Chapter-1: Truth

The following is an overview of Chapter-1 on TRUTH

Truth comes only from nature. Thus truth is unique and universal. This also means you and I cannot define truth. 

We are not alone. We can never become alone. We are all working simultaneously and interactively all the time. Thus we cannot have freewill. Only a lonely person can have freewill. But loneliness is impossible. You have to eat, you have to breath. We are part of nature and tied with it. We are objects of nature just like all other objects.

Math and Science are all all wrong. We give two examples, one from math and one from science,  to illustrate. You have to read them carefully to understand them. This will require some math and science background. However, if you read you will still get the root cause – why they are wrong.



1A: Nature of Truth




thing? Are we trying to hide the ignorance by saying the complicated word gravity?

So we do not know why they will fall. Therefore we do not know why eclipses happen either. If we ask question after question, you will find that we have to stop at some point to say we do not know. We just accept the fact – two objects attract is a law of nature. Thus we have come to a point and agree to say that only nature knows the truth. Mathematics and physics do not know the truth. So the entire humanity does not know the truth.

Not exactly! Yogis know the truth. Who are yogis? Do they exist nowadays? Yes, they do. Let us agree for now that we are all yogis. But unfortunately we have very little yogic power. But whatever power we have is yogic power. Yogic power is nothing but the power of our individual soul. It is our ability to connect with our soul. Through meditation, and concentration we can enhance this connection, listen to our soul, and become more knowledgeable about nature and its truth. We will see later in another chapter that nature reveals to us about our yogic powers.

3. Uniqueness & Universality

This means that what is true in USA is also true in China. The truth is independent of locations. If something is true on earth, it must be true on mars and on any other planets and galaxies in the universe. The idea also says that what was true thousand years back, or million years back is also true now, and that will remain true for all future times. The laws of nature never change, and are eternal for all space and time.

The laws of nature are unique, that is, they never contradict each other. Suppose a law states that X is true, then another law cannot say that the opposite of X is true. For example, it is a law, that on earth, whenever you leave a ball, it will always drop on the ground. But you will also find a yogi, who floats on the air. Similarly, another yogi becomes so heavy that nobody can lift him. How it happens we cannot know, but it happens. It is not that the observations are contradictory; it is our understanding of gravity is incomplete. Nature cannot be understood, but we must experience it through observations.

This means you and I or for that matter anyone else cannot define the truth. If we have two different views then both of us must be wrong, or one of us must be wrong. It is more likely that both of us are wrong. 99% of the population is wrong. The mainstream does not and cannot know the truth. Truth is known only by those belonging to the 1% of the population. Ayn Rand said – “Truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.” However, truth is out there on the internet, and in the nature, you just have to seek it.

If you search, and you are lucky, then you will find one of these people belonging to this 1% community, and you will find the truth from him or her. This is true in every field of knowledge or ignorance. In every decade, or century, you will always find such people among us. Nature always creates such people to reveal and maintain the truth among us.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), for example, is one such person. At his time, all of us knew that the sun goes around the earth. But this scientist or engineer did some experiments, observed the sky for many years, collected lots of data, performed some analysis on the data, and showed that, the reverse is the truth. The earth goes round the sun. But the rulers, (the money, money power, central bank, Pope, Catholic Church, etc.) penalized him by placing him under house arrest, for the rest of his life, for discovering and telling the truth. He was the only person out of one billion on earth who knew the truth. It is an universal fact that only 1% knows the truth. It is also a fact that we are all afraid of knowing the truth and will violently react when it hits us; unless you are seeking the truth. In that case you will be full of joy, and become ecstatic, when you meet such a person.

We find people like Galileo, every now and then, in our societies, and invariably the rulers, the kings, penalize them all the time, every time, under some pretext and context. Nobody wants to know the truth, and the central bank never wants anyone to find any truth on any subject. We will explain why it is so, later in details, in another chapter. This assassination is called the Galileo phenomenon.

Don’t misunderstand; you and I also belong to this money power community. Money has purchased all of us. It has tremendous remote control capability. You will never know who will go against you because of money. They can be your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, government officials, and intelligence people like CIA or FBI etc. The Galileo phenomenon is wide spread. Look around you, your corporations, universities, government offices, you will find Galileos and Galileo phenomena in every decade and in every country. But only through them nature demonstrates the truth to us. They belong to the 1% community. Truth tellers have different names in different times, the most dangerous men, whistle blowers, terrorists, etc. Such characteristics are hidden among all of us. However, because of reincarnations, humans take birth many times, and in one life you will definitely come across the truth.

4. Carroll Quigley

Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) was such a truth teller. He was a professor at Georgetown University, in Washington DC, in USA. He was teaching history at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service during 1941 to 1972. He did his BA, MA, and Ph.D. all from Harvard University [Wiki-Q].

He was a mentor of the U.S. President Bill Clinton (1993-2001). President Clinton mentioned Quigley’s name during his Democratic Party nomination convention [Quigley, 1992]. During his inaugural address also President Clinton has paid tribute to him [Ramsay].

Professor Quigley has written several books. One of them is “Tragedy and Hope, A history of the World in Our Time” [Quigley, 1966]. The book revealed many secret information and vital truths. The professor had taken twenty years to write it and he had the opportunity to work for and look at many secret documents of powerful, critical organizations, and groups. The book was pulled out from circulation and stopped from all future publications. Another Galileo phenomenon! The truth cannot be disclosed. Central Bank (CB) does not want the truth. CB is the king of our time.

As we will see later there is nothing wrong with it. This is a law of nature, called destiny. Eventually it will produce results that we all will like. The philosophy that Quigley presented is very natural – There is a




The king then asked them to discuss their views about the elephant. The person who touched the tail, said elephant is like a bushy rope. The one who touched the leg said it is like a pillar. They all argued that they all know the truth and the other person was wrong. When a sighted person came and described the elephant, the blind men also learned that they were all bind.

The moral of the story is that we are all blind. You may call it as brainwashed also. We are all brainwashed in our own way, by our society, culture, values, economies, country, religion, and ultimately by money and central bank. Each one of us thinks I know the truth; and the other person does not have any clue about it. We are all wearing colored sun glasses. Someone is seeing through a red eyeglass, someone through blue, and someone else yellow. No one knows the real color of the universe. Remember that the truth is unique and universal. So, I will live with my faith – is a wrong notion, unless your faith represents the unique and universal truth – the laws of nature.

Have you ever seen your beloved person, or whom you see all the time and very closely, through a mirror? Did you notice that how different she looks? Did it not trigger the idea in your mind – how does she really look? Or even more – Do I know how I look? When a sighted person comes to you and proves that you are blind then your perspective will completely change. You will begin to question many things and then everything.

The fact is that you can do research on your own to find the real truth. Only thing is that you have to be motivated enough to realize that what you know or learned could be all wrong. Or maybe you have to learn to question everything and anything that you see around you. Eventually you will, in your search, meet one of these men from 1% of the population and learn about the truth. This book is about bringing the research work of this 1% community to the 99% population. People in this 1% community are the gurus in their respective fields. You will always find a guru, or a guru will come to you, whenever you are ready. Again, it must be emphasized that this author does not belong to the 1% community; he is only a collector, a compiler, and a messenger.

Even when the blind men found out they are blind, still they would not know the entire truth. The men with sight also do not know the truth. Complete truth is there only in nature. As an example how will everybody know that the elephant has a soul? How will people know that the elephant reincarnates? How will we know that there is a law that shows eternal recurrence? All these can be found out only by observing nature. Nature always gives proofs of all these laws. Truth can only be found by people who know where to look for and how to look for. There are people who have already found out all the truths. We just have to find them or their research work.

The only way to remove this blindness is to listen to your soul. More attentively you listen, more clearly you will hear. This concentration is the most important factor in our ability to listen to our soul. We all have this power of concentration and the ability to see our soul. We are all yogis, we all have yogic power. The yogic power is nothing but this power of your soul, this ability of your soul to reveal all truths to you. That is why the soul is called god, and we say god is situated inside you, waiting for you to discover. Listen carefully and you will hear it. Your soul has all the truths. You are the god; you can know everything that you want to know.


1B: Simultaneity and Finiteness


5. Simultaneity Law

A very important law of nature is the simultaneity law. It says anything and everything in this world or the universe happens because of simultaneous action and reaction of many people and many objects from many different places and over long period of time. German philosopher Nietzsche (1844-1900) thought it that way also [Mask, p.10], but it seems this law is quite obvious.

Nothing can ever be done by one person or one object in an isolated place and in a moment of time. For all activities there is a space time issue. More space time you cover, more you learn about the activity or the event and its truth. Here space means from different locations, and time means all past, present, and even future time periods. Some events at present time are necessary for some other events to happen at some future time. If you analyze your life, you will know this truth.

Since everything in nature is continuously changing, these activities are continuously changing over time and will keep changing also. No activity ever stops. The action and reaction, or the cause and effect, keep moving continuously and simultaneously. Thus our society, our activities are all very dynamic. No static analysis or knowledge can give real truth of anything. Thus larger the space time you cover the better will be the view of truth. If you focus only in local space and only at present time you will only get the blind man’s view.

Another interpretation of this simultaneity law is that everything in this universe is tightly interconnected. If anything changes at any time, and at any location, then everything else will change also. If you make some changes then everybody will be affected and similarly, if someone makes any move then you will also be affected. This is true for sun, moon, and earth also. Our entire galaxy is very closely connected together.


We can represent this connectivity graphically using a block diagram like the one shown in Figure-1.1. Here the rectangular boxes represent objects of nature. They can be material objects or living objects. They can be electrons, humans, and planets etc. Each object is connected to all other objects with spring like interfaces as shown by zigzag and dashed lines. If any object moves then we can see how all objects of the universe will move and react. Thus universe is continuously moving as a total dynamic system. Figure-1.1 thus represents the global plan created by the simultaneous action reaction of all objects, including all humans in nature.

The diagram also shows that we do not have any ability to change anything. Instead we are changing, because everything else is changing. Just like our sun or earth cannot change by itself. Earth is tied with the solar system, which in turn is tied with the galaxy. The sun cannot take any path as it desires, because it is situated in one of the spiral wings of the galaxy in which we belong. This diagram represents our global destiny. Our individual destinies are intimately tied with this global plan created by the simultaneity law of action-reaction, cause and effect, and the organized structure of the universe. Here, there is no difference between living and nonliving objects. We are all souls and are interconnected with all the souls of the universe.

Thus the real truth lies in this universe of the connected system. You and I cannot define, know, or find the absolute truth, unless we learn to see the details of this universal mechanism. We will see that the guiding principle behind this law of nature or the truth is the soul theory.

6. Assumptions & Approximations

These two terms may become very confusing. But in general they are very different. Their difference can lead to vast changes in truth and reality. So it is important that we always carefully notice them and observe which one we are considering in our analysis or search for truth.

Suppose that we are considering involvement of ten things in a simultaneous and interactive process, like in Figure-1.1. The analysis can be very difficult to handle all ten things simultaneously. To get a gross idea about what can happen we may consider only the most dominant activity of the ten activities. This is the approximation process.

But if we think that there is nothing involved, we are alone, isolated, then that will be an assumption. With this assumption the result will be completely wrong. Assumption is simplifying by neglecting all things, approximation on the other hand is neglecting secondary effects.



When professor Quigley says, education is designed not to find the truth, he is exactly correct. Math and Science are completely wrong. You do not have to know math and science to know that they are wrong; all you have to know is that (a) they make assumptions and (b) nature cannot make assumptions. Note that by science, we generally mean physics only. However, excepting some branches of science, which are like engineering, such as, chemistry, medical surgery, cooking, etc., all other branches are false.

7. Definitions

Before we talk about math, science, engineering, their theories, assumptions, and talk about their validities; it may be necessary to define the terminologies. Nature has only two kinds of things; some objects (living and non-living) and some actions. Actions are like forces of nature and have some energy associated with them. In some sense actions are characteristics of objects also. For example light energy is a characteristic of sun; similarly wind force is a characteristic of earth. Thus in this sense, there are only physical objects – living and non-living.

Laws of Nature: The laws of nature are the universal characteristics or properties or dharmas (in Sanskrit) of the objects of nature. They exist independent of human experiences and assumptions.

Everything that we see around us is engineering. The cars, airplanes, roads, buildings are all products of engineering. A product is a physical hardware that we can touch, see, and that occupies some space. Our modern engineering products are very sophisticated and satisfy complex requirements.

Engineering: It is a process that is required to create an useful product.

Thus engineering is not the textbooks on engineering subjects, like mechanical, electrical, etc. All products use natural components, and therefore they also obey natural laws. There is a heaven and hell difference between science and engineering. Science is not made of objects of nature. Thus we can define science in the following way:

ScienceIt is a collection of manmade conceptual theories that tries to explain the laws of nature.

Consider an example to clarify the distinction between science and engineering. If we place a magnetic needle under a wire, and pass current through the wire, then the magnet will be deflected. We call this an engineering experiment. It is a product that we can see, touch, and learn about it; and it does something useful also. The process used to demonstrate this needle movement is engineering.

The science part says that the magnet has a field called magnetic field, the electricity creates a field called electric field (or may be a magnetic field); these two fields interact and create a force that deflects the magnet. The product was created first, then came the theory.

The mathematics is a symbolic language. Its main purpose is to justify the scientific theories.

Mathematics: It is a symbolic language, and is used to describe the expressions of natural language in compact form.

The theory is always a set of conclusions or a set of rules. But it also says that these rules or results will hold only under certain assumptions. These assumptions are thus a part of the theory.

Theory: A Theory is (a) a collection of assumptions and (b) a collection of conclusions that only holds under the assumptions.

Invalidity: A Theory is invalid if (a) Its assumptions cannot be tested or implemented or (b) Its conclusions cannot be verified by any engineering experiment.

When Newton was making a lens, he was an engineer. When he was describing the corpuscular theory of light, he was a physicist. And when he was creating calculus he was doing mathematics.

8. Infinity

Infinity is associated with mass, length, and time of an object or among objects. Every object has a mass; like sun, moon, earth, a galaxy, a human being, a tree, a plant, a dog etc. All these objects have a finite mass. Their masses can never be infinity.

Similarly all these objects have volume, length, and height. These parameters of an object are also finite. No object has infinite length. Every object also has a finite life time. It goes through a birth process, maturity process, and then death process. This is true for all living and nonliving objects. Scientists have discovered that stars also die. Every society, nation, civilization also dies. Thus life and therefore time is always finite.

The distance between two objects is never infinite. The distance between two galaxies is always finite. Similarly time to travel from one galaxy to another galaxy is finite. These values can be very large but never infinity.

Infinity is an assumption. Large number is never an approximation for infinity. Things dramatically change when we change the infinity assumption to a finite number, small or large. Thus if we describe nature using infinity we will make error and will never find the truth. Mathematics is full of assumptions of infinity. Therefore mathematics can never be correct for a description of nature.

There are some widely used theories called Laplace Transforms [Dunn], Fourier Transforms etc., which are defined using infinity. These theories cannot be valid for engineering [Das, 2009-2], because they use infinity, which is an invalid assumption for nature.

Physics and engineering use those two transforms quite extensively in developing many other theories. Therefore all those theories have to be wrong both in practices of engineering and in describing the laws of nature. Fourier Transform [Das, 2009-1] is used in Sampling theorem, Capacity theorem, Uncertainty principle etc. Therefore all of them are wrong. Laplace transform [Das, 2011-1] is very heavily used in control system engineering, communication engineering particularly in under graduate courses. Therefore these subjects are false and cannot work in real life engineering.

If something is applied in engineering, do not assume that that thing is working, just because engineering is working. Engineering works because of redundancies, safety and failure monitoring, crash and reset implementations using watch dog timers etc. Lot of electronic computers are placed together to make things work using many checks and balances. Even then we see most engineering do not work. How many times your computer crashes, how many times your car breaks down, how often kitchen faucet leaks?


1C:Two Examples




The part (a) is the assumption. The parts (b) and (c) are the results. Parts (b) and (c) will hold good only when part (a) holds. But we know that part (a) cannot hold. That is because nature cannot make any assumptions. There is no place in the universe or on the surface of earth where there is no external force. Gravitational force, besides other forces, is always there everywhere. Thus (a) is invalid and therefore Newton’s first law cannot be called a law of nature. This law violates the statements of the simultaneity law.

Let us look at the result (c), which says an object will move in a straight line with a constant speed. Have you ever seen any object on earth moving in a straight line with a constant speed? No, never! This does not even happen in deep space. Thus this law, the first law of Newton, is completely wrong.

So we can see our universities, schools, and colleges are not teaching correct theories to our students. It may be almost sure that 99% of professors do not know or realize that this law is false. However 1% of the researchers recognize that the above law is false.

The following statements can be found in another physics textbook [Ferraro, p. 8] about the Newton’s first law:

“We could hardly sustain that this principle [First law] is a strict experimental result. On the one hand it is not evident how to recognize whether a body is free of forces or not. Even if a unique body in the universe were thought, it is undoubted that its movement could not be rectilinear and uniform in every reference system.”

For part (b) of the law, a very simple thought experiment will show that if you leave a ball of say 1 Kg mass, in space, about 1 million miles above earth, then it will immediately start moving in a curved path. The ball will not remain stationary as stated by the law. It will move. Let us do some approximate calculations to verify the invalidity of the part (b) of the first law.

The ball will be under the influence of the gravitational forces of sun, moon, earth, and all other planets of the solar system, and even by other galaxies. Assume that the force of attraction by the sun is the most



completely different person when I am outside my home. So is everyone. Isolated environment is wrong, simultaneity law is correct.

This shows that our society or civilization is not looking for truth. Professor Quigley was correct – education is not supposed to find the truth. And there is a very good reason for it – as we will discuss later when we investigate economics, money, money power, and the central bank.

11. Conclusions

We have established with examples, quotations, and references that our education system is not teaching us the truth. No one, who has gone through this education system, knows any subject better than who did not go through them. All we have learnt are false things and surprisingly also that we do not know that they are false. It created a class of people with a false ego, which generated exploitation and discrimination in the society. Only 1% knows the real truth.

To learn the truth, you have to do your own research, and find those people in that 1% community and learn from them. Nature always produces these people, in every decade and in every country. That is how nature maintains the truth in our society. You will know that truth and that 1% community, only when you learn to listen to your soul. And your soul is always calling you. Truth seeking is an individual or personal quest.

This 1% community has published their discoveries on various forms on books and also as peer reviewed articles. Such publications are also available freely on the internet. So, search the internet, Google it, find them, recognize them, and learn from them. Thus the truth is out there on the internet. It is not hidden anymore.