9B: Modelling Destiny

9B: Modelling Destiny

4. Action Reaction Law

In this section we show, using the laws of nature, how we are tied up by our destiny, moment by moment, from our past actions. Thus we are actually living in the past. Anything we do now is determined by our activities in the past. This is a microscopic analysis rather than a global analysis. However, this foundation of microscopic view will help us to understand the global plan for our destiny. Bible says “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”[Bible, Galatians 6:7]. We will see that this statement is valid even at time gaps of milliseconds; we do not have to wait for years to reap the results. This will in turn say that we cannot have freewill; we are guided by our past.

Newton’s Third Law

The action-reaction law or the Newton’s third law is an important law of nature. It can be found in [Serway, p.120] and has been explained in the following way. In an isolated environment, the forces always occur in pairs or that a single isolated force cannot exist. Any one of these two forces can be called the action force, and the other one then can be called the reaction force. The reaction force (F2) is equal in magnitude of the action force (F1) and of opposite in direction and can be written as in (9.1):


The law of conservation (LOC) of mass and energy are two important laws of nature. It has been shown [Das, 2012-1] that this is the only meaningful law of nature; all other laws of physics are either equivalent to or can be derived from this law. The law says that mass and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Thus the sigma of all masses is a constant; the same is true for energy. They can only be transformed or transferred. Thus to produce a car we must use materials and energy from nature. It cannot be created out of nothing. We call LOC as the sigma law.

Time and Action-Reaction

In this subsection we show how laws of nature can be used to prove that the present is defined by the past. That is, the destiny idea follows clearly and in a straight forward way from the action reaction law. This will also prove we cannot have freewill at present moment.

As we have mentioned, this law says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This reaction, according to the law, is supposed to happen instantaneously. But in nature nothing happens like that, everything takes some time. Thus if an action F1 happens at time t, then its reaction F2 will happen at dt time later, where dt is a very small time, can be called observational delay, measurement delay, or reaction time etc. Thus F2 will happen at time t+dt. We know that this F2 will be equal and opposite of F1, thus we can write F2 = – F1. Since we know F1, we thus know F2 also. Thus future is clearly known, this is future because t+dt is future time. Thus the action reaction law clearly states that the destiny is precisely defined and can be found if we know the present. In the Libet’s experiment, described later, we will see that what we do now is the result of a command or action received milliseconds before now. But our sense organs do not sense this command.

The above logic can be applied in the same way to describe the past of any action that happened now at time t. Suppose an action F1 happened at present time t. Then according to action reaction law an action F2 must have happened at t-dt time, and F2 must be equal to – F1. Thus the past F2 is completely known from the present F1. If that was not the case then the action F1 could not have happened. Thus the entire trajectory of all actions is completely planned. In this case also, the logic leads to the equation (9.1).

We have explained all humans are tightly integrated in our world with our simultaneous actions and reactions. This integration is not just in present life, because of reincarnation law we were connected in our past lives also. The past life actions are working in the present life too.

According to simultaneity law for any action there will be more than one reaction at any future time t+dt. So the number of reactions, N in (9.2), will be very large, and the share of any action among all the reactions will be very difficult to find out. But theoretically we understand that, it can be found out, that is, the action reaction law is valid. Thus we must extend our logic from expression (9.1) to expression (9.2) to incorporate the simultaneity law of nature.

Note that at time t+dt many other new reactions will also interfere with the object, beside the reactions originated by F1. Thus all objects must be considered simultaneously to find the total reaction on any object.

It must be understood clearly, that because of simultaneity law I do not create my destiny. My destiny is created by the actions of many people working together, including past life activities with many people. Thus my destiny is tied with the global plan of the society. The notion that I create my destiny, I create my karma, I am independent are not correct and goes against the simultaneity law and reincarnation law of nature. We are not isolated individuals, we are together, and are highly integrated through our activities. Thus it is not my destiny, it is our destiny.

Good and Bad

Since everything is a consequence of a chain of action reaction law beginning from eternity and everything is also simultaneously controlled under a global plan, everything is part of global destiny. We are all working, in a sense helplessly, without any freewill. That is, our hands are tied. Therefore nothing in this world can be good or bad. We are not doing anything, everything is done by nature, and nature is never good or bad.

We never say apple is good and orange is bad or dog is good and cat is bad. Similarly we do not say sun is good and moon is bad, rain is bad and sun shine is good. We have accepted all of them as they are and never try to compare or criticize them. But unfortunately for many reasons we say Mr. X is good and Mr. Y is bad. But that should not be the case, because we are all part of nature, we do not have freewill, we are guided by destiny, which is a job done by nature, and is already preplanned. Thus there cannot exist good or bad people; we are all just different. We have come to this world for certain task assigned by nature and nature is guiding us to do that task, just like robots. How can then someone be good and someone else is bad?

Thus everything is beautiful, youthful, and heavenly. The blue sky, the green garden, moonlit night, soft flowers are all equally good. They all smile, sing, dance and play to die. They do not know pains, they do not cry, they have no worries. The flowers swing in the wind, they smile to fall on the ground. The moonlit night smilingly disappears, so do the billions of stars in the sky as the morning dawns. [Tagore – sokhi bhabona kahare].

5.       Modeling Destiny

We have seen the meaning of destiny, how it depends on our past activities, and our ability to predict future or past for short moments. For long term predictions, we will try to create a better understanding of destiny using the above concepts. Using an analytical approach, based on action reaction or sigma law, it will not be possible to predict anything at all. We will see why it is so, however, the approach will prove the existence of predictability. But we will see later in this chapter that using only yogic power yogis can predict future for very long time, and very precisely, including thousands of years in the future for any individual who has not even been born. In India there are such Sanskrit documents, called Vrigu Samhita and Agastha Nadi Samhita, each of which predicts future of about 400,000 people from all over the world.

In the chapter on conservation laws we have derived the model of the universe using a networking or system theory based concepts. Here we extend the action reaction law, which is same as the simultaneity law,


bring in more freedom you lose. Consider the case of searching for a job in a corporation. When you are alone in your home you can imagine that you can take any job in that corporation: you can join marketing, sales, engineering, management etc. You have all options open when you are in your home. But when you go to that corporation you will find that they have only one position open for you, because all other people have taken all other positions. Thus simultaneous actions of all people have reduced your choices. Extending this concept to millions of people, which is equivalent to millions of variables, will produce only one solution for all time. Thus never in our life we will have any freedom of any choices.

We must point out that it is not that the nature is following our model, we are trying to explain how nature maybe working using our qualitative model of simultaneity law. We cannot do anything on our own in any case. If we try, it will disturb all the equations and all variables in (9.8). We must follow what these equations are telling us to do. And in fact we are just doing that every day in our corporate world. We know what exactly we have to do tomorrow in our office. We have our work cut out exactly. In fact life is very easy that way; we do not have to take the trouble of making decisions every day every moment. Following nature is much better than going against it and exerting our influences on the world. We actually cannot, as we will see the situation, in our local view described later. Thus simultaneity law represents the global destiny law. It represents our destiny.

Equation (9.10) says all souls are constantly in touch with each other and constantly talking to us and to you. Whatever you are thinking is because of other souls are communicating with your soul also. We examine this communication fact in unfolding destiny section of this chapter. Everything you do at every moment is planned and not just major events. There is absolutely no freewill anywhere. We have made the plan before our birth and we are here to execute it, just the way we do in our corporate world.