9E: Proof Of Destiny

9E: Proof Of Destiny

10. Predicting Destiny

In many places in India there are thousands of secret books on astrological predictions of all humans of the world. These books were written by ancient yogis of India. Most famous of them are attributed to Vrigu and Agasthya yogis. It is said that Vrigu lived during Dakkha period, which was several thousand years before Ramayan period [Sinha]. Agasthya lived during Ramayan period [Sagar]. Vrigu invented the astrology and used his yogic power to write these predictions.

These books are commonly called Vrigu Samhita and Agasthya Nadi Samhita. They are written in Sanskrit (for Vrigu) and ancient Tamil language (for Agasthya), on palm leaf pages, and are in several volumes. Many original volumes were destroyed during Muslim period. The remaining volumes are scattered all over India. Some centers do not have the original volumes and the readers give false predictions. People from all over the world go there to learn about their destiny.

Each horoscope contains several pages. The pages give details of names of the visitor, his parents, and family members. It describes past, present, and future on many subjects of the visitor. Some of them contain medical histories. They also include past and future incarnations of the visitor. Some predictions are written in question and answer form. The questions are from visitor’s own mind. We have seen such Q&A type predictions from Swami Rama, in yogic power chapter.

For every visitor, a particular page has to be found out. If that page is not found then the horoscope predictions cannot be given. The page is found from one of many ways: (a) date and time of arrival of the visitor (b) birth place, date, and time (c) horoscope chart etc. For Agasthya Samhita thumb prints are used [Oak] to locate the pages. The readers ignore the page if it does not contain their name and date of birth correctly. This shows that the thumb print remain invariant across life cycles. We have seen in past life regression examples that our looks remain invariant too. These are some of the mysteries of nature yet to be identified by modern societies.

Destiny defines everything in our life. So whether a visitor will go to such a Samhita place or his page can be found or not is also part of destiny. In fact everything can be and should be interpreted using destiny concept only. It will be clear from the concept of destiny, eternal recurrence, mathematical logic etc. that predicting the future precisely is quite meaningful, although we cannot tell exactly how this happens. This is because we do not know science behind this yogic vision. As we have shown the science that we study is full of assumptions, is misleading, and erroneous. Following are some well known predictions which were written in these Samhita books.

A four star army general JN Choudhury, visited one of these centers [Singh] where people claim to have some volumes of Vrigu. Choudhury was planning to retire from service. But the pundit’s readings of his pages said he will become chief of army. Eventually things turned out that way and he was selected as chief and was appointed for the war against Pakistan.

A political leader, KM Munshi visited the place [Singh] in 1945. The pundit started reading his horoscope and described his position as a political leader. But the next sentence said he will have to leave now immediately without completing the rest of the predictions. Mr. Munshi’s secretary came and reminded him of his appointment that he must honor now and leave the place. This shows how destiny is confirmed, so many thousand years later at some precise moments, and at such level of details in our life.

In another incident in 2007 Pratibha Patil visited for Vrigu Samhita [Rao] and it was predicted that she will become president of India. Six months later she, an unlikely candidate, became the first woman president to hold that office.

The following prediction will show the level of details included in the Agasthya Nadi Samhita [Oak]; Vrigu Samhita also has similar capability. They mention the visitor’s name, and names of wife, mother, and father, the age of the visitor, number of sons and daughters. Then they describe the birth horoscope signs, position of stars, all written on those ancient pages. They read from the manuscript the education of the visitor, children’s schooling, and the place of work of the visitor. It talked about undue delay in promotion, break in children’s education, wife’s skin disease, car accident, court case. It described past life sins and good deeds and their effects on the present life. It recommends some pilgrimage or prayers to certain places for correcting sins of past life. It should be understood, that no matter what you do or do not do, the destiny cannot be changed. Thus these remedies are stated as part of destiny also. The destiny is not defined using any kind of if-then-else type conditions.

In the western world there was a very famous astrologer and palmist named Cheiro (1866-1936), who predicated many great things about many great historical figures of his time. His predictions appeared in many news papers including New York Times. Chiero has many books on these subjects.

This is what Mark Twain said about Cheiro and can be found at [NYT]: “Cheiro has exposed my character to me with humiliating accuracy. I ought not to confess this accuracy; still I am moved to do so”. Cheiro predicted the date of Queen Victoria’s death, the year and month when King Edward VII would pass away, the grim destiny that awaited the late Czar of Russia, the assassination of King Humbert of Italy, the attempt on the Shah’s life in Paris, and for many others he foretold with equal accuracy the outstanding events of their careers [Ashe].

We do not want to discuss how people do these predictions, whether there is some kind of meaningful methodology or not, all we see is that future can be predicted and not only that, how it will happen is also predictable. We should recognize that there is nothing like “meaningful” in our nature. We cannot understand nature and the yogic power.

As a conjecture it may be said that the location of stars and the astrological calculations only help to identify the place and time of any event. But the detailed description of the actual event can only be described by divine vision obtained by yogic power. Stars do not describe details. Events are already there, stored in nature. A vision is required to see them.

10. Conclusions

There is a law of nature called simultaneity law. It says we are all simultaneously and interactively connected to each other. This means we are not isolated. If I am not isolated then I cannot be free and therefore I cannot have freewill.

There is a global plan in our society. This plan happened because of the simultaneity law. This plan creates our environment and therefore our destiny also. This plan gives us broad framework in which our individual destiny will materialize.

If you concentrate and meditate you will be able to listen to your soul. Your soul knows the entire universe precisely and exactly. In your life, your soul and the souls of other people will come, predict, and walk you through your destiny.

We always sing along with our soul as our dearest friend. But we never realize that we are obeying a plan, fearlessly, with the closest partner of our life, the soul. He gives us a call in the morning, we start with his idea of the day, in an untiring unwinding way, without even knowing its meaning and purpose; we smile, enjoy, play, and roll the life with Him. We never even recognize who we are playing this game with. Moments come in our life when we realize our soul, we recognize our destiny, and we look up in the sky, the nature, the sun, moon, the earth, and marvel the spectacular game of the global destiny in the heavens. Adapted from – [Tagore, Amar khela jakhon].