1A: Definition of Truth


The diagram in Figure 1.1 will illustrate the mechanism of destiny prediction. The photo of the thinking man in the Figure 1.1 is taken from [unsplash].

Everything that happens in the universe, including our earth, is already programmed in the memory of the universe. Our souls read them and then execute them in our brains. Each person’s memory activities are readable by anyone who can acquire that skill by using yogic power. Thus all past, present, and future actives are stored in the memory of the universe. More details of memory concept are discussed in the chapter on memory in this book. A physics textbook says – “Events do not happen; they are just there, and we come across them”. Thus the destiny mechanism is nothing but like a TV serial; everybody in the studio knows what is coming next.


Reincarnation is a law of nature. It says that after death, you will be born again. That is, every object that takes birth must die; and every object that dies must also come back to life by birth again. This birth, maturity, and death process continues indefinitely and is controlled by the global destiny only. Bible says – “Everything that happens will happen again”. Most of us live in a matured state for long time to perform our responsibilities assigned by the destiny law.

As always, nature demonstrates all its laws. The following demonstration gives a proof of reincarnation.

A baby boy is born in a hospital. Everybody, including doctors, nurses, and parents recognizes that the baby has a bullet wound entry mark at chest and a bullet wound exit mark at the back. When the boy grows and learns to speak, he slowly mentions many things about his past life in bits and pieces, which summarizes to the following. In the last life, his name was N, he died on date D at the hospital H in a town T, due to a gunshot wound on his chest. Research scholars, news reporters visit the hospital H in town T and verify all the facts that the boy said. They even verify from the autopsy record of previous life body that the birthmarks of the boy match the wounds in the previous body. Such kids, who remember previous life, are called Jatiswar in Sanskrit language.

In another similar Jatswar case the boy was operated by doctors at his little older age to save his life. Doctors found the entire straight line bullet wound path inside the body of the boy. These are very convincing cases for reincarnation, where a physical mark is moved from the previous body to the present body, along with the access to all the past life memories. More details are given in the reincarnation chapter of this book.

Reincarnation is the greatest discovery of the mankind. Whether we know it or not, it does not affect our life activities; just like Galileo’s discovery does not affect us. But the knowledge of reincarnation can profoundly affect our mindset, culture, values, philosophy, and society. It must be realized that no one can stop his reincarnation; and it is completely controlled by destiny. Even Krishna reincarnates at precisely predicted times and millennium after millennium as mentioned in Gita.

Eternal recurrence

It was probably the greatest disaster in our history that reincarnation was removed from the Bible. Of course, it was done by the design of the destiny law.

Lack of reincarnation law in Bible has caused racism, religious violence, nationalism, wars, etc. The lack of understanding of reincarnation and destiny law show our ignorance that by only killing a dictator we cannot get rid of him; he will be born again with similar characteristics. This is called eternal recurrence or history repeats itself. The Bible says, “Whatever has happened will happen again, and there is nothing new under the sun”. Eternal recurrence was made popular in the west by the German philosopher Nietzsche. Gita, which is a part of Vedas, and is discussed in the Vedic theory chapter, has a verse that says you begin your next life the way you ended the previous life. See the reincarnation chapter also for more details.

This eternal recurrence feature may destroy our philosophy of globalization or One World Order on earth. We can see its impact on the concept behind formation of EU. We are back with Brexit, nationalism, anti-migration, border walls etc., after about 70 years from WW2.

Cause and effect

Bible’s sow and reap, Newton’s action and reaction, and cause and effect law of Vedas are all same. In the chapter on conservation laws we show that all the laws of physics can be reduced to the cause and effect law or can be derived from this cause and effect law.

Bible says, “we are made out of dust”. This is not the dust on our earth; this is the cosmic dust particles, which fill the entire universe. Like the soul, this dust particle is a tiniest invisible particle. It does not have consciousness and normally remains neutral. It has three properties: Intelligence (Sattya), Ignorance (Tamas), and Energy (Rajas). A soul, which is the root cause, uses this root material (dust) to create all objects, which are effects, in the universe. The three properties change according to the desire of the soul to create many different types of objects. The root material is also eternally existent.

The complexity of the cause and effect law comes from the fact that all objects are simultaneously and continuously connected for all past, present, and future times. Thus every cause has multiple effects. For example, when you speak inside your home then everybody in your home listens to you and thus everybody gets affected. In the same way there are no single cause, there are infinitely many causes for every effect. And which cause will be used at any moment is written only in the memory of the universe and is predetermined. Thus it will be impossible for anyone, excepting a yogi, to predict which effect will happen. Thus, for all of us, it will remain completely unknown to find which one is the cause and which one is the effect. Moreover causes may come from past life, and also may be for future life reasons, as described by the destiny law. Take a look at the destiny law chapter for details.

Simultaneity Law

A very important law of nature is the simultaneity law. It says anything and everything in this world or in the universe happens because of



Another interpretation of this simultaneity law is that everything in this universe is tightly interconnected. If anything changes at any time, and at any location, then everything else will change also. If you make some changes then everybody will be affected and similarly, if someone makes any move then you will also be affected. This is true for sun, moon, and earth also. Our entire galaxy is very closely connected together.

We can represent this connectivity graphically using a block diagram like the one shown in Figure-1.2. Here the rectangular boxes represent objects of nature. They can be living or nonliving objects. They can be electrons, humans, and planets etc. Each object is connected to all other objects with spring like interfaces as shown by zigzag and dashed lines. If any object moves then we can see how all objects of the universe will move and react. Thus the universe is continuously moving as a total dynamic system. Figure-1.2 represents the global plan created by the simultaneous action reaction of all objects, including all humans in nature.

The diagram also shows that we do not have any ability to change anything. Instead we are changing, because everything else is changing. Just like our sun or earth cannot change by itself. Earth is tied with the solar system, which in turn is tied with the galaxy. The sun cannot take any path as it desires, because it is situated in one of the spiral wings of the galaxy in which we belong. This diagram represents our global destiny. Our individual destinies are intimately tied with this global plan created by the simultaneity law of action-reaction, cause and effect, and the organized structure of the universe. There is no difference between living and nonliving objects. We are all souls and are interconnected with all the souls of the universe.

Thus the real truth lies in this universe of the connected system. You and I cannot define, know, or find the absolute truth, unless we learn to see the details of this universal mechanism. We will see that the guiding principle behind this law of nature or the truth is the soul theory.

1B: Definition of False



moving, and affecting each other’s positions. The sun is moving inside the spiral of our galaxy. The spiral is rotating around the core of the galaxy. The galaxy itself is also moving in the space with respect to other galaxies in the universe. The entire universe is also expanding according to some scientists. Thus nothing is stationary in our universe.

If you take two points in space and imagine a straight line joining them, and assume another point between them on that straight line, then moments later that midpoint will no longer be on that straight, because all points are moving. Thus straight line cannot exist in the universe.

Objects of nature

Objects of nature are animals, humans, plants and trees, sun, moon, earth, planets, galaxies etc. Objects of nature are also roads, buildings, airplanes, computers, missiles, etc. because they are made from the objects of nature. Objects of nature grow on trees or can be mined from underneath the earth. Objects of nature are physical objects, they occupy three dimensional spaces, and can be sensed using our human sensors like eyes, ears, nose, hands, etc.

Real numbers are not objects of nature. Real numbers are points on a straight line, which is not an object of nature. Thus real numbers cannot satisfy the laws of nature. Real numbers violate the item (2) in the definition of truth, and therefore real numbers are false. Ironically, real numbers are not really real.

(R1) 1+2=3

The statement (R1) is quite valid and everybody will understand what we are talking about. One orange plus two apples give us three fruits. But to a mathematician this is a completely wrong application of mathematics. Real numbers are not objects of nature. Therefore apples and oranges cannot be added.

The numbers 1, 2, 3 are points on a straight line. They represent distances from a reference point on that same straight line identified as zero. Thus point 1 is one unit distance away from zero point. Similarly, 2 and 3 are points on the real line, at 2 and 3 unit distances away from point zero. In (R1) we are adding distances and not objects of nature.

Addition operation is defined only for distances or points on the real line. The result is also a distance. Equality is valid only for distances. Three fruits cannot be equal to the addition of two apples with an orange. Real numbers are closed under addition operation; addition can only produce real numbers and not fruits.

No two objects are equal in nature. Even two apples are not same; they have different shapes, and different colors. In mathematics only same things can be added and compared as equals. Thus (R1) is a false example of mathematics. False can never become true, no matter what you do with it. Thus the entire mathematics, which uses false objects like real numbers, can never become true, and therefore can never be used to describe nature. All applications of mathematics will automatically be false for both engineering and nature. We will give more examples later in this chapter and in other chapters, like in Quantum Mechanics (QM).

However, in one sense mathematics is true, because it is a product of destiny law. Destiny law is true, and therefore we have to use mathematics, even though 1% of the population knows that the mathematics is false, and should not be used. As we have mentioned, there is no way out from the destiny law. We have to learn this false mathematics, use it to create more complex and false objects, and only then we get money to survive.

5.2 Money is false

For centuries or maybe even for millions of years money was true, and was attached to precious metals, like gold or silver. But over the years, it changed to false. Now money is no longer an object of nature. Money is thus not only false, but it is free and abundant at its source, which is the Central Bank (CB). For more details take a look at the chapter on central bank.

Money is a real number, therefore it must be false. Since money is false, anything you create using money must be false also, because false can never become true no matter what you do with it. Keynes said – Not a man in a million can diagnose how our financial system works now.

However, engineering is not false, because engineering uses objects of nature. But engineering uses two false objects too, real numbers and money. Because of that reason engineering is unreliable, unsafe, and pollutes environment.

No win-win

In any financial transaction there cannot exist a win-win situation. The reason being all transactions are related to physical objects, like a house, gold, or diamond, etc. So if you take the diamond, then nobody else can get it. Therefore all transaction will involve win-lose. If you win then someone else must lose. Take a look at the chapter on CB.

If you observe carefully, in all apparent win-win transactions, you will always find a third party, who will be the loser. Thus all businesses will always create poverty. This is the most important problem of our Central Bank Economy (CBE). Poverty cannot be eliminated from CBE as long as the false money exists. Since this false money is created by the destiny law, only destiny can eliminate poverty. No one, excepting destiny, can go against the money power of the CBE.

(M1) Apple is $10

How can you place a price tag on any object of nature using money? You cannot, there is no rationally for that assignment like (M1). Money is false and the apple is true, false cannot become true. Every apple is different, they cannot have same price. You cannot get $100/hr while the CEO gets $1000/hr. Two persons cannot be measured using some false scale designed by money power.

You may say that the land in which the apple grows costs $5 per apple. But we can then ask the same question as – why the land is $5. Thus there is no correct explanation for (M1). In view of reincarnation law and destiny law salary discrimination has no logical foundation. But we have to accept it as a part of destiny, and only destiny can and will solve the problem some day. That will always happen, and false will be removed; otherwise people will not learn the truth.


The graphs, in figures 1.3 and 1.4, taken from the CB chapter show how CBE has created the poverty over the years (1967-2009).

 5.3 Money-less Economy (MLE)

Since money is false, money cannot be necessary to run the economy. Economy is all about engineering, which is GDP, and should be true, and it cannot require any false objects. Thus if we can remove money and create MLE all problems will be solved. Take a look at the MLE chapter in this book for the details about MLE. Under MLE we all work free and get everything for free. But at least one able bodied person must work from every household. MLE can allow you to become the king of the entire earth, and yet nobody will remain poor.

MLE will eliminate poverty, migration, racism, religious violence, gun violence, corruption, wars, terrorism, national security, national boundaries, pollution, all kinds of corruptions, divorce, sexual harassment, etc. MLE is the only economy that obeys the law of nature and can allow you to pursue the truth freely. It is the only economy that can bring global peace for all time and from day one.

6. False Education

Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) was a bold and famous truth teller. He was a professor at Georgetown University, in Washington DC, in USA, and was teaching history at the School of Foreign Service during 1941 to 1972. He did his BA, MA, and Ph.D. all from Harvard University [Wiki-Q].

He was a mentor of the U.S. President Bill Clinton (1993-2001). President Clinton mentioned Quigley’s name during his Democratic Party nomination convention [Quigley, 1992]. During his inaugural address also President Clinton has paid tribute to him [Ramsay].

Professor Quigley has written several books. One of them is “Tragedy and Hope, A history of the World in Our Time” [Quigley, 1966]. The book revealed many secret information and vital truths. This is the only book that integrates history with the financial system. Clearly history is meaningless without the role of money power. The professor had taken twenty years to write the book and he had the opportunity to work for


know the truth, as we will illustrate in this book. Only 1% knows the truth and they are hiding.

Isn’t this natural? Of course it is. If you are a king, then you will always try to protect your kingship. The only way to do that is to stop educating the truth. Nobody should even know where the king lives and who the king is.

This was true during Mahabharat period, where nobody knew that the king was Ravan and his capital was in present day Sri Lanka, and was completely made of gold. Oscar winning film director Satyajit Ray shows, in his film Land of the diamond king, that the king orders his ministers to burn all books, jail the teachers, and close the schools. The king says more you teach students, more they learn, and more they disobey. You should not blame anybody; everything is guided by the global destiny of the universe, and destiny has reasons too.

The Elephant Story

Carroll Quigley’s wife Lillian has written a beautifully illustrated children’s book on the elephant story [Quigley, 1959]. Apparently she was influenced by her husband’s work that we have all failed to see the truth about our world, our history, and about economy. She realized that the mainstream does not know that the real truth is somewhere else and wanted to explain the root cause of it in that story book.

Six blind men came to the king’s palace to see an elephant. The king asked each one of them to touch a specific portion of the elephant. Someone touched only the tail, someone else touched one leg, similarly another blind man touched the trunk, and someone the ear, etc.

The king then asked them to discuss their views about the elephant. The person who touched the tail, said elephant is like a bushy rope. The one who touched the leg said it is like a pillar. They all argued that they all know the truth and the other persons were wrong. When a sighted person came and described the elephant, the blind men also learned that they were all bind.

The moral of the story is that we are all blind. You may call it as brainwashed also. We are all brainwashed in our own way, by our society, culture, values, economies, country, religion, and ultimately by money and central bank. Each one of us thinks I know the truth; and the other person does not have any clue about it. We are all wearing colored sun glasses. Someone is seeing through a red eyeglass, someone through blue, and someone else yellow. No one knows the real color of the universe.

Remember that the truth is unique and universal. So, I will live with my faith – is a wrong notion, unless your faith represents the unique and universal truth – the laws of nature. The truth can only be learnt if you learn all subjects simultaneously and together. Truth is multi-dimensional.

Have you ever seen your beloved person, or whom you see all the time and very closely, through a mirror? Did you notice that how different she looks? Did it not trigger the idea in your mind – how does she really look? Or even more – Do I know how I look? When a sighted person comes to you and proves that you are blind then your perspective will completely change. You will begin to question many things and then everything.

The fact is that you can do research on your own to find the real truth. Only thing is that you have to be motivated enough to realize that what you know or learned could be all wrong. Or maybe you have to learn to question everything and anything that you see around you. Eventually you will, in your search, meet one of these men from 1% of the population and learn about the truth. This book is about bringing the research work of this 1% community to the 99% population. People in this 1% community are the gurus in their respective fields. You will always find a guru, or a guru will come to you, whenever you are ready. Again, it must be emphasized that this author does not belong to the 1% community; he is only a collector, a compiler, and a messenger.

Even when the blind men found out they are blind, still they would not know the entire truth. The men with sight also do not know the truth. Complete truth is there only in nature. As an example, how will everybody know that the elephant has a soul? How will people know that the elephant reincarnates? How will we know that there is a law that shows eternal recurrence? All these can be found out only by observing nature. Nature always gives proofs of all these laws. Truth can only be found by people who know where to look for and how to look for. There are people who have already found out all the truths. Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. We just have to find them or their research work on the internet.

The only way to remove this blindness is to listen to your soul. More attentively you listen, more clearly you will hear. That is the message of Bible and also is there on the title page of this book. This concentration is the most important factor in our ability to listen to our souls. We all have this power of concentration and the ability to see our souls. We are all yogis; we all have this yogic power. The yogic power is nothing but this power of your soul, this ability of your soul to reveal all truths to you. That is why the soul is called god, and we say god is situated inside you, waiting for you to discover. Listen carefully and you will hear it. Your soul has all the truths. You are the god; you can know everything that you want to know. Bible says God is your spirit.

1C: Everything Is Wrong




Verification of science:

Engineering cannot make any assumptions, because engineering products are made from objects of nature and these products interact with nature. Thus engineering is part of nature and therefore will be guided by all the laws of nature. Engineering and nature will automatically reject all assumptions and therefore no science theory can work for engineering and nature.

Therefore no engineering experiment can prove or verify any theory or in other words nobody has proven any theory in the past. This is so, because all engineering experiments have rejected all assumptions of our theories.

Sometimes an experiment or nature may give results that the theories predict, but that does not mean that the theory is correct. Again, the reasons are same, theories are assumptions only.

Only way to verify a theory, is to verify its assumptions first. In software and in engineering all modules are tested and verified before the system level theories are verified. Science does not obey that protocol. However, this method is a controlled system, it is not natural observation. It has specified inputs and outputs. Natural observation has global environment and represents actual truths.

The notion that many people have tested the theory, and they all worked. That is obviously false, if you do the same thing, in the same way, you will always get the same result. That is natural, thousand people doing it in different places or one person doing it thousand times, does not make any differences.

Observation of data in nature cannot also prove any theory. Before Galileo two billion people observed the data and created the theory that the sun goes round the earth. But Galileo changed everything.

Medicine effect data has similar problems. Since doctors do not know why placebo works, they also cannot tell why medicine effect is nothing but the placebo effect.

The last two paragraphs highlight the core problem – science does not recognize soul theory. Nature is both matter and soul. Without soul nothing can be correctly identified. Note that the entire body is inside the mind, and medicine works on the body only.

We will later see that the third eye vision is the only way to learn the truth. Without that we will never know that the elephants or humans reincarnate. Truth is multidimensional; one person cannot know it without the third eye power.

Of course, as mentioned in T1 that nature always demonstrates its truths for ordinary humans. All truths are already documented and are on the internet. There is nothing new under the sun. We have lived in the previous universe; everything that we are going through now has already been travelled in the previous time.


Thus 99% of the teachers are teaching wrong theories to us. They do not know that they are teaching wrong subjects or wrong theories. Only 1% of these teachers know that these theories are all wrong. This 1% has occasionally written about it in their books and other research papers. However, if you are not looking for such truths, you will never find them. And you will never know that the things you have learnt are all wrong.

When professor Quigley says, education is designed not to find the truth, he is thus exactly correct. Math and Science are completely wrong. You do not have to know math and science to know that they are wrong; all you have to know is that (a) they make assumptions and (b) nature cannot make assumptions. Note that by science, we generally mean physics only. However, excepting some branches of science which are like engineering, such as, chemistry, medical surgery, cooking, etc., all other branches are false.

8.  No Infinity

Infinity is associated with mass, length, and time of an object or among objects. Every object has a mass; like sun, moon, earth, a galaxy, a human being, a tree, a plant, a dog etc. All these objects have a finite mass. Their masses can never be infinity.

Similarly all these objects have volume, length, and height. These parameters of an object are also finite. No object has infinite length. Every object also has a finite life time. It goes through a birth process, maturity process, and then death process. This is true for all living and nonliving objects. Scientists have discovered that stars also die. Every society, nation, civilization also dies. Thus life and therefore time is always finite.

The distance between two objects is never infinite. The distance between two galaxies is always finite. Similarly time to travel from one galaxy to another galaxy is finite. These values can be very large but never infinity.

Infinity is an assumption. Large number is never an approximation for infinity. Things dramatically change when we change the infinity assumption to a finite number, small or large. Thus if we describe nature using infinity we will make error and will never find the truth. Mathematics is full of assumptions of infinity. Therefore mathematics can never be correct for a description of nature.

There are some widely used theories called Laplace Transforms [Dunn], Fourier Transforms etc., which are defined using infinity. These theories cannot be valid for engineering [Das, 2009-2], because they use infinity, which is an invalid assumption for nature.

Physics and engineering use those two transforms quite extensively in developing many other theories. Therefore all those theories have to be wrong both in practices of engineering and in describing the laws of nature. Fourier Transform [Das, 2009-1] is used in Sampling theorem, Capacity theorem, Uncertainty principle, etc. Therefore all of them are wrong. Laplace transform [Das, 2011-1] is very heavily used in control system engineering, communication engineering particularly in under graduate courses. Therefore these subjects are false and cannot work in real life engineering.

If something is applied in engineering, do not assume that the thing is working, just because engineering is working. Engineering works because of redundancies, safety and failure monitoring, crash and reset implementations using watch dog timers etc. Lot of electronic computers are placed together to make things work using many checks and balances. Even then we see most engineering do not work. How many times your computer crashes, how many times your car breaks down, how often kitchen faucet leaks?

We will illustrate with examples, from physics and from mathematics to show that our education indeed does not teach the truth. It is true for all subjects. Carroll Quigley’s book shows that history and economics that we teach are all wrong. Of course, those two are theoretical subjects and do not claim to describe nature. They are used mainly to control and misguide people. But here we will see that even mathematics and physics are used to confuse people and to keep them away from real truth about nature and its laws.

9. Sab Jhut Hai

In a novel, Tagore, a Bengali Nobel Laureate poet, said “Sab jhut hai” in Hindi; which means everything is false. Many western philosophers also said the same thing. For example Mark Twain said – “Majority is always in the wrong”. To illustrate the point, in the following subsections we describe few widely used subjects and tools which are completely wrong.

9.1   Laplace Transform

Laplace transform is a mathematical theory that uses infinity in its definition. Infinity is invalid in nature and therefore this theory cannot be used in engineering. Yet we are extensively using this theory in many engineering applications. As a result none of these engineering projects work. Engineers use lot of patches and kludges to make them work, the products become unreliable, i.e. unstable and unpredictable.

Large number is never an approximation for infinity. Infinity is an assumption. If we replace infinity by a large or small number the theory dramatically changes its characteristics. Thus entire engineering, where




In reality all theories are wrong, and none of them works or can work for any engineering applications. In fact engineering can be designed completely without any theory. Human body is the best example of nature’s engineering work. We do not use any theory when we walk, or when we do our daily activities. This happens because we have the best sensor technology inside our body. The same can be done for engineering also [Das, 2012-2].

9.2  Newton’s First Law

Here is an example from physics that also fails to provide any truth. This theory is stated in the following way in the physics book [Serway, p.114]:

“In the absence of external forces and when viewed from an inertial reference frame, an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion continues in motion with a constant velocity (that is, with a constant speed in a straight line)”.

We are considering here only the dynamic motion part of the theory. We can break the above statement in some smaller statements to show its assumptions and results parts:

(a) In the absence of external forces and when viewed from an inertial reference frame,

(b) an object in motion continues in motion with a constant velocity (that is, with a constant speed in a straight line)

The part (a) is the assumption. The part (b) is the result. Part (b) will hold good only when part (a) holds. But we know that part (a) cannot hold. That is so because nature cannot make any assumptions. There is no place in the universe or on the surface of earth where there is no external force. Gravitational forces, besides other forces, are always there everywhere. Thus (a) is invalid and therefore Newton’s first law cannot be called a law of nature. This law violates the statements of the simultaneity law.

Let us look at the result (b) now, which says an object will move in a straight line with a constant speed. Have you ever seen any object on earth moving in a straight line with a constant speed? No, never! This does not even happen in deep space. Thus this law, the first law of Newton, is completely wrong.

The following statements can be found in a physics textbook [Ferraro, p. 8] about the Newton’s first law:

“We could hardly sustain that this principle [First law] is a strict experimental result. On the one hand it is not evident how to recognize whether a body is free of forces or not. Even if a unique body in the universe were thought, it is undoubted that its movement could not be rectilinear and uniform in every reference system.”

In fact all three laws of Newton assume the same isolated environment assumptions. Therefore none of them can have any truth. Surprisingly, most of our research work is done in an isolated environment, inside laboratory, eliminating nature and its impact on the subjects.  How can we then find the truth about nature?

If we want to study earth, we cannot take the earth out of its orbit and analyze it. Out of its orbit, earth will no longer be earth. Its atmosphere will be gone, all animals will die. It will do no good to our investigation. Imagine then what we can expect when we take an electron out of its orbit. It will not be an electron anymore. I am a completely different person when I am outside my home. So is everyone else. Isolated environment is wrong, simultaneity law is correct.

This shows that our society or present civilization is not looking for truth. Professor Quigley was correct – education is not supposed to find the truth. And there is a very good reason for it – as we will discuss later when we investigate economics, money, money power, and the central bank. Again as a reminder, no one can avoid destiny law.

9.3 QM and SR

This book has a chapter on Quantum Mechanics (QM). We have already discussed about why this chapter cannot be correct. This is so because of its dependence on uncertainty principle, which in turn depends on Fourier Transform. We know that FT uses infinity, and infinity is not there in nature and engineering.

The Special Relativity (SR) similarly uses Newton’s first law as its assumption. SR requires an inertial reference frame. A physics textbook defines – “an inertial frame of reference as a frame in which an object obeys Newton’s first law: so that it travels at a constant velocity because no external force acts on it.” Thus SR depends on Newton’s first law, which we know is not a correct theory as discussed before. SR also assumes light’s speed is constant, which has not been verified by any observations. Many experiments, on the contrary, prove that constancy is not correct in nature. Search for this author’s paper on Michelson and Morley experiment.

9.4 GPS Engineering

Kepler’s theory is considered as a law of nature in physics. It says satellites go around earth in an elliptic path. The law also gives a mathematical formula to find the position of the satellite at any time.

Clearly this law cannot be correct. Earth is not stationary, it is moving around the sun. So, you cannot have an elliptic path around the earth. Ellipse can be drawn only on the plane of a paper. Sun is also not stationary; it is moving inside a spiral of our galaxy, and that spiral is going around the core of our galaxy. Our galaxy is also moving in the space of the universe. Thus the path of the satellite is a very complex path in the 3D space of the universe, which is beyond comprehension by any human brain. And indeed Kepler’s law has completely failed in GPS (Global Positioning System).

Engineers, physicists, and mathematicians of GPS research groups modified Kepler’s law significantly, but still could not make it work. Engineers finally decided to make actual measurements of satellite’s position from the ground stations and then upload that data to satellites for rebroadcasting to our handheld receivers.

This is done nearly every two hours to make GPS work and maintain the desired accuracy. This is how we add patches and kludges in all engineering projects, because we are forced to use false theories. Engineering works, but that does not mean that the theories work. Again, this is a consequence of destiny law, nobody has freewill, and nobody can change anything, unless that is written in the destiny.

Why did Kepler fail? Because, like all physicists, and unlike Galileo, Kepler did not observe nature, he made assumptions, he used math, etc. Science without observations of nature has to be false. Science with assumptions cannot have any foundation. Analyze any science theory, and you will find it has assumptions.

10. Conclusions

We have extracted the definition of truth from the Vedas and have shown with many examples that the definition is equally visible in Bible also. We have also found that the global destiny is the highest level truth. Nobody has any freewill, and we always obey our individual destiny, which is derived from the global destiny of the universe. Destiny law is not fatalistic, because you cannot sit idle, unless it is written in your destiny. All judgments and punishments, even though they may be wrong, are part of the global destiny.

Unfortunately, on our earth, and in this era of our civilization, we do not have anything that represents the truth. Thus everything we know and do is all wrong or false, according to the above definition of truth. Again, this is a consequence of the destiny law too. We cannot fix these problems because we do not have freewill. We know money-less economy (MLE) can solve all problems, eliminate all false things, and bring us to the path of truth, but we cannot implement MLE and we must wait for the destined time and event. We are indeed helpless. But we are not our physical bodies, we are our souls, and guided by the global destiny.