9A: Global Plan

9A: Global Plan


and there cannot have any freewill from anyone to go against all mighty nature. We are part of nature and we play just the way the nature wants us to perform.

In a previous chapter we have discussed a very important law of nature called the Simultaneity law. This law says that every object, living and nonliving, in nature and therefore in the entire universe, is simultaneously, interactively, and continuously connected to each other for all past, present, and future time. Or in other words nothing is isolated in the universe. Everything in nature is tightly integrated for all time. No object of nature can therefore have any freewill.

Therefore, you and I are also not isolated. We are all integrated together with each other and with the environment. We are dependent on each other and on the nature. Therefore we are not free and cannot do anything freely. This is same as saying we do not have any freewill. This idea is called global destiny. There is a global plan for all of us, caused by this universal force that the simultaneity law generates. We will see later that this global destiny shapes our individual destiny. Thus this simultaneity law and the (global) destiny are synonymous.

Imagine what I could do if I had freewill. I will be able to do anything I want at any moment without thinking about anything, and without any cause. If I think and look for a cause or reason then I do not have freewill. Thinking and looking for a cause or a reason is performed before you act, and therefore is a past time activity. Thus having a reason means past is controlling the future, and therefore no freewill. It will mean what I will do next is based on what I thought in the past. But if I just can do anything at any moment then you will find many people doing random things at random moments, as if everybody is jumping around like monkeys, which we never see in reality. Nature has a perfect and amazing order. Let us examine a case of apparent freewill to illustrate that – what we think as freewill is only an illusion.

Let us say that you believe that you can decide freely to choose to drink coffee or tea. You are sitting on your desk, you pick up your coffee cup and walk the hallway to the coffee room for your cup of coffee. When you go there, you find the coffee pot is empty. So you cannot take coffee now. Instead you decide to take hot water and a tea bag. Thus you have failed to exercise your freewill. This has happened because you are interconnected with other people’s activities in your corporation. We are all sharing our environment in an interactive way and continuously.

You may say, well I will make coffee and then drink. That is correct, but then that is not now; it is sometime later, when the coffee will be ready. The fact is that you failed to drink coffee now. There could be many other scenarios. Suppose you wanted to drink tea, but in the coffee room you found your boss taking coffee, you started talking to her, and to be in tune with her you changed your mind and took black coffee and both leave the coffee room together.

If you analyze any of your activities in details, thoroughly, and carefully you will find that all your activities, depend on your past activities, your present environment, and events at present moment. Things happen in our life so fast, and environment changes so fast, and it appears so natural to us, that we never realize that we are constantly and continuously changing our mind.

But then you can say, well this is not really destiny, things are happening randomly. But that is also wrong; a careful analysis again will show that nothing is happening randomly. The simultaneity law is very powerful and precise. We will show that this law is perfectly deterministic. There are many examples of people with yogic power who can tell you exactly what is going to happen to you within next few minutes. We have discussed some examples of predicting the future perfectly in this chapter and in the chapter on Yogic power.

There are many examples in Veda that shows that even gods do not have freewill and are forced to obey the destiny. Gods were cursed by yogis and they had to incarnate and follow the curse. Actually cursing does not mean freewill also. Nobody has the power to change the destiny. Cursing only means the ability to see the future and pointing out the bad things from there; same is true for blessings. There is a famous statement in Gita verse 4.8 that says millennium after millennium god comes to earth to clean the society. This shows that god is bound by destiny, he is not free.

3. Global Plan

We all know that our solar system has a global plan. Sitting on earth we do not and cannot see this global plan. But as we move away from earth into deep space we begin to see this plan. We first see that sun, and moon are near earth and they are rotating around each other showing that they are integrated together. As we move further away from earth we begin to see all other planets and eventually the entire solar system and how they are working in a beautiful harmony of a global plan, with clearly defined orbits, each one is correctly balanced in their own orbit, yet influencing each other. As we go farther away we begin to see how our solar system is only a part of a much bigger plan involving the galaxy of our universe.

Thus our earth does not have any freedom to move and do something on its own, in the same way the sun and the moon are also not free. No physical object of nature can have any freedom to take any action. As we investigate soul theory, we will find that every physical object also has a soul. Thus all living and nonliving objects are essentially same and cannot have any freedom to escape from the simultaneity law.

If we look at the inside operation of a corporation we will also find a global plan there. Every company is making a product. This product is designed and manufactured by the corporation. Many people are working to make that product happen. The company has a schedule. This schedule has lot of tasks. Each task is assigned to a person. Each such task must start at some specified time and must take some fixed length of time. All tasks must be done according the global design, so that they fit together to create the final product according to its specification. This is nothing but the global plan for the corporation. No one has any freedom to change anything. Why would you change anything? You were involved when the plan was drawn, you have decided how you will work before you started working on it. Thus you cannot have any freedom from the schedule.

In reality, you are happy that you do not have any freedom to choose. Can you imagine how complicated life would be if you had to change your plan everyday every moment in your company? On the other hand when you go to your work at eight o’clock in the morning, you exactly know what you have to do. You just start according to the plan and at the end of the day you will be very happy that you have finished your day’s work properly.

This global plan is not just inside a corporation, it is inside the entire industry. Consider the automobile industry. Imagine how complicated way the simultaneity law is working in this industry. This industry has many automobile companies, like GM, Ford, Toyota etc. Each one of these companies have many manufacturing and design facilities distributed all over the world and yet they are working very smoothly and harmoniously to run the industry. Thus the global plan is real, very practical, and is required for the society. Go another level up and you will see the global plan of the entire economy.

The global plan exists at microscopic level also. Consider an electronic circuit card. You may have seen that, your desk top computer may have such cards inside it. It is about 4 inch by 6 inch card with hundreds or even thousands of components on it. Some are very small, you can barely see them with your naked eyes, and some are quite large. They have different shapes, different sizes, and different colors. Yet they are all working together, simultaneously, and continuously. There is not a single component that is idle or not working in the board. None of them can decide to change its functions, their task is precisely defined and their interfaces are precisely defined also. If any one component decides to change its task or fails to do its job then the entire board will eventually collapse.

The global plan is there for every small object like a human body cell to a very big object like our galaxy. They all have souls, they all communicate with each other continuously and harmoniously. To understand how our souls are working in this global plan, we have to understand the answer to the basic age old question – who am I?

It is not enough to know that you are not your body, or brain, or even your mind. You have to continuously remember that you are your soul. It is also important to know how much powerful your soul is and what it can do and it is doing. We have investigated yogic power in another chapter; you must have then realized that you have the same power too. Anybody can acquire this yogic power. When you have come to this world, you came with your plan, which you will execute in cooperation with all other souls. Your soul is continuously guiding your physical body to do this work, moment by moment. You cannot sit idle, unless it is in the part of your plan. Why would you change? You are not the body, you are the soul, your soul knows the plan, it will guide your body to make the plan work. Just like we work in our corporation, or a component works in a circuit card, your body will do the work in the same way in this society.