happen to our next generation of people if we teach these subjects to our high school students.


5D: Benefits

7. Benefits
Past life regression

Past life regression (PLR) therapy is now a well established method of treatment in Psychiatric branch of medical science. In this approach a patient is usually placed in a hypnosis environment and regressed backward in time slowly to past life. Some doctors do not use hypnotic method, yet take the patient consciously to past life memories. A good literature survey on the hypnosis methodologies is presented in the Master’s thesis [Lightbourn]. Some doctors claim that this method proves the validity of reincarnation law. This approach and its direct benefits to patients reveal the existence of soul and reincarnation theory. The PLR cases compare very well with the Jatiswar cases.

It has been found that many chronic migraine headache cases for many adults are related to past life problems. In one such case [Hickman] all normal medical treatments, over long period of time, failed to cure the patient. Accidentally the patient discovered the PLR technique and made an appointment for hypnosis. It was found out that she was raped, had a baby, and then died in an accident where she got wounded in her head. Once she discovered all the details she was completely cured automatically.

In a similar incident a child started growing a large cyst in his throat [BBC, 2011]. Doctors performed the operation but it grew again. One day the boy told his mother how he died in his past life due to a gunshot wound on his neck in a military battle field. Once the details were discussed with the boy, the cyst and the growth in the throat vanished completely. The normal medical doctors could not explain but had to accept it as a miracle. This case does not come under birth mark type; however it is similar to migraine headache problem. It is quite possible that a detail medical examination of the physical body would reveal an internal birth mark in every case, just like we have seen in our first example.

Brian L Weiss (1944-) graduated from Yale university school of medicine, was a head of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical center, Miami, Florida, USA. He is famous for his research in past life regression therapy and reincarnation. He is a preeminent authority in the west on reincarnation law. He has published many books on the subject.

In 1980 in a hypnosis session, one of his patients Catherine revealed past life memories. In another session Catharine provided many details about the deceased father and son of Dr. Weiss. This revelation has convinced Dr. Weiss about the reincarnation as a natural law. The PLR process on Catherine completely relived her from her paralyzing phobias; and put Dr. Weiss in a life changing path. The orthodox medical school has tried to censor Brian, and victimize as another Galileo, after he published his first book on the subject [Miller]. Dr. Weiss has appeared in all major TV channels and shows world over.

The case study descriptions of Dr. Weiss reveal many interesting features about our past lives. His book [Weiss] on Many lives, Many master is a must read in the field of reincarnation theories. Following are some of the observations that we can make from such PLR investigations. (a) A person can acquire a yogic vision to see his past life as a 3-D video merely by high level concentration. (b) Memory is not in our brain, but it is in nature. (c) Our physical looks, facial appearance remain same over incarnations. Thus the genetic theory may not be valid. A person can recognize him from these videos of his past life. He can recognize all his friends, colleagues, teachers, family members in his past life. They all look just the way they are in present life. (d) Some great souls have communicated to Dr. Weiss via his patient directly about his present and future plans and activities. (d) People live together in groups over many past lives. Thus simultaneity law is active very close to our community. Etc.

These conclusions indicate that I have married a person who was there in the close circle of my past life. My son was also there in my past life and was known to me. Thus destiny is a miracle across our past lives also.

It will change your thoughts, your life style once you understand reincarnations, and how you lived in this world for so many thousands of years and enjoyed the evolving societies.

Yogis and Meditation

Yoga and meditations are well known in eastern countries. Many people from the west have gone to India and Tibet to learn and practice yoga meditation. Some people renounce their societies and live in forests, mountains, and caves in Himalayas to learn and practice the yoga mediation. The life stories of such yogis have been published in many books; see for example [Govinda, Rama, Yogananda].  Reincarnation and the soul theory are the foundation of such practices. The major objective of such yogic meditation is to connect to your soul, called self realization, or swaroop darshan in Sanskrit. With this method they can progress further to achieve powers to serve the people who desire their help. In particular yogis can help anyone from any kind of diseases as we have given examples in the chapter on Yogic Power.

The foundation of yoga principle is based on the existence of soul and its incarnations. If we understand this universal truth then we can design our education system to learn the yoga meditation technology to make our society much better. Our many health problems can be solved without any kind of modern medications which have so many side effects. Our general and mental health can also be significantly improved using such meditation procedures.

The book [Govinda, p. 114] has documented one case of yoga meditation skill that can help to communicate with another person in a different country without any knowledge of the person. While living in Tibet, Govinda wanted to know about his mother’s condition in Germany. A Tibetan yogi within few minutes brought the details about his mother. Two weeks later Govinda received a mail from his mother confirming the exact same information. It is therefore quite logical that we are also connected by our souls all the time with all persons. Our society will completely change if we teach our kids in their high schools how to achieve such yogic power and control our lives.

8. Tracking Incarnations

Using very sophisticated software, globalized computer network, and with integration of medical and other databases collected over many generations, it will be possible to track and identify reincarnation of all human beings. The modern technology, like the one, we are using now for tracking terrorists, can be used for finding past life persons. The kind of data items that maybe included are [Wambach]: photographs at different ages, thumb prints, skin, hair color, land, climate, ethnicity, normal food, kitchen utensils, clothing, footwear, time of death, age, death experience etc. Pediatricians can be trained, across all hospitals, to enter their information in the database.

At this time these past life identifications are done only by people who have acquired special skills in yogic meditation [Govinda]. Tibetans have well developed methods for finding their famous lamas after reincarnations, and providing such children the opportunities, so that they can help the Tibetan society in later days. But this is managed using yogic power, which cannot be achieved by everyone. Such identification skills have been discussed in [Rama, Yogananda] also. It will be good to take help from such yogis to design and verify the database search algorithms and identification results.

9. Conclusions

In this chapter we have seen how nature proves the law of reincarnation by creating many different types of examples. If you want to know the proof, you have to go to these places, live with them for about a week and learn for yourself how reincarnation manifests in our society and how people have experienced over thousands of years in all countries all over the world. Or you can learn it from the research reports created by people who made that visit.

Once you recognize that reincarnation is a law of nature, and you are a reincarnated soul, it will bring tremendous joy in your life. You will know that you are a soul, you are all powerful, you lived when Jesus, Mohammad, Rama, Krishna all lived on this earth. You may have seen them during their times. You will know that you are part of nature, your activities are synchronized with the entire universe, and you are not alone. You will never die; you will come back to this universe again and again to do whatever you want and are planned for you.

You will become more sensitive to nature. You will see everywhere that nature is communicating with you all the time. Your soul is always talking to you. You will become sensitive to hear it. Your horizon will expand, you will be born in many countries, in many families, in many religions, you will be male, female, and your life will be fulfilled in all possible ways you want.

It may be possible that a time will come when you will be reincarnated to become a yogi. In that life you will be able to see the entire universe all by yourself, all lives you have lived, how things happen in this world. Possibility to acquire such a divine power, which existed for so many people at one time in the history of this world, can become an objective of your life. There will be no difference between you and another soul whom we may call god.