eliminated at the grass root level with major military force and money power. A major war will be required to implement MLE. However, it is also quite possible for the CB to realize that MLE can actually give them better control and make them richer.

But this change will happen; MLE is the ultimate solution and the only solution. There is something called destiny. Everything in our life is precisely defined as part of a global plan. We must wait for that time when a person will be born among us who will take us through the process of this war. Such things happened many times in the past and will happen again. After all destiny includes death process of everything. This civilization, like all other civilizations must also die. The CB cannot survive for eternity; and people also cannot remain slaves for eternity either.

Destiny is a fact of life. Everything in this universe, like sun, moon, earth, and even the galaxies are all tied together and are moving simultaneously, interactively, and continuously in a precisely planned trajectory. In this global plan all souls, including all humans are also integrated. We are not alone; we are tightly integrated with this global plan. Our individual destiny is part of this global destiny. Corporations are very good examples of this simultaneity law that generates this global plan. In a corporation we plan all our activities for every project well ahead of time and then execute them precisely on every day. Thus we do not have any freedom in any corporation. In our individual life also our activities are planned well before we know it. Just ask – have you ever done anything without any reasons? No, you haven’t. That means all our present actions are based on some reasons which happened a few seconds before. Thus our present is controlled by our past. We can never have any freedom.

The man who will lead us through this path must be a Yogi. A yogi is a person of super human qualities. Any person can acquire yogic power using the methods of yogic meditation. But it is not possible to acquire such a power in one life that will be required to change the world. An existing soul with such power must reincarnate in the society. Many such souls exist in the entire universe, who have such immense powers which can be used for bringing the best possible outcome for all the people by removing all others who are not willing to surrender their controlling power.


In order to understand all these ideas we discuss many subjects in this book which will appear alien to many of us. First we must show that CB has implemented a false education system, so that we never learn the truth. We uncover the falsity of mathematics, physics, economics, and religions. It will be hard for many of us to find that what we have learnt, taught, and have faiths on, are all false. Many of us will rebel against this book. But remember that these ideas and truths already exist; nothing is invented by this author. This author is only a messenger of the truth.

We then give many examples of yogic power from many books on modern yogis of the Himalayas. These examples will prove that such yogis existed all over the world in the past. Many of them are also there at present time in many parts of the world. Yogic power, reincarnation, and destiny are discussed in separate chapters. We show many examples of reincarnations in our world. Reincarnations are happening everywhere all the time all over the world. We just have to carefully observe them and examine them.

In addition we discuss the Vedic theory behind reincarnation. This theory and an understanding of Vedas will show that Vedas also existed all over the world at some time. An analysis of all religions will show that the concepts of Vedas are deeply embedded in them. Many examples of yogic power are also present in many western books and religions.

We will learn that nature has created us. Therefore only nature knows how it created and hence only nature has the ultimate truth. Creations cannot know the creator. Just like our computers cannot know its creator, the humans; similarly the humans cannot also know its creator the nature. Thus the truth must come from nature; you and I cannot define the truth. The laws of nature are the ultimate truths and therefore the truth must be unique and universal. Nature’s laws cannot contradict each other. An interesting characteristic of nature is that it always gives the proofs of its truths. An observant soul will always be able to see these proofs in nature. A yogi can see many other truths that most ordinary people many not be able to see them. However any human being can acquire any amount of yogic power by properly performing yogic meditation.

Existence of yogic power, reincarnation, and destiny law prove that human beings are created by their individual souls. That means you and I have two different souls, and both of us are completely created by our own souls according to their own requirements. This also means that there is no god who has created the entire universe, because we are not created by such a god, we are created by our individual souls. However, if you define god as an all powerful person, with any kind of power you can imagine, then that is your soul. Our souls can acquire any power and can become a god like person. Therefore we are all gods.

We finally conclude that there is no way that we can escape the cycles of reincarnations. Even the gods or the highest level yogis like Krishna reincarnates millennium after millennium as mentioned in Gita. Gita also says that a soul who is born must die, and a soul who dies must be born again. Samkhya, a part of Vedic theory, says that the subtle body, which reincarnates is ever lasting. Thus the only way to relieve from the pains of the life is to understand the concept of soul and the theory of creation as described in Samkhya. We will also learn that to make your body painless you must acquire yogic power. Only yogic power can give you a pain free and disease free body. Thus a pain free body with the knowledge of soul can only eliminate all the sufferings of life cycles.

However that is not the goal of life, which will be a very selfish act and desire. We are tied with simultaneity law of nature. That is I am not born just for me; I am born for all other souls too. Thus objective of life must include simultaneous cooperation and help for each other. In this sense the ultimate goal will be to be born as a person like Krishna or Rama who rescued all the people of the world from the miseries created by poorly designed society. We must try to solve the problems not just for me but for the entire humanity.

 Subhendu Das, 17 November 2014, Los Angeles, California, USA.