3B: Management of MLE

3B: Resource Management in MLE

5. Resource Management in MLE

It is quite commonly stated that the world is over populated and capitalism cannot sustain. The population must be reduced. In this section we show how human and material resources can be managed under MLE to provide food and shelter to all the people even at the present state of the economy.

Housing Problem

The following analysis will show that the world is too big for seven billion people and there cannot exist a housing problem. We can house all of them; we have the technology and resources. The surface area of land on earth is 57,491,000 sq. mi. [Pidwirny, 2006] which is equal to 1.6 * (1015) sq. ft.

We have the technology to build multistory houses to accommodate all people in very comfortable homes and still occupy only about 20% of land on earth. Let us say that we will build 100 storied housing units, with each floor having 25 homes, each home with a size of 4000 square feet. This is a very large home compared to most of us in this world. Assume that we house a family of 4 per home. A little calculation will show that we can then accommodate 10,000 people in 100,000 sq. ft. of land area.

Let us say that we provide a total of 500,000 sq. ft. of land to an housing unit for parks, roads, businesses etc. To accommodate 7 billion people we will require 7*(108) housing units, for a total land space of 3.5*(1014) sq. ft, which is only 21.8% of earth’s land surface. The rest of the land can be used for agriculture and for preservation of wild life. We have the technology and material resources to build such housing units [Building, 2011] to provide homes for all people of all countries. It is clear that we do not need to use such technology. This argument was given just to comfort people that the housing crisis is indeed false.

MLE will change the philosophy of every human being. Since everything will be free, people will not go for building large homes for themselves. Large homes will not give any status symbol, nor will increase in value to make money at later date. Eventually people will build houses only of enough sizes for their basic needs. Luxury and waste will go away from all areas of life. No one will go and try to get a corporate jet, even though it will be free. This is because people will be able to fly free to any place of their choices. Thus the house building material, which is scarce now, will become abundant again. Many resources in the same way will become abundant.

Food Crisis

Any time we open the TV we see starving families everywhere in every continent in the world. USA is not an exception. It is often advertised that capitalism cannot feed the world; population must be controlled, and destroyed by war, and famine etc.

It is difficult to find total food production data in any published literature. The United Nations report [Gustavsson, 2011] gives the following statement – “The results of the study suggest that roughly one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tons per year”.

Based on this data we can see that the total food available per year is approximately 1.3*3 = 4 billon tons. This is equivalent to 8000 billion pounds of food per year. Therefore for 7 billion people the amount of food per day is 8000/(7*365) = 3.13 pounds per person per day. Even if we give 1 pound of food per day to every person, no one will then starve to death. Thus we have enough food in the world to sustain our present population.

Higher Education

Human soul is intrinsically and eternally active to pursue knowledge. Given the opportunity every human baby will go for exploring the world around. Because of hunger, lack of education of parents, broken families, the kids cannot pursue their study in elementary schools. Therefore when they grow up they already have lost their mindset, skills, and perseverance to continue education.

In MLE, from the very beginning, all people will get their basic education without any kind of constraints on survivability. Everybody will automatically have all the basic needs to pursue higher education. Those who have genuine interest for acquiring higher knowledge will go for higher studies. Thus universities will have more matured and genuine students. As a result under MLE the society will have much better qualified people to support the purpose of life.

Education system will also significantly change. At present, under capitalism, education is a business, a place for employment for teachers. This environment will dramatically change under MLE. Only people interested in pursuit of knowledge will remain as teacher. Thus the academic curriculum will also change to support the understanding of the laws of nature, physics, and engineering. We will not teach unnecessary subjects to keep students in the class rooms to make money.

Merit system

Since everything in nature is free and comes with its own characteristics, we cannot compare any two things in nature. It is impossible to compare apples and oranges. Similarly it is not possible to compare two jobs, two persons, two different materials from the periodic table of chemistry. Every person works in different jobs. Since you cannot compare two different jobs, you cannot compare persons working on them. Thus every comparison using money has to be wrong. Thus the concept of merit system does not have any natural foundations and violates the laws of nature.

On the other hand MLE will not require any merit system. Human resources will be treated as unique individuals and not as servants or robots or objects of evaluations. Since there will be plenty of jobs, people will always be able to select the jobs they want. Thus all jobs will always have the best person. Since in capitalism jobs are scarce, in most situations people are forced to work on jobs they do not like. MLE will change this attitude to human discrimination by providing ample opportunities for jobs.


Under MLE people will have tremendous surge of energy for work. Because now they can work on their own ideas, they will not be constrained by the ideas or procedures of their bosses. They can go to any factory anywhere in the world and start working there. The factory owner will not have any problems in hiring them because the labor is free.

The unemployment is the greatest punishment in life. Nobody likes to sit idle; everybody wants to contribute to the society. The MLE will give people the opportunity of their heart’s desire.


In MLE everybody will be able to implement their ideas as a product. Like now, no one will have to convince a banker, mortgage their homes, or convince venture capitalists to get money. These will be possible because all materials will be free, all labor force will be free too, and there will be no shortage of people. As a result all products will be of high quality, environmentally safe, and will not have any side effects. The MLE will provide products and services that we cannot even imagine now.