5D: Benefits

5D: Benefits

7. Benefits
Past life regression

Past life regression (PLR) therapy is now a well established method of treatment in Psychiatric branch of medical science. In this approach a patient is usually placed in a hypnosis environment and regressed backward in time slowly to past life. Some doctors do not use hypnotic method, yet take the patient consciously to past life memories. A good literature survey on the hypnosis methodologies is presented in the Master’s thesis [Lightbourn]. Some doctors claim that this method proves the validity of reincarnation law. This approach and its direct benefits to patients reveal the existence of soul and reincarnation theory. The PLR cases compares very well with the Jatiswar cases.

It has been found that many chronic migraine headache cases for many adults are related to past life problems. In one such case [Hickman] all normal medical treatments, over long period of time, failed to cure the patient. Accidentally the patient discovered the PLR technique and made an appointment for hypnosis. It was found out that she was raped, had a baby, and then died in an accident where she got wounded in her head. Once she discovered all the details she was completely cured automatically.

In a similar incident a child started growing a large cyst in his throat [BBC, 2011]. Doctors performed the operation but it grew again. One day the boy told his mother how he died in his past life due to a gunshot wound on his neck in a military battle field. Once the details were discussed with the boy, the cyst and the growth in the throat vanished completely. The normal medical doctors could not explain but had to accept it as a miracle. This case does not come under birth mark type; however it is similar to migraine headache problem. It is quite possible that a detail medical examination of the physical body would reveal an internal birth mark in every case, just like we have seen in our first example.

Brian L Weiss (1944-) graduated from Yale university school of medicine, was a head of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical center, Miami, Florida, USA. He is famous for his research in past life regression therapy and reincarnation. He is a preeminent authority in the west on reincarnation law. He has published many books on the subject.

In 1980 in a hypnosis session, one of his patients Catherine revealed past life memories. In another session Catharine provided many details about the deceased father and son of Dr. Weiss. This revelation has convinced Dr. Weiss about the reincarnation as a natural law. The PLR process on Catherine completely relived her from her paralyzing phobias; and put Dr. Weiss in a life changing path. The orthodox medical school has tried to censor Brian, and victimize as another Galileo, after he published his first book on the subject [Miller]. Dr. Weiss has appeared in all major TV channels and shows world over.

The case study descriptions of Dr. Weiss reveal many interesting features about our past lives. His book [Weiss] on Many lives, Many master is a must read in the field of reincarnation theories. Following are some of the observations that we can make from such PLR investigations. (a) A person can acquire a yogic vision to see his past life as a 3-D video merely by high level concentration. (b) Memory is not in our brain, but it is in nature. (c) Our physical looks, facial appearance remain same over incarnations. Thus the genetic theory may not be valid. A person can recognize him from these videos of his past life. He can recognize all his friends, colleagues, teachers, family members in his past life. They all look just the way they are in present life. (d) Some great souls have communicated to Dr. Weiss via his patient directly about his present and future plans and activities. (d) People live together in groups over many past lives. Thus simultaneity law is active very close to our community. Etc.

These conclusions indicate that I have married a person who was there in the close circle of my past life. My son was also there in my past life and was known to me. Thus destiny is a miracle across our past lives also.

It will change your thoughts, your life style once you understand reincarnations, and how you lived in this world for so many thousands of years and enjoyed the evolving societies.

Yogis and Meditation

Yoga and meditations are well known in eastern countries. Many people from the west have gone to India and Tibet to learn and practice yoga meditation. Some people renounce their societies and live in forests, mountains, and caves in Himalayas to learn and practice the yoga mediation. The life stories of such yogis have been published in many books; see for example [Govinda, Rama, Yogananda].  Reincarnation and the soul theory are the foundation of such practices. The major objective of such yogic meditation is to connect to your soul, called self realization, or swaroop darshan in Sanskrit. With this method they can progress further to achieve powers to serve the people who desire their help. In particular yogis can help anyone from any kind of diseases as we have given examples in the chapter on Yogic Power.

The foundation of yoga principle is based on the existence of soul and its incarnations. If we understand this universal truth then we can design our education system to learn the yoga meditation technology to make our society much better. Our many health problems can be solved without any kind of modern medications which have so many side effects. Our general and mental health can also be significantly improved using such meditation procedures.

The book [Govinda, p. 114] has documented one case of yoga meditation skill that can help to communicate with another person in a different country without any knowledge of the person. While living in Tibet, Govinda wanted to know about his mother’s condition in Germany. A Tibetan yogi within few minutes brought the details about his mother. Two weeks later Govinda received a mail from his mother confirming the exact same information. It is therefore quite logical that we are also connected by our souls all the time with all persons. Our society will completely change if we teach our kids in their high schools how to achieve such yogic power and control our lives.

8. Tracking Incarnations

Using very sophisticated software, globalized computer network, and with integration of medical and other databases collected over many generations, it will be possible to track and identify reincarnation of all human beings. The modern technology, like the one, we are using now for tracking terrorists, can be used for finding past life persons. The kind of data items that maybe included are [Wambach]: photographs at different ages, thumb prints, skin, hair color, land, climate, ethnicity, normal food, kitchen utensils, clothing, footwear, time of death, age, death experience etc. Pediatricians can be trained, across all hospitals, to enter their information in the database.

At this time these past life identifications are done only by people who have acquired special skills in yogic meditation [Govinda]. Tibetans have well developed methods for finding their famous lamas after reincarnations, and providing such children the opportunities, so that they can help the Tibetan society in later days. But this is managed using yogic power, which cannot be achieved by everyone. Such identification skills have been discussed in [Rama, Yogananda] also. It will be good to take help from such yogis to design and verify the database search algorithms and identification results.

9. Conclusions

In this chapter we have seen how nature proves the law of reincarnation by creating many different types of examples. If you want to know the proof, you have to go to these places, live with them for about a week and learn for yourself how reincarnation manifests in our society and how people have experienced over thousands of years in all countries all over the world. Or you can learn it from the research reports created by people who made that visit.

Once you recognize that reincarnation is a law of nature, and you are a reincarnated soul, it will bring tremendous joy in your life. You will know that you are a soul, you are all powerful, you lived when Jesus, Mohammad, Rama, Krishna all lived on this earth. You may have seen them during their times. You will know that you are part of nature, your activities are synchronized with the entire universe, and you are not alone. You will never die; you will come back to this universe again and again to do whatever you want and are planned for you.

You will become more sensitive to nature. You will see everywhere that nature is communicating with you all the time. Your soul is always talking to you. You will become sensitive to hear it. Your horizon will expand, you will be born in many countries, in many families, in many religions, you will be male, female, and your life will be fulfilled in all possible ways you want.

It may be possible that a time will come when you will be reincarnated to become a yogi. In that life you will be able to see the entire universe all by yourself, all lives you have lived, how things happen in this world. Possibility to acquire such a divine power, which existed for so many people at one time in the history of this world, can become an objective of your life. There will be no difference between you and another soul whom we may call god.