3D: Implementing MLE

3D: Implementing MLE

7. Implementing MLE

MLE does not mean everybody will become poor or equal. It is not socialism. Socialism uses money, but MLE does not. In MLE if anyone wants to have a corporate jet, he can have it, because it will be free. If someone wants to live in a big house, he can hire a contractor who will build it for him, because it is free. Thus a person can still maintain the life style he wants.

The owners of CB will not lose their lifestyle, except the power to control the world. However, if you think carefully, nobody really controls anyone even under capitalism. Eventually, everybody will die and cannot take anything with her, not even the controlling power, fame, joy, and sorrow.

At present, under capitalism, ordinary persons are suppressed and cannot be freed from the control of money power. In the history of the world the suppressed community never was able to free themselves from the suppressor. Gandhi created a major organized non-violent non-cooperation movement in India but still could not free India from British Imperialism.

It took WWII, and a person like Hitler, to free all the colonies of Africa and Asia. US presidential candidate [Buchanan, 2008, p. 295] said in his book “As it was, Britain was dragged into an unnecessary war, which cost her nearly 400,000 dead, bankruptcy, and the dissolution of the British Empire”. The same thing happened to African American slaves of USA, Africans of South Africa, etc. Thus a bigger power from the suppressor community must intervene to rescue the suppressed people of the world. The Arab Spring movement during 2009-2011 also required help from the western powers to make them successful.

It is possible that all people with money power will strongly enforce their strength to oppose any implementation of MLE. This includes use of military, police, media, CIA, FBI, and intellectuals. The situation will be just like 99% Occupy movement, which failed because no bigger power came to support them.

But we must understand that the bigger power will always come in some form, because that is a law of nature. This law says that everything in nature must obey the death process. This bigger power will begin the death process. This power will not come until the environment becomes ready. Thus many movements like, that of Gandhi, Slave Freedom, Arab Spring, Occupy etc. must be maintained for the gradual evolution and reincarnation of the bigger power.


International Monetary Fund (IMF) can and should play an important role in implementing MLE in a test country. Take lot of money, select an appropriate country, and basically buy it to test the MLE experimentation on a small scale. This country could be Greece, any African nation like Libya, or a state in USA like California.

In the first phase, select a vast area of agricultural land and bring people there to work for free. IMF will invest free money from CB to buy the land for the people. It will then hire free, people to do agricultural work on this land. Those who will work free will get free food and free homes to live. There will be no paid employees.

IMF will then buy another large land near the above agricultural land to build houses to be given free to all the people who will be working free for housing and agricultural projects. This housing may be given free to owners in exchange of their land, if acceptable to owners. The houses should be beautiful, spacious, well equipped, and furnished. The country men should feel proud of possessing them.

IMF will import building materials for the housing complex. The houses will not be wooden houses as in USA, but will be built using fire proof material. The design will be earthquake proof also. Each house must last for at least 100 years and should survive earthquake, flood, tornado, and all other kinds of natural disasters.

Next, IMF will buy another vast area of land surrounding the above agricultural and residential areas to install large scale solar and wind power systems. Most of the heavy equipment for agriculture will be run by electricity. There will be almost no gasoline or oil for any transportation and agricultural activity.

From every house at least one person must work full time and for free. If there are no kids in a family and if both want to work then both will get jobs. If there are no kids then one of them will be allowed to take care of the home and the yards. The house, lawns, trees, and plants must be well maintained, nicely painted, and clean. On the other hand if they have kids then one of the parents must take care of the kids, but will get free food and home to stay.

IMF will also build grocery stores. It will mostly get its vegetables from its own farmlands. Some minimally required other grocery items will be imported and will be provided free to all the people who are working in the projects and living in the house, until the time of self sufficiency.

In the next phase, the IMF will copy and paste this project to create a similar project in another part of the same country. This time of course they will diversify the agricultural products in the land. IMF will buy road building materials and machineries and hire large number of workers free to build a frame work for road transportation. All vehicles will be electric vehicles. No gasoline will be used. More solar and wind power plants will be installed all around the country. IMF will bring the technology and build the infrastructure, all for free. There will be no financial institutions and banks. There will be no money. Everything will be implemented by local people and IMF will manage from distance only, without any direct supervision.

The basic approach in building the nation using MLE will be incremental. A large scale project will not be started. Every small project must be tested thoroughly, once it is designed. Lessons learned must be carefully documented and modified for implementing in the next small scale project.

Few objectives should be very clear – (a) no destruction of environment (b) no nuclear technology (c) all energy must be from renewable sources (d) no import of labor from foreign nations (e) everything should be free and donated by appropriate countries (g) IMF will provide the entire funding whenever it will be needed (h) all labor will be free (i) all food and housing will be free and will follow the MLE design described before.

Private Funding for MLE

The method described under IMF and MLE subsection can be used by private funding sources also. There are people who donate large sum of money – like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Together they have donated more than 50 Billion US dollars. Such a fund can be created to implement MLE in their own way if they want or using the plan described in this chapter.

But care should be taken so that profit motive of capitalism cannot enter in any hidden form. People may also sabotage the idea of MLE that also should be carefully managed. Best approach will be to let the local people decide how to build the system in their own country. No foreign intervention, physically or economically, should be allowed. It may backfire by the long hand of money power.

MLE by Functions

MLE can also be implemented by different functions of government. For example government can implement MLE for only the entire education system. Education from KG to Ph.D. level will be free for all students. All teachers will work free and will get everything free also. Complete housing for teachers and students will be free. All services and maintenance for university campuses will be free. This way students and teachers will be free from the money power and its all influences. But this function should be implemented for the entire nation. Local implementation will always be influenced by the corrupting characteristics of the money power. Idea of MLE is to avoid such influence.

MLE by Individuals

MLE can be gradually implemented by individuals also. Suppose you take a job in an apartment complex for free, and in return you convince that the apartment owner to give you a two-bed room apartment as rental for free. This way you work free and get your shelter for free.

You can now bring in your spouse or a friend to live with you and share your free apartment for free. This friend then gets a job in a local grocery store for free in exchange for free food for two. This way two of you can live together for free work and get free food and shelter.

The process can be extended to other businesses. Observe that this is not a complete MLE. It is MLE for you and your friend. However, if the owner owns the apartment completely, that is, if the owner has paid off the mortgage for the apartment, then it will be a complete MLE. If a corporation owns a housing complex then people can live free there and work free in that corporation. Thus a business and a group of local people can implement a local MLE.

8. One World with MLE

In the human soul world we have the true one world concept. In such a world, a human soul can take birth in any country, in any religion, with any race. There are no earthly boundaries for any human soul. This is a very ideal and desirable feature for all of us. This happens because of the reincarnation law of nature as described in this book. You probably know that reincarnation was in Bible at one time, and was removed later.

For many generations, powerful influential people in the financial world were thinking about such a physical one world concept for living humans, not just for human souls. Such an objective was stated in the history book [Quigley, 1966, p324] in the following way:

“The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.”

The formation of European Union (EU) can be considered as a major success story towards this goal. But it required two world wars, deaths of millions of people, creation of weapons that can destroy the world many times over. We can now see the progress of such an effort in the Muslim world.

EU is a collection of old countries, like Germany, France, Italy, etc. with no borders among them. People can travel in the entire EU as one nation. They have only one currency, called Euro. Once we convert this currency to digital currency then MLE can be implemented seamlessly.

This digital electronic currency card can be used as the MLE card, with numbers replaced by Yes or No depending on whether we worked full time or not, as discussed earlier. Thus a border-less world with an electronic ID card is the direct path for MLE. The Central Bank (CB) can and should take this path to implement MLE as quickly as possible.

As we have analyzed in this blog site that such one world concept can be achieved without any kind of money. Removing money from the economy can create the best system for one world order, just the way it is in the human soul world. The money-less economy (MLE) will allow people to move and live in any part of the world without any physical, financial, and social constrains, without going through any wars, poverty, migration, terrorism, and racism. We can see from its design that the MLE can truly bring heaven on earth.

9. Conclusions 

Moneyless Economy (MLE) is the natural economy; it will eliminate poverty, hunger, and many diseases. It will eliminate corruptions and wars. Make life simpler and harmonious with nature. It will eliminate borders among countries.      It may also encourage stronger bond for coherent groups of people.

Society will thrive; education will be real and seek for truth instead of avoiding it. All religions will merge. More yogis will be created; many problems of life will be solved by yogic powers and yogic meditations. People will learn to listen to their souls. People will live longer with almost no sicknesses. There will be no environmental pollutions. In MLE, no matter what life style you follow, miracles of nature, wonders of life will happen to you. It is happening silently even now, but you will be drawn to them, or they will come to you.

It is difficult to imagine MLE implementation in view of the demonic force of money power. The only hope is that every system must die and death will come violently. Never in the history of the world suppressed community have been freed from the suppressor voluntarily without any kind of war. Thus violence will come; millions will die, for the benefit of greater number of people. But death does not remove the soul; they will come back and enjoy the better life, they helped to create the MLE in their previous life.


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