9C: Individual Destiny

9C: Individual Destiny

6. Individual Destiny

Equation (9.8) represents simultaneous action reaction law for the entire universe. We can think that all variables in (9.8) represent physical objects, and they are interacting with each other, using some kind of spring type interfaces among them, as shown by Figure-1.1 in Chapter-1. For all humans, this interface can be quite abstract for us to imagine. If we consider any one person, say A, then we can imagine that A is connected with all other persons and also non-living objects via these springs. Thus if A moves or takes any action then all other persons get affected, similarly when anyone else takes any action then also A gets affected. Thus any action from anyone will affect the entire universe. Philosopher Nietzsche thought it that way also [Mask, p.10].

Conflict Resolution: There is a law of nature that says no two objects can occupy same space at same time. We can call it the space-time problem. That is you cannot bring two glasses at same location at same time. If you force them, then one of the glasses will break to make room for the other, that is, there will be a conflict. This law has an important contribution for all conflict resolution problems. Whenever there is a conflict, you will always be able to find that two objects are trying to occupy same space at same time. For example, one person is trying to do a job and at the same time another person is also trying to do the same job and thus creating a conflict of interests. All conflicts can be prevented from happening if we can design our management system so that such occupation of same place does not happen at same time. This method can be applied to even persons, family, kids, work place, and in all business problems also. For example, when mother asks the kid to do something, at that same time the father should not also ask the kid to do something else. Thus space-time problem is an important philosophy, based on laws of nature, for conflict resolution.

Figure-9.1 shows how a global plan becomes a sequence of events from the point of view of an individual object or human being like A. Here we consider A as a single point in space, the personal space of one person. He is isolated and alone. The right hand side represents progress of time. The global plan generates events sequentially, as represented by the sequence of dots, for every single person. This is


the reactions of every individual will be unique. Following two examples will illustrate how we all play helplessly under the circumstances of sequential events produced by the global plan.

Example – 1     

You are in your cubicle working intensely on a programming problem. A test engineer comes to you and knocks your door. You respond and say hello. So far, we see these acts are just equal and opposite reactions. There are no choices, he knocks, and you say Hi.

Test engineer asks which file has voltage limits for the relay number one. You think little bit and try to remember. Again these are all sequential events following exactly the Newton’s action reaction law (9.1). You cannot use any one of your options; you do not have any choices, but to respond correctly. For, you are working on a corporation under a global schedule. You are constrained by the simultaneity law. You tell the file name relay-limits.h in the include directory.

The engineer thanks you and leaves the office. This is a straight forward simple case of sequential events which does not have any known preplan but emanated naturally, sequentially, from the global activity of test plan and product design of the corporation.

Example – 2

Here you are the CEO of a corporation. VP of sales comes to your office and proposes to create a company labor strike, to prevent the disgrace and financial setback that the planned export may cause, if the defective product lot is shipped this week. Both realize the situation, but the CEO authorizes the VP to secretly carryout the labor strike plan.

This is the movie plot of the Oscar wining director Satyajit Ray in his 1974 film Company Limited (Seema Baddha) [Ray]. Here we can see although immoral, illegal, but still agreed upon by the CEO for the greater good of the corporation. The events happened sequentially, but it was part of a preplanned activity of VP, that the CEO had to agree without any options.

The allotted time, the environment at the moment, the characteristics of the person, and the event the nature presents dictate the action that will be taken by the individual.  The totality defines the destiny for the individual. There are many such small and large scale real life examples all over the world, in political, religious, and governmental scenarios. We can thus see that morality and immorality, good and bad, are not meaningful. Everything is part of destiny. The differences in interpretations are results of global versus local views of the incident. Only global space time (GST) view can give the universal truth. All local views, that ignore the global view, are always wrong.

We can see that at any moment the person A is feeling only one action from its collective environment. And these actions are coming to A only sequentially. Thus A will always obey the law of action and reaction just like an isolated person. Since actions are coming from the environment, A is only reacting in exactly equal and opposite manner based on his characteristics. These events are happening so fast in milliseconds rate that the person does not even know that he is playing in the hands of nature.

For every human being, if you notice carefully, you will find all interactions with all persons happen sequentially. Events will come to you sequentially just the way depicted in Figure-9.1. That is, never two persons will come to you at same time, and talk to you at same time. Nature never violates the space-time problem. If they do, then you will not be able to hear them, and you will have to tell them to stop, and speak one after another. You have to listen to one person first and then the next person. Thus things never happen simultaneously to any one of us. It is not a violation of simultaneity law. The time factor is always there in equation (9.8) whenever we are focusing on a single point in space around any one of us. We have also discussed in the context of (9.10) that the solutions are unique. This observation allows us to take care of things sequentially. Human mind also cannot do things simultaneously. It performs all actions one after another in sequence. Therefore the way you will act will be sequential also.

Unfolding Destiny: The events will come to you sequentially and you will act accordingly, and also sequentially. That is, at any moment you are responding to only one event with one action. Therefore you will have only one unique reaction corresponding to the action. The events emanating sequentially from the global plan will continuously guide you through your planned destiny. You will have no choices; events will force you to select only one choice defined by your destiny. Thus the guiding factors for our actions are:

  • events are continuously coming, sequentially, from nature or the global plan to you
  • you are continuously changing because of the continuously changing environment created by the global plan
  • the time is of essence, is continuously progressing, and you must act
  • your reaction will be equal and opposite to the single and unique action presented by the event.

7. Libet’s Experiment

Libet has experimentally found out that we get a ready potential signal (RP) in our brain about 550 milliseconds before we take the action. We also get an awareness of wish to act signal (WA) about 200 ms before the actual act. Thus stimulus (RP) is already present before we know the (WA) signal. Therefore, before you know it, your soul has talked to you, and your body will naturally follow it, because you are the soul.

Libet’s this experiment was not completely conclusive because of veto capability [Libet], where the subject could abort the action after becoming aware of the action. Under veto condition his experimental system did not have the capability to record the brain signals. However, under a non-veto condition we find that nature or the soul told us to do something well before we became aware of it and did it.

Thus under this circumstance we can quote the professor “We inescapably live in the objective past so that the objective present and future are completely beyond our awareness and control” [Sobottka, p76]. Note that in Libet’s experiment events were internally generated by the subject, they did not come from external nature. Even under this condition destiny will still prevail. It is hoped that someone in future will repeat the Libet’s experiment with proper design and document the results.

We are constantly in touch with nature, and events are coming from nature, and we are acting accordingly. As we have explained there is no freewill possible here. You just do not act out of nothing. We always act for some reason and our action depends on that reason. The way we act will always be different for different people. We act according to our personal characteristics, which also have been shaped by all the past events and actions.

No two events are same. They happened at two different times, so they are different. They can also happen at two different places and therefore they will be different. Thus you cannot say you would have taken a different action for the same situation. This is because someone else would say the same thing for the actions you have taken in your life events. Since all persons are different, all events are different, all positions and environments are different, and time of occurrences are different then all actions must be different.

Not Fatalistic: Everything in nature is like apples and oranges, and therefore they cannot be compared. Even two apples are different, they have different colors, different shapes and thus they are different. Two electrons are not same. They came from different orbits, or had different quantum numbers. Moreover, as soon as you take an electron out of its orbit it will act differently. Just like, I am completely a different person when I am outside of my home. Thus nobody can be blamed for his actions, because these things are happening according to nature’s spontaneous evolution, and we are part of that.

You may say, I will sit idle and destiny will take care of it. No, that will not happen also. If it is not written for you then you will not be able to sit idle, because you do not have freewill to sit idle. What actions you will take is defined by events in nature and your characteristics. In a corporation you cannot go and sit idle. For, you have made your own plan about your all future activities of the project on which you are working. Thus sitting idle is not in your plan. This schedule of activities was created by all of your project team members, including you, in a planning and design level meeting. You cannot sit idle now. Why would you change your own plan without any reasons?

Things happen in real life in a completely different way than what we can imagine sitting in our office. Our imagination can produce many examples to prove that destiny is false. But our imagination will always fail to explain how and why we all behave the way we do. We will also fail to explain the miraculous events that are happening everywhere, all the time in our world. This is true for all real life reincarnations, yogic powers, and destiny examples that are available abundantly for us to examine. If you carefully monitor events in your daily life, moment by moment, then you will find miracles are happening almost every day in your life. If you document such events carefully, and read them in some future time, then you will identify major miracles of destiny. However, you must be able to analyze everything rationally and carefully.

There is another way of thinking, which is essentially same as above. Destiny says everything happens because of some reason, that is, nothing can happen without a cause. Since this reason happens first, then this reason is dictating your action. Thus you are not acting on your own freewill, you are acting based on your reason, which happened few milliseconds before. These causes and effects, actions and reactions, or reasons etc. are all same thing and they define the destiny. Libet’s experiments show this situation experimentally. There appears an electronic signal inside our brain 550 milliseconds before we act on it. We are continuously performing actions in response to the train of these signal pulses.

We are always in sync with nature, and working whatever nature is telling us to do. These things happen so quickly and so naturally that we never feel that we are forced to obey nature. Billion years of human evolution never makes us feel frustrated with nature. Thus our actions appear quite natural and almost like freewill. However, the analysis in this subsection has shown that everything is guided by the forces of nature, and we are integrated with it, and therefore not free at all.

8. Eternal Recurrence

The German man, Fredric Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900), one of the most influential philosophers of the west in past 150 years, was greatly influenced by Indian studies in his philosophy and works. He is credited with the philosophy of eternal recurrence [Nietzsche, 2001], which says that everything that is happening now has happened many times in the past and will happen many times in the future. That is, destiny is recurrent or history repeats itself. He also believed in exactness of such events. Life is precisely defined and repeated infinitely many times, i.e. eternally recurrent. Eternal recurrence is not just for one human life, it is also for an event, a society etc.

In Bible Ecclesiastes 1:9 we see eternal recurrence “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Note that the last part is the law of conservation, that is, things cannot be created or destroyed.

There is a very interesting example of eternal recurrence of a mother and daughter pair whose hand palm lines were identical. The famous western palmist Chiero has shown them to Mark Twain [NYT]. In this case every action of the girl’s life repeated exactly, even to dates, the action of mother’s life, although twenty years separated them in time. Both had same illnesses at same age, married at same age, had five children, and were a widow at same age. In this case of Chiero, we see repetition of same events, with a gap of twenty years, in the life of two different souls. We show later, the example of Mahabharat as a repetition of Ramayan, is a recognition of the eternal recurrence phenomenon by ancient yogis like Byasdev, the author of Mahabharat and Gita.

Interestingly, PLR (Past Life Regression) sessions with Caroline by Dr. Brian Weiss [Weiss] show that she was able to recognize many past life persons who are physically present in her present life; confirming a repeating process – a group of people interacting life after life.  In this section it is shown that theoretically Nietzsche is correct, but it will never happen exactly in reality, for all people at same time. Although at very high level things will remain very similar for all of us. We will come to the exactness part, a little later in this section.

Nietzsche also believed in the simultaneity law. That is, everything in this universe is simultaneously linked and working together [Nietzsche, 1967]. He points out that if any one changes anything anywhere, that change will be propagated everywhere in this universe, which is a natural consequence of the simultaneous interconnection law for all objects, including humans. We have seen that this simultaneity law is the foundation of the destiny theory.

According to Nietzsche this hidden eternal recurrence cannot be seen by ordinary people. Because he says the crowd can only see what exists. Thus he creates an overman [Rivera], who is like a very powerful yogi, like an avatar, who can show people the true nature of eternal recurrence. He also thought that his overman can liberate the humanity from the distress of recurrence. We show that his concept and philosophy of overman is fairly well embedded in the destiny theory of the universe. Using Vedic scriptures of Ramayan and Mahabharat we show, in another chapter, how our life is truly following the eternal recurrence, simultaneity, and overman.

Science of Eternal Recurrence

Take a single sine wave function, which smoothly goes up and then goes down, every fixed time interval, called period. In this wave everything repeats every period, and that is why it is also called periodic function. In particular, its peak high value will repeat every period.

Now, consider two sinusoidal functions of slightly different frequencies. Assume that they start at same time at exact zero phase. After the first period the two waves will have slightly different positions, they will not coincide in amplitude. But after several cycles, depending on their frequency difference, the two waves will meet again at exact same phase. This way the two events will recur exactly and periodically after several distances apart.

If we now take a third signal with slightly different frequency, the situation will be similar again, but this time the gaps between exact recurrences will be longer. We see such similarities happening in Ramayan and Mahabharat stories over a gap of several thousand years. Thus the core reason of recurrence is the periodicity of lives and events in our universe. Since there are billions of periodic events there will be almost zero probability that exact same event will repeat exactly in the same way. At any point in time we will however see many similarities and dissimilarities. Moreover there are periodic events that are completely destructive in nature, which may be quite catastrophic. These events will superimpose over other periodic events to destroy many similarities.

Nature is completely deterministic. There is no probability anywhere. We have seen that the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics is wrong. It has assumptions that are invalid for both nature and engineering. Therefore every single event in nature can be described by an equation. Since an equation also represents a graph, we can see any two points in the graph will be similar, because they are related by an equation. An equation represents similarity.

In the same way, all events in nature are precisely deterministic and therefore can be expressed by a set of simultaneous equations as in (9.8). This equation is written in matrix form by (9.9). This coefficient matrix will also have eigenvalues, some of which can be complex conjugate numbers, which will produce sinusoidal waveforms. Thus equation (9.8) embeds periodicity and hence eternal recurrence. The equation (9.8) also says that any point in time, the vector x will have many components very close to each other and many will be widely different, just like the sinusoidal functions example. Thus by observing the events in nature, taken together, at any time slice, we will always be able to see the similarities, because they were all created by an underlying equation. This similarity is maintained by the equations of nature.

Poincare’s Recurrence Theorem (PRT)

This theorem [Walkden, p.82] is very much like the mathematical equivalent of Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence theory of nature. PRT says that a dynamical system under fairly general conditions will come close to any point in its state space infinitely many times over infinite time interval. If we apply this to nature, it amounts to saying history repeats itself. We see in Mahabharat, things can be fairly close to Ramayan, but many things can be different too. Thus theoretically things can be exactly similar but in real life there will be many differences. Moreover we should remember infinity is nonexistent in nature. Everything has a finite time death process. A star and a galaxy will die eventually.

The PRT theory can be explained using the following hypothetical experimental simulation. Consider a transparent sealed cubic box of one foot side. Assume that we have one microscopic colored particle inside it that is moving randomly everywhere in all directions hitting the walls and coming back to everywhere. Assume that you have one observation probe at any location inside the box. You will find that the particle will hit the probe every now and then, infinitely many times, over infinite time intervals. Thus the hitting event is eternally recurrent.

The mathematical statement of the PRT can be found in [Walkden, p.82]. A short summary can be found in [Das, 2013-2].

Brahma Day

Both Nietzsche and Vivekananda [Vivekananda, 1907] said that life will repeat exactly. Their logic is that the universe has finite number of particles. Each object is a combination of such particles, and therefore after some time, the exact same combination will appear again, and the life will repeat exactly.

But the reality is that each particle (root material) has three properties – satta, tamas, and rajas – which can be combined in any proportions to create an object – this is also a part of the Samkhya theory of Vedas, discussed in the soul theory chapter. These three properties are analog properties, not discrete, and continuously vary with time. Such analog combinations will prevent the exact match. Moreover destiny theory also suggests that no two lives of the same soul will ever be identical.

However, the exactness point of Nietzsche is correct. This is a very important concept related to the characteristics of the universe. Since everything in the universe is periodic in nature, the totality of all events must be periodic. Therefore the universe must be periodic also. The entire universe will die and grow again, and will continue repeating the birth-maturity-death process, for eternity.

Gita also says that the universe reincarnates. That is, universe has Brahma day (12 hours) and Brahma night (12 hours), each one is about 4.3 billion years long [G 8:17]. During the night the universe dies and becomes empty. During the day the universe begins to grow again, exactly the same way as it happened in the previous Brahma day. Here is another verse from Gita on rebirth of the universe:

[G 8:19] “Again and again, when Brahma’s day arrives, all living entities come into being, and with the arrival of Brahma’s night they are helplessly annihilated.”

We have discussed in the memory chapter that memory is in the nature and not in our brains. That is why a high level yogi with the power of divine vision (third eye) can see the entire universe and can predict the destiny of any event or object, including humans. The proof of this concept of memory is given by the 800,000 palm leaf booklets in India, called Vrigu and Agysthya Samhitas, which describe precise destiny of that many people, now living in our world. These booklets were written more than 10,000 years back.

This memory is preserved in nature by the law of conservation. So, each time the Brahma day begins, the universe will repeat the exact same destiny of the previous Brahma day. Thus Ramayan will be repeated again and again, and so will Mahabharat, Bible, WW2, 9-11, etc. Thus the universe gets a reset at the beginning of the Brahma day and we all begin the same exact life cycles we had during the previous universe. Thus every 8.6 billion years you will repeat the exact same life, as Nietzsche pointed out. But as we have seen, the exactness will never happen in the same universe, that is, during the same Brahma day.

EternalRecurrenceFigureYou may have seen music boxes, shown in the attached figure [Reuge], with rotating cylinders and with many metal pins on its surface. A comb like piano reeds rolls over these pins to create music. Our universe is like such a cylinder with pins representing the objects and the music as their destiny. Half of the cylinder surface (180 degrees) along the axis represents the Brahma night. Just like we are born at different times, slowly grow, stay matured, and then slowly die, the same happens to the stars and galaxies of this universe, slowly and at different times, as per Samkhya.