1A: Definition of Truth

1A: Definition of Truth


The diagram in Figure 1.1 will illustrate the mechanism of destiny prediction. The photo of the thinking man in the Figure 1.1 is taken from [unsplash].

Everything that happens in the universe, including our earth, is already programmed in the memory of the universe. Our souls read them and then execute them in our brains. Each person’s memory activities are readable by anyone who can acquire that skill by using yogic power. Thus all past, present, and future actives are stored in the memory of the universe. More details of memory concept are discussed in the chapter on memory in this book. A physics textbook says – “Events do not happen; they are just there, and we come across them”. Thus the destiny mechanism is nothing but like a TV serial; everybody in the studio knows what is coming next.


Reincarnation is a law of nature. It says that after death, you will be born again. That is, every object that takes birth must die; and every object that dies must also come back to life by birth again. This birth, maturity, and death process continues indefinitely and is controlled by the global destiny only. Bible says – “Everything that happens will happen again”. Most of us live in a matured state for long time to perform our responsibilities assigned by the destiny law.

As always, nature demonstrates all its laws. The following demonstration gives a proof of reincarnation.

A baby boy is born in a hospital. Everybody, including doctors, nurses, and parents recognizes that the baby has a bullet wound entry mark at chest and a bullet wound exit mark at the back. When the boy grows and learns to speak, he slowly mentions many things about his past life in bits and pieces, which summarizes to the following. In the last life, his name was N, he died on date D at the hospital H in a town T, due to a gunshot wound on his chest. Research scholars, news reporters visit the hospital H in town T and verify all the facts that the boy said. They even verify from the autopsy record of previous life body that the birthmarks of the boy match the wounds in the previous body. Such kids, who remember previous life, are called Jatiswar in Sanskrit language.

In another similar Jatswar case the boy was operated by doctors at his little older age to save his life. Doctors found the entire straight line bullet wound path inside the body of the boy. These are very convincing cases for reincarnation, where a physical mark is moved from the previous body to the present body, along with the access to all the past life memories. More details are given in the reincarnation chapter of this book.

Reincarnation is the greatest discovery of the mankind. Whether we know it or not, it does not affect our life activities; just like Galileo’s discovery does not affect us. But the knowledge of reincarnation can profoundly affect our mindset, culture, values, philosophy, and society. It must be realized that no one can stop his reincarnation; and it is completely controlled by destiny. Even Krishna reincarnates at precisely predicted times and millennium after millennium as mentioned in Gita.

Eternal recurrence

It was probably the greatest disaster in our history that reincarnation was removed from the Bible. Of course, it was done by the design of the destiny law.

Lack of reincarnation law in Bible has caused racism, religious violence, nationalism, wars, etc. The lack of understanding of reincarnation and destiny law show our ignorance that by only killing a dictator we cannot get rid of him; he will be born again with similar characteristics. This is called eternal recurrence or history repeats itself. The Bible says, “Whatever has happened will happen again, and there is nothing new under the sun”. Eternal recurrence was made popular in the west by the German philosopher Nietzsche. Gita, which is a part of Vedas, and is discussed in the Vedic theory chapter, has a verse that says you begin your next life the way you ended the previous life. See the reincarnation chapter also for more details.

This eternal recurrence feature may destroy our philosophy of globalization or One World Order on earth. We can see its impact on the concept behind formation of EU. We are back with Brexit, nationalism, anti-migration, border walls etc., after about 70 years from WW2.

Cause and effect

Bible’s sow and reap, Newton’s action and reaction, and cause and effect law of Vedas are all same. In the chapter on conservation laws we show that all the laws of physics can be reduced to the cause and effect law or can be derived from this cause and effect law.

Bible says, “we are made out of dust”. This is not the dust on our earth; this is the cosmic dust particles, which fill the entire universe. Like the soul, this dust particle is a tiniest invisible particle. It does not have consciousness and normally remains neutral. It has three properties: Intelligence (Sattya), Ignorance (Tamas), and Energy (Rajas). A soul, which is the root cause, uses this root material (dust) to create all objects, which are effects, in the universe. The three properties change according to the desire of the soul to create many different types of objects. The root material is also eternally existent.

The complexity of the cause and effect law comes from the fact that all objects are simultaneously and continuously connected for all past, present, and future times. Thus every cause has multiple effects. For example, when you speak inside your home then everybody in your home listens to you and thus everybody gets affected. In the same way there are no single cause, there are infinitely many causes for every effect. And which cause will be used at any moment is written only in the memory of the universe and is predetermined. Thus it will be impossible for anyone, excepting a yogi, to predict which effect will happen. Thus, for all of us, it will remain completely unknown to find which one is the cause and which one is the effect. Moreover causes may come from past life, and also may be for future life reasons, as described by the destiny law. Take a look at the destiny law chapter for details.

Simultaneity Law

A very important law of nature is the simultaneity law. It says anything and everything in this world or in the universe happens because of



Another interpretation of this simultaneity law is that everything in this universe is tightly interconnected. If anything changes at any time, and at any location, then everything else will change also. If you make some changes then everybody will be affected and similarly, if someone makes any move then you will also be affected. This is true for sun, moon, and earth also. Our entire galaxy is very closely connected together.

We can represent this connectivity graphically using a block diagram like the one shown in Figure-1.2. Here the rectangular boxes represent objects of nature. They can be living or nonliving objects. They can be electrons, humans, and planets etc. Each object is connected to all other objects with spring like interfaces as shown by zigzag and dashed lines. If any object moves then we can see how all objects of the universe will move and react. Thus the universe is continuously moving as a total dynamic system. Figure-1.2 represents the global plan created by the simultaneous action reaction of all objects, including all humans in nature.

The diagram also shows that we do not have any ability to change anything. Instead we are changing, because everything else is changing. Just like our sun or earth cannot change by itself. Earth is tied with the solar system, which in turn is tied with the galaxy. The sun cannot take any path as it desires, because it is situated in one of the spiral wings of the galaxy in which we belong. This diagram represents our global destiny. Our individual destinies are intimately tied with this global plan created by the simultaneity law of action-reaction, cause and effect, and the organized structure of the universe. There is no difference between living and nonliving objects. We are all souls and are interconnected with all the souls of the universe.

Thus the real truth lies in this universe of the connected system. You and I cannot define, know, or find the absolute truth, unless we learn to see the details of this universal mechanism. We will see that the guiding principle behind this law of nature or the truth is the soul theory.