3A: Overview of MLE

3A: Overview of MLE



MLE is a natural economy; based on the laws of nature [Das, 2012-3]. We inherited the nature and therefore all its laws also. All objects, living and nonliving are products of nature. All humans are products of nature too. Therefore everything naturally follows the laws of nature. To live harmoniously with nature, we must therefore obey the laws of nature and never do anything that goes against nature and violates these natural laws. This is the foundation of the moneyless economy.

Money, on the other hand, is not an object of nature. Therefore it cannot obey the laws of nature. Thus it can be used to harm nature and destroy nature including all human values. In one sense money can be used just like a gun. I can point a gun at you and you will have to do whatever I tell you to do. The same thing is true for money. Your boss can fire you at any time if you do not obey him. Sometimes money control can be in the hands of people beyond your boss, just like 2008 economic recession, but it will still work like a gun. Today the situation is such that we cannot survive without money. Every object of nature has been taken away from us by hanging a price tag on it. Yet nature was given free to us. That is why capitalism is an artificial economy and has been created by the central bank.

At high level MLE means we work free and get everything free. More details about the concept are given in this chapter. Another version of this chapter is presented as a blog site [Das, Blog-1] for your comments for the public and this author. Your participation, positive and negative, will enrich the contents.

3.MLE Overview

In a moneyless economy (MLE) you will go to your work just the way you are going now, and do your job also the same way as you are doing now. The only difference is that we will not get any money at the end of the week. Instead, we will have a plastic card, very much like a credit card, that will have a record saying we have worked full time in that week. The record may be simply a Yes or No. The number of hours is 40 per week at the present time for all full time employees in USA. It may be different in other countries. This number may change as the MLE evolves over decades in future.

This plastic card will allow us to buy anything we want from any store we want. Its purpose is to indicate that we have performed our work and contributed for the society in the previous week. Next week, if we work again, the card will indicate Yes; otherwise it will automatically become invalid and show No.

If we do not work then we will not be able to buy anything and we will also not be allowed to stay in our homes. This need for food and shelter will motivate us to work and contribute to the society.

You can see that at this first implementation stage, it is not necessary to broadcast that an MLE has been implemented. The process may remain secret at several administrative levels if it is so desired. We do not know now what is written in our credit cards, the contents are secret, yet we trust the private corporations that the contents are meaningful. In the same way we can also trust our government that the plastic card will protect us, and we will follow the rules of the government. As we mention later that this transition to MLE may not happen smoothly because of opposition from money power or central bank.

The only difference we will notice is that under MLE we will have plenty of jobs. Anyone applying for anyone of the open jobs will be hired if he is technically qualified. This will happen because the corporations will not have to pay you the salary. If you do not qualify for the job, then go to a corporation, anywhere in the world, find the job that you qualify, and you will be hired. We will also enjoy our jobs, because they will fit our qualifications.

Travelling will be free also. We book our flights, if the reservation is available; otherwise we wait in line, just like we do now. The same will be true for hotel reservations. We can go to any place we want, work for any number of weeks based on the requirements of the jobs and the organizations. Unlike now, governments also will provide many types of jobs, including manufacturing and servicing jobs, besides all the other jobs it provides now. Private corporations will also exist and will be modified as needed by the details of the evolving design of the MLE. In a sense the present economy can be maintained in exactly the way it is now, giving a path for smooth transition, provided money power does not interfere.

In MLE any job that a society needs will be considered legitimate. Sports, entertainment, music, arts will be all considered meaningful work. Home care and child care are also meaningful needs for a society to thrive. Organized and individual research will be supported by MLE, just like it is done now. Thus research on monarch butterfly, as well as CERN, SETI etc. will be supported. People like Galileo and Einstein will be able to work freely on their own and the society will be supporting them too. There will be a retirement age, and people will be given free assistance to all old age people. Government will have organizations to find and define work needs of the society.

4. Brief History of MLE

During the last hundred years many forms of moneyless economy (MLE) have been proposed. No government has ever tried to implement any such systems. However, some small communities all over the world have implemented and still practicing such systems in some form [Shiwa, 2007]. In 1919 two influential socialists, Otto Neurath and Otto Bauer, had each published books advocating a moneyless economy [Steele, 2002]. In the early years of Soviet power there was serious discussion amongst the party elite about instituting a moneyless economy [Nelson, 2001]. Nobel Laureate (1974) in economics, Friedrich Hayek, discussed about possibility of moneyless economy while searching for alternative to mainstream modern economics [Horwitz, 2004]. A moneyless world with neither a common medium of exchange nor a common unit of account is discussed in the book by Cowen and Kroszner [Malte, 2008]. Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman has suggested replacing the central bank [Friedman, 2006]. The present environment is ready to be replaced by the MLE, which is exactly in tune with the laws of nature, and also gives whatever we want.