4. Dedication

To Rinki,

She was four hours old, a newborn baby, when I saw her first time. She was continuously smiling as long as I stood beside her bed in the nursing home.

I did not realize anything at that time. But during the evening and in the night, I thought, smiling is a learned process; crying is natural, but smiling is not. I have noticed that blind people cannot smile so naturally. Next day I asked my university colleagues, they seemed to agree with me.

I asked a pediatrician about the incident. She said it was a muscle contraction. It did not convince me. Try producing beautiful smile for several minutes using muscle contractions – you will know that it cannot be a natural smile.

Slowly, over the years, that experience got deep rooted into my heart. At times I forgot everything also, and I was lost in the wilderness of this amazing world. However, it always stayed with me, and popped up many times in many different ways. Eventually, decades later, that experience led to the title message of this book.

Subhendu Das

20 August 2014, Los Angeles

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