5C: Consequences

5C: Consequences

6. Consequences

The examples given above prove the law of reincarnation. There are thousands of such proven cases throughout the history of mankind and all over the world including west. The nature is doing the experiments, and is inviting you to come, see, and learn about the truth of reincarnation. You cannot verify truth about nature in an isolated environment inside a laboratory. Those experiments will be all wrong, because they are based on assumptions.

These example cases also give another proof of existence of soul. The existence of soul opens a completely new dimension in our life, philosophy, medicine, education, and the design of societies. Our humanity during the last fifteen hundred years ignored the concept of soul. But now once we understand reincarnation as a fact, we see the existence of a new kind of object in nature, the soul. So far we were concerned with physical objects only, living and nonliving; and we also considered physical forces like, light, sound, mechanical forces etc. But now we have another object which is non-physical. Examples show that this soul is not part of nature; does not follow the laws of nature, and in particular the soul never follows the death process, a fundamental law of nature. We cannot see the soul, like gravitational forces or magnetic forces, but we can feel its presence in our body, and we see its impact in the early childhood of every birth of human being. The recognition of this new object, the soul, can have tremendous impact in our life. In the following subsections we analyze some of these consequences.

The Human Soul

To justify the reincarnation examples mentioned above we need to introduce the concept of soul. This is the object that helps to carry experiences and information from our past life to our present life. This is a very important characteristic of our soul.

We know that nature has only two kinds of objects, a physical object which we can see, touch, and feel, it occupies some space. There is also an energy or force type objects, which we cannot see but we can feel it, we can see its effects. We also know that the energy object is always associated with a physical object. A light always emanates from a physical object like sun, or light bulb etc. Similarly heat or sound also is an effect due to some physical objects. Energy or force objects cannot exist without a physical material object. Thus in this sense we only have one kind of object in our natural universe, which is physical.

We also know that no physical or material object can carry any kind of information about our life from one birth to another birth. Our scientists have not found any such physical material. All the physical objects have been identified in the periodic table of chemistry. None of these physical elements can carry any information. These physical objects are not living objects. Thus the soul is neither force and energy type nor a material type object. But since it carries information, it must be something else. We discuss more details in the Samkhya theory chapter about the nature of soul.

We are different

Reincarnation law shows that we came to this world many times in the past. We were born in many different places, countries, to many families, and in many races. In some incarnations we were males and in some other we were females. Thus our souls do not have sex, race, nationality, and religion. Since we are souls and not our bodies, then our bodies should not have any nationality also. In fact all yogis consider them as persons without any boundary. Thus our soul world is a real One World.

The examples show that the experiences of these past lives are still with us, and are helping to make an individual to progress and also the society to progress. We are building on them in each life. Many people refer to this as karma. Note that karma means work, not just in past life, but in present life also.

There were many wars in the world, based on nationality, race, religion, and of course wealth and money power. Indian ancient books like Ramayana and Mahabharata present two great wars. In Ramayana, two different races, human and monkey, joined forces against a monster race. This war therefore was not based on race, it was for Dharma, which means for justice, truth, duty, responsibility etc. The objective of both wars was for the same reason. Most important objective in those two wars was to restore and maintain the respect for woman. Thus if we understand reincarnation, if we understand soul, then we will never fight for manmade ideals like religion, nationality, or race. We will fight for god made or nature made objectives, for truth, responsibility, humanity, and equality.

If you throw a stone you can see its trajectory. You can see how the stone moves, where it came from, and where it is going. A soul also has a similar trajectory, but it is distributed over space and time. We cannot see or feel about its entire trajectory. The reincarnation examples show that this concept of trajectory is valid in real life. Our present life is only a small part of this trajectory. Thus all of us are in a long journey and for eternity with different trajectories. We inherit this trajectory; our present life is defined by experiences gained from this trajectory.

Since in every life we were born in different families, in different economic and social conditions, and in different times, we are all different. Every person is different. This universal thought should be taken into consideration in the design of our society, work force, education, medicine, legal and political systems. This is considered and used by many hypnotherapeutic practitioners, but the scope should be expanded in all aspects of our life. Every person should be treated in an unique way designed specifically for that person. This philosophy, if implemented correctly, will change our society completely. We should not treat everybody as equal; however, we must give equal opportunity and freedom to everybody. Just because we cannot remember our past lives, we should not treat others badly.

For the same reason, there cannot be anything good or bad in nature. They are just different. Everything is part of nature and is following the laws of nature. Apple is good and orange is bad cannot be true. Similarly Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad cannot also be true. We have gone through different trajectories of incarnations, so we are different. Death is an universal truth, and thus death cannot be bad also. Different person will die at different age and for different reason.

Body constructions

Birth mark cases show that human body is constructed by the soul, while the baby is inside mother’s womb. If there was gunshot wound in the previous life then it can appear at same places in the new born baby. This discovery has tremendous consequences in our medicine, life, and philosophy. It is quite possible that everything in the normal body is also constructed individually in an unique way by its soul. An example has been discussed in [Govinda] indicating that past life photograph matches very closely with present life. Thus the looks of a person may not depend on parents. The same can be said about, intelligence, diseases, medicine effects etc. Thus this law of reincarnation has a profound impact on the understanding of human life and then effectively using our people for proper design of our society including its philosophy.

Teaching such concepts will also make all parents aware of their babies past lives. Now most of us ignore past life. But asking some basic questions, at the age when the baby starts talking, we may be able to find information about past life. All pediatricians can be trained to detect birth marks and ask such questions to all of their child patients. This information can be used not only for health problems but for many social and philosophical problems also.

Many present-life diseases are due to past life accidents, sickness or diseases. A little boy had eczema at the wrist; he used to scratch under certain mental conditions causing hand to bleed. Once it was discovered that he was wounded by a gun shot in military battle field in his past life, he not only recovered from the phobia, but his eczema also completely vanished [Bowman, pp. 4-22]. There is another such example, cyst in throat, in the video by [BBC, 2011], and is discussed later.

We were there

The reincarnation law says we were there before; we were there where Jesus Christ was, we were there when Prophet Muhammad was, Buddha was. We did not die in all the wars; we are back here again and probably fighting another war, or maybe trying to prevent another war. The case of Leininger [Primetime], discussed in the example section, confirms that we were there in all places, we never die, and we come back to our earth to serve our society and each other. All the Jews who were killed in WWII are still here, they may not be Jews in this life but are not dead; all other millions who were killed in WWII are also here.

If death of somebody or some object brings good for greater benefit of the society, then death or killing is definitely a good thing to happen. Death is not bad at all because it is a law of nature. Since destiny, as we show later, is driving all of us, how can death and wars be bad? There is no need to feel bad or sad about our death. That is because death process is certain for everybody. Those who have born will die one day. According to reincarnation law they will be born again. This certainty and truth should remove sorrow and sadness from our life. Constantly remembering reincarnation law will give us peace in our mind all the time. This can be achieved by teaching reincarnation law starting from our high schools days.

All the memories of our past lives are also with us and we are enjoying our companies with all the long history of each other. Many of us remember the past during our child hood days, but most do not. That does not mean that our soul forgot everything. Similarly, we all know our past lives, but it is known to our souls and not by our mind. However the past life experiences and memories are working in all our present actions. A person with yoga skills can tell us everything about our past lives. In many cases hypnosis can also reveal our past experiences and knowledge [Govinda].

Understanding of such concepts, which is a consequence of reincarnation law, has a profound impact in the philosophy of our society and it can change our life style. Imagine what will happen to our next generation of people if we teach these subjects to our high school students.