3C: Democracy under MLE

3C: Democracy in MLE

6. Democracy and Freedom

Just like nature is free to us, humans are born free also. However, by some evolutionary process this freedom has been taken away from all of us. In this section we show how MLE can again give this freedom back to all the people of this earth. The root cause behind this loss of freedom is of course money. This money power has gone deep inside our mind, body, blood, and even in our soul.

Money Power

Unless the intellectual community begins to realize that the money is not needed to run the economy, the money power cannot be removed and MLE cannot be implemented. However, this is a necessary condition and not sufficient.

Money is controlling all activities of the world for more than two thousand years. Clearly the Central Bank (CB) is the source of this money power now. As mentioned before, CB is privately owned and cannot be controlled by government [Greenspan, 2009]. On the other hand using the money power, the CB controls all activities of the society including education and religion. It controls all private and government organizations, CIA, FBI, including military, and police force of every country. Most importantly, majority of the population also thinks that money is necessary. Thus CB is the real king of our time.

Clearly, implementation of MLE will eliminate this controlling power of money. We know that money is not needed to run the economy as we have discussed, but CB may not give up its powers, even though the owners of the CB will not lose their lifestyles. Nobel Laureate Milton Freidman recognized that and said – “One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve” [Avari, 2010].

Freedom for Individuals

Democracy does not just mean ability to cast secret ballot to elect presidents or politicians every few years. Democracy means power to the people. Under capitalism every employee has a boss including the CEO of corporations. Any employee can be terminated from his or her job for any reasons and without any need for explanations. This kind of employment is called “at will” contract.

If a CEO is terminated he gets compensations by his contract. He has an entitlement for his security. But this same CEO when terminates you he hates to give entitlements. In fact in USA there is a common political slogan from many party members who want to remove all entitlements from all ordinary employees. Thus when you lose job you lose your food and shelter too, but the CEOs do not.

If any employee can be fired, and his home taken away from him, then no one in capitalism has any choice or freedom. Thus an employee is powerless and must serve and please his boss at any cost. There is no democracy or freedom for an individual if the fundamental rights of existence can be taken away from them using the money power. Without economic freedom there cannot exist any social, political, and intellectual freedom. The MLE promises to provide this freedom and abundance of life by providing the basic human rights for food and shelter – by eliminating money.

Freedom for Women

Women are better than menWomen can produce a baby but men cannot. Woman carries the baby in her womb for nine months, makes it grow properly, provides all the comfort and security while the baby is in the womb, withstands the pain to bring the baby to the world, and then provides the breast milk for its survival outside the body.

To perform such activities, women have much more sophisticated brain than men. Let us take a look at the structure of human brain using systems concepts. We can partition human brain in functional blocks, such as a subset for all hearing functions, another subset for vision, another one for all motor activities etc. Each one of these functions may be distributed physically over the entire brain, but functionally we can collect the neurons to an abstract and disjoint subset of brain.

Using this partitioning concept we can see that a woman has an extra subset of brain that monitors, controls, and manages the growth of the baby. Such a subset or subsystem is missing from the brains of men. Thus men’s brains are smaller in size because of this missing part.

All these partitions of brain work together simultaneously and interactively to provide the entire body functions. This is a law of nature, nothing can survive in isolation. When I see a flying object coming to hit me, my hands move to catch the object. This shows my vision part and motor control part of the brain are interconnected. Thus all partitions are interconnected by physical wires for communications among them. Since men are missing the baby control part, men are missing all these interconnecting wires of communications associated with this part. Thus men’s brain is smaller because it lacks billions of such communication lines involving neurons and glial cells.

Since each partition is connected to all other partitions of the brain by such communication links, each partition of men’s brain is missing the communication links for the partition that controls the baby. Thus functionally each partition of men’s brain is weaker and smaller than the corresponding partition of women’s brain.

Thus men’s physical brain is smaller and weaker than women’s brain because of three reasons (a) a missing partition corresponding to baby management (b) missing communication links and (c) smaller size and functionality of all partitions. Thus we can safely conclude that men are inferior to women in terms of brain power, knowledge, and intellects.

It is men’s world. For some reasons our society is designed and managed by men only. Women never participated, allowed to participate, or consulted. Thus the economic and political arrangements kept women outside the system of governments. Women became isolated.

When women came to work, they found they do not have jobs suitable for their advanced level brains. Women found men are engaged in silly and stupid activities. Men’s world is isolated from the laws of nature. It became very difficult for them to get adjusted in this false society. They cried out for change but did not know what to change and how to change. The artificial society is very complex and confusing.

Moneyless economy will give them the freedom to choose their activities, because it is no longer controlled by men. Women have complete freedom to choose their work and perform them according to their wishes and still satisfy the needs of society. Pregnancy and baby management will be considered a highly and most advanced activity for the society and will be eligible for food and shelter and all other rewards that the moneyless economy will provide. Thus women will regain their freedom, satisfaction, and honor under MLE.


Freedom for Politicians

In all countries of the world people can elect their politicians by secret ballot. Unfortunately when these politicians go to their capitol they cannot use secret ballot to cast their votes. Their freedom has been taken away from them by the money power.

If an elected person cannot execute their secret ballot then all the people who have used their secret ballot to elect him lose their powers too. Money power does not want this public ballot for the politicians so that the money power can control the politicians and influence their decisions by sending their lobbyists. This is how money power has taken democracy away from people also; people do not have any power. The democracy is false now. People of the world do not know that the secret ballot for pubic is only a show of democracy and is an insult to entire humanity.

If these politicians fail to implement the policies of the lobbyist then the politicians will not get money next time during elections. Thus we can see how money power is controlling the governments of all countries and how it has hijacked the democracy from the globe. Clearly under MLE there will be no problem in implementing secret ballot in all levels of governments, because MLE removes the money.

Freedom for Government 

The government is controlled by the money power of the central bank (CB), since its politicians are controlled by the same power. A government cannot do anything for its people; it has to implement the policies of the CB. The government borrows money from the CB, which is free for the CB, and then it has to return the money to CB with interests.

Even though government does not produce any money, it has to return more than it takes. Thus government perpetually remains in debt. Then the CB tells the government to implement austerity programs by laying off people from the payroll of government, increasing education cost, imposing higher taxes etc. to reduce the debt. Thus we see that no government of any country has any freedom and therefore there is no democracy anywhere.

Governments have no freedom to create jobs. Money power has forced the governments to keep employment in private hands. Thus during economic crisis times, like in 2008 recessions, private companies did not start creating jobs, and governments also were stopped from creating jobs. Thus governments could not help people and had to stand by and watch helplessly the miserable conditions of millions of unemployed people.

Unless we implement MLE we cannot provide democracy to people and its government. Since under MLE there is no money, there will be nothing to control people. No one will be able to own people; however government will still be needed to provide many support functions that is performed today under capitalism.